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LESSON PLAN FORM SUBJECT THEME TOPIC : Form Three : English : Conveying characters in the novel.

: The novel of How I Met Myself. DATE TIME : 15 June 2012 : 35 Minutes

OBJECTIVE : To enable students to identify characters in a novel. LEARNING OUTCOME : At the end of this lesson, student will be able to: 1. Talk about the characters and characteristics in the novel. 2. Complete the handout/s given. 3. State their opinions and give feedback. MORAL VALUE : Do not judge a book by its cover.

EDUCATIONAL EMPHASES: Thinking Skills, Learning How to Learn Skills 1) Thinking Skills : Students need to identify the characters in the novel and their characteristics. 2) Learning How To Learn Skills : Present information in the form of narrative writing. TEACHING AIDS LANGUAGE CONTENT : Whiteboard, marker pen, mahjong paper, handouts : Grammar (Adjectives), Vocabulary

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE : The students already know about the synopsis of the novel. REFERENCES :Hill, D. A. (2001). How I Met Myself. Kuala Lumpur: Arah Pendidikan Sdn Bhd.

TEACHING PROCEDURE: STAGE TEACHING ACTIVITY 1. Teacher comes into class and greets students. 2. Teacher recaps previous lesson Set Induction (3-5 minutes) about the synopsis of the novel. 3. Teacher explains about 1. Students will respond to the greeting. 2. Students respond the recap. 3. Students listen to the explanation. LEARNING ACTIVITY

characters and characteristics by setting one of the characters in the novel as an example. Activity 1: 1. Teacher teaches about characters and characteristics. 2. Teacher explains what they are going to do in the upcoming activity. 3. Teacher divides students into groups based on characters

Activity 1: 1. Students learn about characters and characteristics. 2. Students listen to the activity explanation. 3. Students go to their group. 4. Students receive the guidelines. 5. Students complete the task given and discuss about the character that they got in five minutes.

present in the novel. 4. Teacher gives a guideline of Development (20-25 minutes) character they are assign for to each group. 5. Teacher asks the students to

discuss about the character that Activity 2: they got in 5 minutes. Activity 2: 1. Teacher explains on instructions for the next activity. 2. Teacher re-divides the groups into new groups (each group at least one member from the previous group). 3. Teacher gives each group 1. Students listen to the instruction for next activity. 2. Students are re-divided into new group. 3. Students receive a handout. 4. Each student in their group will explain their previous discussion to their group

handouts. 4. Teacher asks the students to explain their previous discussion to their new group members. 5. Teacher allows the students to complete the handouts given. 6. Teacher checks the answer with the students. 1. Teacher sums up the lesson by briefly Conclusion (3-7 minutes) highlighting the

members. 5. Students complete the handouts given in 5 minutes. 6. Students check the answers together with the teacher.

characters and characteristics in the novel. 2. Teacher asks at least 2 students about what they had learned today.

1. Students listen to what teacher had recap. 2. Students respond to the question by teacher and to their friends.

FOLLOW-UP ACTIVITY : Teacher assigns students to write a narrative essay about which two characters that they like and dislike the most, their characteristics and reasons for their liking/disliking. SELF-REFLECTION : __________________________________________________

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