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Alphonso and Baby G Myths should be understood as scientific knowledge written in symbolic language to convey (and sometimes conceal) truth at many levels. Myths are truer than facts because they address historical, astrological, biological, psychological and initiatory truths and processes simultaneously. It is said that "when the student is ready the teacher will appear." In other words, myths and symbols reveal themselves to the student (initiate) according to his or her level of preparedness. Nation of Islam "history" is replete with such myths which have been taken as "actual facts." According to Nation of Islam mythology, Alfonso was a "jet black man" who was one of the '24 scientists" who comprised the godhead. He decided to make a son who would "destroy America" and "save Black people." His son would have to be able to "sneak into America" so he had to have a near white complexion. The mother of such a child, for various reasons, had to be white. So Alfonso "went into the hills and caves of Europe" and married a white woman with the unusual name of Baby G. Alfonso then "cleaned her up" by "casting seven devils out of her," thus making her fit to bear a child who would grow up to be God. Alfonso's first effort to father a child resulted in a girl. Alfonso remarked, "Umph...I missed that time." (Apologies to my women readers.) On the next occasion old Alphonso hit his target and made a boy who was named Wallace D. Fard and was born February 26, 1877 in the Holy city Mecca. In Sanskrit Walis means "holy man, prophet." Wallace was then purchased the best books in the world and educated by the best teachers.

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Who came in the person. that represented the worst form of shirk (association of others with Allah)." i. on July 4.. There he found "Baby G. So he sought "a white woman" to be his wife.. Other Islamic sects were understandably horrified that Nation of Islam members would dare to claim that "Allah appeared in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad. In so doing. He "came to North America by myself in 1910 and studied the ways of its people for 20 years.. Kundalini is often symbolized as feminine.. She is "Baby" G because the chakras are not yet developed to their fullest potential." . in the upper (hills) and depths (caves) of the subconscious.tripod." A year later he met and taught Elijah Muhammad for 3 ½ years. When Fard was fully prepared for his 1930. 2 having no movement or differentiation. To say that Allah appeared in the person of Master Fard Muhammad is just a fancy way of saying that Fard Muhammad succeeded in totally giving up his ego and his id to 2 of 5 3/23/2013 12:08 PM ." To them. He gave Elijah 104 books to read. Person. Alphonso then "cast seven devils" out of her. Baby G is then "fit" to bear a child who would be "God in Person. "You don't need me anymore... The proper mate for divine sound is divine light or energy. 1 Alphonso probably did exist as an actual person. Al-Fons (plural) symbolizes all the sounds or the 50 possible sound powers contained in the Tree of Life's 3rd sphere. Here we have yin and yang expressed on multiple levels. yes I do. he all but told anyone with a scintilla of wakefulness that nearly everything he taught was symbolic. Fard said to him." symbolising the conscious level that is metaphorically black. The 104 books Fard gave to Elijah to read represent the 14 Kau of Ra and the Quran's 14 mystic letters. In 1934 he and Elijah drove to the airport in a Model-T Ford.e.. i." The letter G is the 7th letter of the English alphabet and here symbolizes the seven chakras of the kundalini.e. Alphonso symbolizes mantic sound power. Fard repeated. "You don't need me anymore." Fard then boarded the airplane and flew away. is simply nafs (soul or mind). Seker.e. Some spiritual schools believe all that exists is made up of light and sound. Deciphering Nation of Islam Code Master Fard called his teaching "Mathematical Theology" because math is a language of symbols. purified the chakras (and thereby the subconscious).Master Fard http://amirfatir. Europe (from Europa) conceals "ur." "Oh. i." Al-Fon represents the sound. light. he declared the independence of the Black man of America. Elijah cried because he loved his saviour and didn't want to be without him. i. Alphonso searched in the hills and caves of Europe.e.. Allah (as Nation of Islam believes). in Arabic. Alphonso was a "jet black man.. The "fon" part of his name is of the same root as "phone" and "phonic. i. never to be seen publicly again..e. the principles contained in those. Then." Elijah replied.htm This is really good spiritual stuff when you get down to the wisdom it really contains. he then took his father's seat among the 24 scientists and became the leader. but his mythic significance lies in his name.

htm God so that he realized God as his only true self." In Nation of Islam mythology North American represents hell. They didn't know that 1914 was code for the 19-base energy patterns and the 14 energy forces. The year of birth. Bakka. seniors) are simply the 24 vertebrae along the spine through which kundalini travels. In the early part of the 20th Century. i. then. Master Fard said. The Number of the Beast Here is wisdom. represents the synthesis of child of divine light (Baby G/Mother Kundalini) and divine sound (Alphonso).. his Bat or Atman. The meaning of Mecca is in its original name. then.e. Fard is saying that he entered the subconscious by the power of his Self.tripod.Master Fard http://amirfatir. but few realize that in a full way. The highest goal of the Tao is the development of the spirit body ("Black man") to the point that it is completely free and independent of any ties to the lower parts of being. Independence Day Fard declared "the Black man's" independence on 7/4/30 which. amounts to The Book of Revelation calls them elders and the Enochian system calls them seniors because the elasticity of the spine has much to do with the ageing process. by gematria. But hell. is symbolic of the Tuat (Underworld) which is symbolic of the subconscious. Bakka is the fusion of Ba (divine self) with the Ka (the personal or lower self). And his number is six hundred three score and six. 1877. gives us 18 and 77. . Destruction of the World All the destructions in spiritual texts refer to the highest states of consciousness where the physical is apprehended as maya and the meditator finds himself "in the kingdom of heaven. "I came to North America by myself. God is everyone's true self. He was born in 1877 in Mecca. Let him who hath understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man. powering it up to do "the great work. The 24 scientists (elders.Book of Revelation 13:18 In magical rituals such as the Middle Pillar and the Circulation of Light 3 18 breaths are taken to move light energy around the body. Eighteen breaths per minute places 3 of 5 3/23/2013 12:08 PM . several popular religious movements had predicted that the destruction of the world would occur in 1914." In the West the average breath per minute rate is 15. Fard." Master Fard Muhammad. but in the East it is 18. itself. The "Black man's independence" symbolized the full development of the spirit body or Ba which is housed inside the Ka/energy body even as the Ka is housed within the Khaibit and the Khaibit within the Khab. Seventy-seven conceals the esoteric number 14 (7 + 7 = 14). represents that consciousness that transcends the physical world. Being born in Mecca symbolizes the attainment of yoga (union) of Ba with Ka.

e. seven chakras and the cultivation of the seven glands associated with them. there are 108 Upanishads and Islam provides 99 dhikr beads. Fard told Elijah. Alphonso's "missing" by fathering a girl smacks of denigration of women. I missed As do many Western wisdom writings. Eighteen symbolizes the meditative state which "gives birth" to the god consciousness (Master Fard Muhammad.. emotional. Krishna." Jesus said previously to his students. mothers often symbolize the receptive state of meditation and its function of giving birth to the first level of divine consciousness (Heru. Umph. when Adam (i. beast. "It is expedient for you that I go away for if I do not go away the comforter cannot come unto you. He intended for his coded message to filter into the national collective consciousness subliminally. zodiacal consciousness. Fard had to "sneak into America like a thief in the night. But this stands for the beginning of a birth (initiation). the Atman) names the animals. As people cannot attain mastery until the are forced to do it on their own. Mary). etc. The 99 dhikr beads symbolize the same tat the 108 and 1080 rosaries do. Seventy-seven also points to two sets of seven.tripod. the 9th Tree of Life sphere. The 10 in 1910 (year of Wallace Fard Muhammad's arrival in America) refers to the 10 Tree of Life spheres and..Master Fard http://amirfatir. That itself is code for the process of downloading the wisdom of the second sphere (Chokmah/Tehuti) by cultivating trance consciousness (Gabriel. Fard being born in 1877 symbolizes psychic birth (initiation) via meditation (18/9) and chakra empowerment (77/14). But all the necessary wisdom was compressed and encrypted within Elijah and would gradually unfold over the next 40 years.. Hinduism has 1080 rosary beads." Students become dependent upon their masters and their own abilities cannot develop until their masters take leave of them. Fard's sister. Fard had to leave Elijah in order for Elijah to develop into a master himself. When animals and beasts are mentioned in scriptural context. Gematria reveals 18 as the number 9 (1+8 = 9) and connects it with Yesod. In Genesis. The Saviour still had to read and study.e. actually represents the yin stage of the energy body. 9+9 = 18 = 1+8 =9. Mantras only manifest during trance states. Isis. i. Wives often represent the full master of shakti kundalini energy. Yesod is ruled by the Moon whose archangel is Gabriel and whose goddess is Isis. Most of The Honorable Elijah 4 of 5 3/23/2013 12:08 PM . "You don't need me anymore. Catholicism has 108. et al. Sisters often represent the attainment of siddhis (psychic powers). each of which represents one of Allah's 99 names. Jesus.). seekers would do well do consider astrology for the word zodiac means circle of animals.htm one in animal. it is the naming of the zodiac that is actually being discussed. The Moon's archangel brought revelation of Prophet Muhammad. Jesus.). So this same 18 is coded in the number of prayer beads of various religions. 9. In scripture." This indicates that his message's true meaning was veiled in symbolism. So important was trance in Islam originally that the crescent Moon was placed upon Islamic flags. In the original Egyptian Tree of Life (Paut Neteru) 4 the spheres numbered 11 and 1910 becomes 11 by gematria. People would react to the outer (exoteric) teaching but would be affected subconsciously at the level where symbolism is the universal language of the soul. Heru. by extension. however. his mastery and use of Kabalistic wisdom..

com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/MasterFard. Fard named him Karriem. the Messenger would say. Watch Full Episodes www. "I wish I'd kept that name" because he understood the science behind the name later in his development. But in the early 1970's Mr. "I didn't like the name Karriem." But later in life. Fard didn't give The Honorable Elijah Muhammad the name Turn Your Computer into a TV! Watch Full TV Episodes w Free App 5 of 5 3/23/2013 12:08 PM .htm Muhammad's followers got stuck at the level of understanding he expressed in the 40's and 50's. Karriem (honorable) is the name of the master heka (mantra) "krim" which rules the 3rd Tree of Life spere and gives power over all 50 sound powers. To this day.TelevisionFanatic. Elijah "lived with God" for 3 ½ years. himself. few people comprehend the Theology of Time.tripod. he said. That's similar to the kundalini serpent's symbolic coiling 3 ½ times around the base of the spine.Master Fard http://amirfatir. It is the mantra of Seker. Muhammad. took the name Muhammad because. Mr. Muhammad taught at a vastly different level which he called the Theology of Time.

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