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The PDR™ offers compact form-factor and unique capabilities to military officers, non-combat personnel, aircraft/survival E&E, executive protection and airline security. It is small and thin enough to be carried close to the body via a shoulder holster but is single handedly deployable even from a seated position. Backward compatibility with AR-15/M16 magazines and ammunition, allows for emergency supplement from personnel carrying standard M16s or M4s.

Systems like the HK MP-7. . Efforts to increase the effectiveness of pistols have lead to miniaturized submachineguns such as the Mini-Uzi. While the capability of this latest class of weapons fills the gray area between the pistol and the rifle. carbine or rifle.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE INTRODUCTION The Pistol/Rifle Grey Area As a general rule. This situation creates an undue logistical burden since a completely new set of consumable materials must be manufactured. soldiers are issued a single rifle that is intended to serve all battle purposes. Some weapons have been designed for this grey area between pistol and rifle and are generally called PDWs (Personal Defense Weapons). Primarily. carbines like the M4 must still be carried and used like a rifle due to their bulk and weight. the major issue of this approach became apparent with the development of modern soft body armor which is generally not defeated by pistol-calibers. armor crewman and support personal has normally been with pistols.MAGPUL PDR™ . Personal defense for officers. armor defeat capabilities and compact size factor. FN P90 have defined the capabilities of the PDW by offering recoil controllability. Recently some branches of the military have been issuing shorter carbine versions of issue rifles such as the M4. air crewman. MAC M10. stockpiled and distributed to soldiers in the field. it comes with some drawbacks. HK MP-5PDW. Pistols are very compact but ineffective at all but the shortest of ranges due to cartridge and ergonomic limitations. transported. Unfortunately. While useful as a primary weapon for closequarters battle. both the MP-7 and the P90 utilize exotic ammunition and proprietary magazines that are not interchangeable with any other system whether it is a pistol.

56x45 round and use NATO standard USGI magazines. by combining the capabilities of the latest generation of PDW systems while greatly reducing any logistical burden.MAGPUL PDR™ . .5 inch barrel is still very effective at the common self defense range of 12-140 feet. Backward compatibility with AR-15/M16 magazines allows for emergency supplement from personnel carrying standard M16s of M4s. The 5. Magpul Industries began development of the Personal Defense Rifle™ (PDR™) in 2006.56x45 round fired from a 11. Shorter barreled M16s used at the closer distances in Iraq and Afghanistan showed that a standard 5. rifle-caliber personal defense weapon.56x45 round requires a 14. For logistics reasons it was decided that the PDR™ would be chambered in the NATO standard 5. It is designed to fill the unique role between pistol and rifle.5 inch or longer barrel for enough velocity to fragment at the most common combat ranges of 100-200 feet. This concept is envisioned as an ultra-compact.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE THE PDR ANSWER The PDR answer In order to address the limitations of existing systems.

integrated forward grip and shortened tail section.MAGPUL PDR™ .5” 19” 5. This allows the user to switch in seconds to two different configurations of lower receivers. depending on mission requirements 1.8” PDR-C™ Designed for use in space restricted areas such as armored vehicles and aircraft. Features streamlined “no snag” design.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE FEATURES OVERVIEW PDR Configurations The PDR™ upper receiver is unique in housing all the fire control parts. removable forward grip and extended tail section. Features full sized pistol grip with storage. Also suitable missions requiring concealability . ambi fire selector. 4.3” PDR-D™ Designed for CQB and/or Direct Action Missions. .

MAGPUL PDR™ . Ambi Charging Handle – Reciprocating charging handle acts as a forward assist Press Check Blast Cover Kevlar cheek piece rotates up to allow user to press check chamber and protects users cheek from heat. The cover also protects user from rare but harmful open breech detonations.56 x 45 mm NATO ammunition improves terminal effect over pistols and other PDW weapons while M16/NATO STANAG magazine compatibility reduces logistical impact on both operators and supply chains.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE FEATURES OVERVIEW Picatinny M1913A Top Rail – Full length top rail allows for optics or iron site mounting Reversible Mid Ejection System – Selectable ejection system expels spent casings from either the right or left side depending on user preference and tactical situation. Standard M16 Magazines & Ammunition 5. . Integrated Light Option Built in illumination for target ID during low light conditions. Quick Field Disassembly – Lower receiver is removable after pushing three captive push pins. Single Point Sling Mount – For use with shoulder holster M16/M4 Magazine Release Instinctive M16-type magazine release allows for rapid magazine reloading not seen in other actionbehind-the-grip designs in this class.

mag release · Additional bolt catch in trigger well · Kevlar ejection port shield/cheekweld · On the fly.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE SPECIFICATIONS Purpose Compact Personal Defense Weapon for use in vehicle cabs and tight spaces. mag release.8 etc) · Std mag USGI or 15~20 custom polymer · Max Effective range (5.5. 6. · M16 style selector. Safe Action. selectable left-right ejection · Ultralight for max portability · Additional mag release at mag well · Vertical Fore Grip · Optional Integrated Light System · Krink or similar brake reduces muzzle Db to tolerable level.6” above cheekweld · Ambi everything – selector.56x45) ~300yds. · Semi and select-fire option · Piston op system w/separate carrier/rod Key user interfaces · Optics rail 0.5” polygonal · OAL 18~20” · Weight 3~ 4lbs · Caliber 5. ejection. weight and temp) · Striker Fired.56 (can be refitted with 6mm. General · Barrel 10. Will serve as single-solution replacement for standard issue M9 (pistol) and M4 (carbine) weapons.Max Effective Fragmentation Range (5.MAGPUL PDR™ .12.5 .5 ~ 0. 6. . . bolt catch.56x45) ~200 feet Construction · Polymer where possible (for min.

one handed.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE DEPLOYING THE PDR Deploying the PDR™ from shoulder harness while standing The shoulder harness for the PDR™ is specially designed to allow the weapon to be carried close to the body so that in does not hinder mobility but still allows for instant access when needed. while retaining positive retention of the weapon. .MAGPUL PDR™ . PDR™ Quick Detach Single Point Attachment The PDR™s unique single point sling attachment system allows full movement and engagement.

PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE DEPLOYING THE PDR Deploying the PDR™ while in a prone position. The Magpul PDR™ is designed to be deployed and fired while the user is in a prone position or taking cover.MAGPUL PDR™ . At all times the unique single point retention system connects the PDR™ to the shoulder harness. .

Center balance allows one handed deployment and operation.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE DEPLOYING THE PDR Deploying the PDR™ while operating a vehicle or aircraft. . Mid/forward ejection system expels spent casings outside of the vehicle. When stored in a shoulder harness the PDR™ sits at ready access to the operator.MAGPUL PDR™ . The Magpul PDR™ is designed to be deployed and fired while driving.

Magpul Industries Corp and it’s research arm are privately held Colorado corporations with the same 3 shareholders.S. has over one million units fielded worldwide and is in service with many military and law enforcement agencies. Magpul Masada™ Adaptive Combat Weapon System Magpul has worked extensively on other firearm projects such as the Kriss SuperV . is a type 7. The resulting patented product.45 caliber Sub Machine Gun from Transformational Defense Industries (TDI) as well as numerous components for other existing weapons systems. class 2 federally licensed manufacturer of firearms. From the success of the original design came other tactical accessories such as stocks.PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE HISTORY Magpul History Magpul Industries Corp was founded in 1999 by a former U. an improved follower for the USGI AR15/M16 magazine and even a threading tool for PALS/MOLLIE gear.MAGPUL PDR™ . The first being the Masada™ Adaptive Combat Weapon System. Magpul’s research and development arm. known as Magpul Military Industries (formally Magpul Armament Co). grips. the Magpul.45Cal SMG . The PDR™ is the second complete firearm to be developed by Magpul Industries Corp. Magpul is notable in the industry as a company that focuses on the end user of an item and self-funds it’s product development outside of normal government solicitations. Richard Fitzpatrick remains as President and shareholder. All shareholders are US citizens and two are US military veterans. Reconnaissance Marine Sergeant Richard Fitzpatrick with the intent of manufacturing an item to improve the speed of tactical magazine changes. KRISS Super V .

PERSONAL DEFENSE RIFLE FAQS Question: Does the mid eject system require special parts to reverse ejection side?. While the set up of the action is somewhat unique all the elements are based upon proven firearms technologies.MAGPUL PDR™ . Other intermediate rifle calibers such as 6. Question: When will the PDR™ be available for testing? Answer: The PDR™ is scheduled for live fire testing in December 2007 and full scale operational testing early 2008. Point of Contact Drake Clark Magpul Military Industries 400 Young Court Unit #1 Erie.8 Remington and 6. private or public company entity outside of Magpul Industries Corp / Magpul Military Industries. funded and/or developed by any other company or government? Answer: No. Question: Is the PDR™ patented? Answer: A patent attorney was consulted to confirm the design did not infringe on any existing patents and file for patents on items developed for this program by Magpul. Question: Is the PDR™s action limited to 5. Question: Was the PDR™ project sponsored.56x45? Answer: No. Question: When will the tentative date be for release of the PDR™? Answer: Magpul is aiming for a release in sometime in 2008. The entire PDR™ project was conceived. CO 80516 303-848-3460 x112 drake@magpul. and funded as an inhouse project and is in no way associated with any government. Switching the side the PDR™ ejects from can be easily done “on the fly” by a user without disassembly of the rifle. As such the PDR™ is considered patent pending.5 Grendal should be able to be used also with modified parts. Answer: . developed.