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3ds Max Hotkeys - Keyboard Shortcuts

Open File

CTRL+O (letter "o")

Save File


Redo Scene Operation


Undo Scene Operation


Delete Objects


Top View


Bottom View


Left View


Front View


Camera View


Isometric User View


Maximize Viewport Toggle


Wireframe / Smooth Toggle


Material Editor


Expert Mode


Show Tab Panel Toggle


Hide Cameras Toggle


(period) Back Time One Unit .Hide Lights Toggle SHIFT+L Hide Grids Toggle G Go to End Frame END Go to Start Frame HOME Forward Time One Unit . (comma) Play Animation / (forward slash) Auto Key Toggle N Render Last F9 Render Scene F10 Select All CTRL+A Select Invert CTRL+I (letter ???i???) Select None CTRL+D Select-By-Name Dialog H Select Q Move W Rotate E Scale R Transform Gizmo Toggle X .

! Scroll Wheel . it will convert the edge selection to a polygon selection. minimize current viewport } button} ! Z – zoom in on selection button} (works like the “Zoom Extents” { 2/4 Mouse+Keyboard combinations These are probably the most useful shortcuts. if you’ve selected 20 edges and ctrl+click on the polygon icon. 3/4 Viewport ! P – switch to the Perspective view ! Q – Select { ! W – Move { ! E – Rotate { } } } .Zoom In/ Out – Add the ALT key to this to zoom in in smaller increments { } ! ! Ctrl+Left click on sub-object icons will transfer your current selection to the sub-object you clicked. 1/4 Absolutely Essentials Hotkeys ! M – Material Editor { } (works like the { } ! Alt+W – maximize. You’ll find yourself using them more often than anything else ! ALT+Middle Button .Orbit { } ! CTRL+Middle Button -Pan { } Shift+Middle Button – Pan on Restricted Axis – this will restrict the pan axis to either x or y.Transform Type-In Dialog F12 Align ALT+A Zoom Extents Selected All Z Zoom Region Mode CTRL+W Zoom Viewport In [ (open square bracket) Zoom Viewport Out ] (closed square bracket The most important 3DS Max shortcuts are preceded by an exclamation mark {!} . For example.

switch to front view L – switch to left view T – switch to the Top view B – Switch to the Bottom view C – switch to a Camera view F – switch to the Front viewport ! 7 – Polygon Count 8 – Environment & Effects Window F2 – Shade selected faces ! F3 – switch between smooth and wireframe ! F4 – edged faces Ctrl+C – Create camera from view ALT-Q – Isolate Object X – Toggle Transform Gizmo G – Hide or show Grid Alt+B – Viewport Background Space – Selection Lock / Unlock 4/4 Workflow ! Sub-Object Selection Keys – These are active when you’re working on an Editable Poly/ Mesh object.Element ! Ctrl+Backspace – remove selected edge and associated vertices . the keys will switch to the Modify Tab { }.! R – Scale { } F . If your using primitives.Vertex 2 – Edge 3 – Border 4 – Polygon 5 . 1 .