Bella’s POV I am so excited I can’t wait till Harry gets here. Harry is my second cousin.

We are so close, almost like brother and sister. I just need to go clear my room. I hope Harry isn’t there yet. As I entered my room through the second storey window, Harry was there. Crap. He was staring at me. It was really awkward. “Harry, what the hell are you doing here?” I asked. He just stared. That was really freaking me out, then his lips twitched. I am guessing he was gonna start saying something. “h-how the h-hell ddid y-you g-go through the w-window?” What was he talking about? Oh. He probably saw me jump through the window frame. “Oh! I...uh...I...I didn’t. I guess I was already here. I...uh...I just wanted to surprise you when you got here. Uh...surprise!” My god I feel like such an idiot. Harry just looked at me. “You look different...more...uh...beautiful.” He blushed, something we both had in common. “Oh...uh...thanks.” Harry was finally over his shock because he broke the awkward silence. “Hey Bells! I missed you!” He walked two steps and gave me a hug. We were cousins and the same age, but hugging Harry never felt this weird to me. “I missed you too! It’s been so long since we’ve last seen each other.” I mused. “Bells? Is that you up there with Harry?” Charlie asked. “Uh...yeah dad. I arrived just in time to hide and surprise you and Harry.” “How did you get into the house?” “I...Uh...I still have my key.” “Oh yeah” That was the end of Charlie and I’s conversation. “Can I meet your husband, Edward? I’d like to meet this new cousin-in-law of mine.” Harry asked. “Uh...he is out hunting. Oops!”

“Cool! You mean he is out hunting with guns and all that cool stuff!” Harry honestly sounded excited about this. He sure is one weird cousin. What should I say? “Uh...yeah! What you said.” I heard Charlie get up from the couch. He was headed up the stairs and into my room. “The Cullens love to hunt. They even got Bella to go every now and then. Right Bells?” Charlie asked. “Yeah dad. Hunting is kinda fun until I fall.” That was an utter lie. I never fell when I hunted. “Hey Harry. Do you want to meet my mother-in-law or would you rather go down to La Push and meet my friends there?” “Let’s go to La Push!” He really is happy but then I heard him and Charlie’s stomach protest to a trip to La Push. Right now they were both hungry. I stifled a giggle with my hair. “How about I cook lunch for you two then we can all go to La Push? Even you dad. I am sure Billy and Sue won’t mind.” “Ok Bells. But if Billy and Sue don’t want me there I am going home.”Harry fixed his glasses by pushing the frame using his middle finger. What the hell? Did he just flip me off? “Harry! What the hell? Did you just flip me and Bella off?” “Oops! Sorry Uncle Charlie” Harry said. “Ok. Bells lets o down and you make us some lunch and you haven’t brought nessie here yet. You should show her to Harry” “Renesmee is with Jacob so maybe later and sure I’ll drive you home if Billy and Sue mind your being there.” I ran over to Charlie and kissed him on the cheek. Then I walked to the kitchen. Charlie knew I was a vampire and the Volturi don’t know. At least let’s hope they don’t know it yet. I walked down to the kitchen and was about to reach for the garlic when Charlie interrupted. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” “Dad what’s wrong?” “Bells that’s garlic. Let me cut it. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.” “Let me do it Uncle Charlie. I would love to help. Bells don’t even try to stop me because I’ll help whether you like it or not.” Harry interrupted. “Ok Harry. Why don’t you start cutting the onions and garlic while I talk to my dad?”

“Sure thing Bells” I just smiled and walked to Charlie. “Don’t worry dad. Those are just myths. I don’t die by touching or smelling garlic. A cross won’t hurt me and I do not get burned by the sun.” I explained to him. He just nodded probably still in shock that I am a vampire and that normal doesn’t apply to me anymore. I went back to cooking with Harry when he cut himself with the knife. Crap. Don’t breathe. Don’t breathe. I chanted to myself. But by accident I inhaled but Harry’s blood wasn’t anything close to appetizing. Human but with a mix of some strange foul scent. Not a werewolf but something totally different. Never mind he probably just has something weird going on maybe hormones. I’ll just make a mental note to ask Carlisle. Meanwhile I wonder what the others are doing now. Renesmee’s POV
Daddy was about to close in on his prey when a huge tree fell in front of him blocking him and allowing the mountain lion to escape. Uncle Emmett, oops! I meant, Emmett came in wrestling with a grizzly. “EMMETT!! You made me lose my lunch!” Daddy Shouted. ‘’Hey it wasn’t my fault that you were so slow! Even Bella’s dead grandmother could-‘’ before he even finished his sentence Jacob slammed on top of Emmett creating a 100-metre deep hole in the ground. Alice, Rosalie, Jasper and I fell to the ground laughing. Emmett was about to slam Jacob to the ground, when instantly Jacob twisted and sent Emmett flying into the hollow of the forest and land right smack in the middle of his‘’HOLY CRAP!’’ Emmett screamed. The whole forest rumbled with the words. Rosalie laughed so hard that she fell of the tree she was sitting on and fell into the canyon. ‘’JACOB YOU JACKASS MUTT!’’ She screamed. ‘’What did I do?’’ Jacob barely as he had to catch his breath before he fell in with her. “YOU.GOT.ME.SOAKED.IN.WATER!” Rose screamed. Dad turned-probably looking for me-he saw me sitting on a huge boulder calmly in the middle of what seemed to be a wrestling match. “Renesmee, sweetie. Would you mind if I kicked your boyfriend’s ass?” “Dad, please don’t. Why don’t you...uh...go kick Emmett’s instead?” I looked at him with my big brown chocolate eyes. He was sucker for them. Dad groaned. “Ok. But I am only doing this because you know I am a sucker for those eyes.” Of course you are. I said. “I heard that.” I hated that he could read my mind. That’s when I caught Rose crouching and ready to spring at my Jacob. My Jacob. I liked the sound of that.

Jacob stepped aside right when she pounced and Rose ended up crashing into 20 oak trees. Ouch. That’s got to hurt. I thought. “It doesn’t. But that’s probably because you are half human.” Dad told me. I walked up to Rose and decided to tell her to never try to attack my Jake ever again. I might even threaten her. “Rose, don’t you ever ever think about hurting Jake again. Or else.” “Or else what Nessie? You gonna cry?” she said. “Of course not Aunt Rosalie” Rose hates it when I call her aunt. “AAAHHHH!! Don’t you ever say that to me. It makes me feel old.” I know. “Ok, Nessie. I won’t try to attack him next time just pleas please don’t ever call me the ‘a’ word. Please.” She begged it was getting old. I probably shouldn’t say that she might feel bad. My thoughts were interrupted by Jasper. “Guys come quickly! It’s Alice!” he said. Everyone stared at Alice’s blank face. “I think she is having a vision.” Well, DUH! I rolled my eyes;pretty sure that everyone else did too. It was too obvious. Dad suddenly growled. It must be the vision I want to know. I pressed my palm onto her cheek and saw the vision. It was mom and some weird boy with green eyes, black hair and a scar on his forehead. They were hugging and that must be what dad growled at. “Alice! Who the hell is he? Why is my wife hugging him?” Dad growled. I pressed my palm onto Jake’s cheek. Jake, who is he? Do you know him? I asked him through my thoughts. “I don’t know ness. (That is Jake’s new nickname for me.) Your mom has a cousin coming over that is all I know but I have no idea whether I know him or her or not. I know all her family but I am not sure which one.” My palm was still on his cheek so I showed him the vision I saw Alice having just seconds ago. “Oh! That’s Harry. Bella’s favourite cousin. They are practically like siblings. “Edward! Stop growling!” Alice said. “Why should I? Bella is hugging a nerd who is way out of her freaking league and I am her husband. She shouldn’t be hugging other guys.” He was clearly mad. It may not seem like it but I know inside he was screaming at himself. Probably thinking how foolish he was for allowing himself to come with us instead of going with mom. Dad ran at full vampire speed towards Uncle Charlie’s house. Yes, that is right Charlie didn’t want to seem old so he told me to call him Uncle Charlie instead. “Jake, do you mind to go phase and follow dad to Uncle Charlie’s house? I think he might rip out mom’s cousin’s throat.” He just nodded and swiftly ran towards a bush.

Bella’s POV

Harry and I had just finished making lunch and Charlie was ecstatic. Probably glad that Harry and I were getting along just great. But of course he knew that would happen with us being so close. Charlie was just nervous he was afraid that the food would end up tasting bad. I may be a vampire but I can still cook. Charlie got over his nerves, took a deep breath picked up his cutlery and took a bite of the steak Harry and I made. “Oh. My. God. This steak is amazing you two. Great job!” he shouted. He dug in enthusiastically. Harry and I high fived each other and smiled. We were so happy we hugged and before I knew it Harry was ripped from me. Then I felt warm arms around me instead. The arms unwound themselves and I was staring into the eyes of my extremely jealous husband. “Bells!” Harry screamed then he writhed in pain. I was overwhelmed that Edward came but also really pissed. How could he be so rude to my cousin? How could he rip Harry’s arms around me and throw him to the couch. At least he landed on the couch and not the floor. I thought. Edward! What the hell did you do that for? You bastard! That is my cousin. He wanted to meet you and what a great way to make a first impression by throwing him onto my dad’s old couch! I screamed at him through my thoughts. “Honey,” he simply answered, “He is your cousin? I thought you were cheating on me. I am soooo sorry Bells! I didn’t know. I...I...I... I...I am so sorry.” Oh what was I thinking? How could I get mad at this really cute vampire stuttering over his words just because I screamed at him through my thoughts? “It is okay, Edward. I forgive you just go say sorry to my cousin and tell him who you are not the vampire part the Edward Cullen, my husband part” I whispered in vampire speed too fast and too quiet for human ears to hear. He nodded and walked over to Harry. “My sincere apologies to you Harry. I thought you were someone else. I get extremely pissed when I see another man with my Bella. I am Edward Cullen. You must be Bella's cousin.” He said. So much for the gentleman part it was perfect until he said pissed. I giggled and everyone’s eyes were on me. If I could blush I would have turned scarlet red right there and then. “What’s so funny?” Harry asked. He obviously missed the part where Edward let his ‘gentlemaness’ slip when he said pissed. I just shook my head if I said any word to him I would just end up giggling even louder maybe even laughing instead of just plain giggling. Since Edward ruined my plans of taking Harry to La Push, I might as well show him the rest of the Cullen family, provided they were not hunting. I put down my mind barrier. Edward, can Harry meet everyone else? Even Renesmee? He doesn’t know how long we have been married so she can pass for our child. Please. Edward just nodded. “Harry? Are you ok? If you are, are you up for meeting the rest of your new cousins-in-law?” I asked.

“Yeah sure Bells!” he replied. Just then a huge russet wolf came into view through the window. I excused myself and as I was leaving I mouthed the word “Jake” to him. I went out and saw Jacob in his human form with a pair of sweatpants on and of course a sweatshirt. He smiled at me then I smiled back. “Hey Bells! Is Harry in there? I missed him. It’s been so long since he came down to the reservation. Last time he was here when I saw you two I got jealous because I thought you two were dating because you two always held hands and were always together.” That really ticked Edward off. I heard him growl and curse under his breath, only Jake and I could hear his words clearly. “Yeah Harry is in there. You know you ticked off Edward big time, right?” he just nodded with a smile or should I say smirk. His smile clearly stated the words “sweet success” on it. We took Harry to the Cullen’s house and Harry was practically jumping in his seat. I could tell, wait let me rephrase that, everyone could tell he was simply ecstatic to meet my new family.

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