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Course Code: CSL-0101/ITL-0101 Course Name: Essential of Information Technology Credits L T P Contact Hours ( per week) Independent Study

Hours ( per week) 03 Section (Group)






B. Tech.

Objective: The objective of this module is to introduce the student to the computer, software, Programming language (C) and underpinning knowledge required to use computer to make power-point presentation, word processor, DOS, Windows etc. Course Module Details Course contents Unit I Introduction to Computer Systems Basics of Computer Systems, various Hardware Components Data Storage and various Memory Units Central Processing Unit, Introduction to Software and its life cycle. Operating System, WWW, MS-Offices, Introduction to Computer Networking- Introduction, Goals, Networking Topologies & Technologies LAN, WAN, MAN, Wireless LAN. Unit II Introduction of Programming Languages Introduction to Problem Solving-Flow charts, Tracing flow charts, Problem solving methods, Algorithm, Need for computer Languages, Sample Programs written in C C Language preliminaries, Input-Output functions, Preprocessor commands, Operators and expressions. Arithmetic, unary, logical, bit-wise, assignment and conditional operators. Unit III Control statementsWhile, do-while, for statements, nested loops, if else, switch, break, Continue, and goto statements, comma operators Functions- Defining and accessing, passing arguments, Function prototypes, Recursion, Library functions, Static functions Unit IV

Arrays, Strings, Pointers Declarations, Passing pointers to a function, Operations on pointers, Pointer Arithmetic, Pointers and arrays, Arrays of pointers function pointers. Unit V Structures, Unions, File Handling Resources A PC using Windows operating System, MS-Office. Pentium P4, 2.8 GHz or higher 512MB (or higher) RAM, 40 GB (or higher) HD Windows XP (or higher) MSOffice 2007, Anti-Virus Software. Familiarize with concept of software and computer along with computer languages. Develop an in depth knowledge of generic commercial software applications with a primary emphasis on business standard packages for presentation software (MS-PowerPoint), Database Spreadsheet (MS-Excel).and understand the fundamental programming concept with C-Language. The purpose of 1 hour tutorial per week is to help the students to explore points outside the prescribed material and to enhance their learning. Department owning the responsibility of Course Content: The HODS / Faculty Names and their Email Id, owning the course content of Elective are to be mentioned. Brijesh Kumar Chaurasia 08989248034

Learning Outcomes

Tutorial/Optional Assignments Contact Details

Courseware & reference books:

The courseware including PowerPoint is available for the Elective. In addition, following reference book can also be used:

Text Book o Texali R. K., PC Software for Windows made simple, TMH. o Ron Mansfield, working in MS-Office, TMH. o Yeswant Kanetkar, Exploring c, BPB. Reference Book o Pal chaudhri, Computer Organization and Design, PHI. o Computer Architecture and Organization: An Integrated Approach Miles J. Murdocca (Internet Institute, USA), Vincent P. Heuring (University of Colorado), Wiley PLUS o ANSI C, Balgursamy

ESSENTIAL OF IT (CSL0101/ITL0101) List of Practical

DOS Command: 1. 2. 3. Directory related commands- DIR, MD, CD, RD, etc. File related commands- copy con, edit, type, copy, del, ren, etc. Other commands- date, echo, time, etc.

PC Software: Application of basics of MS Word , MS Excel , MS Power Point, MS Access . 1. 2. 3. 4. To prepare the Your Bio Data using MS Word To prepare the list of marks obtained by students in different subjects and show with the help of chart/graph the average, min and max marks in each subject. Prepare a presentation explaining the facilities/infrastructure available in your college/institute. Create a database of books in the library on a mini scale w.r.t. Computers and manipulate the database using different forms and reports.

Basic Fundamental & programming with C:

1. Write a program in C that reverse the input number N. Formulate an equivalent come up with the answer. Same input/output dialogue: Enter a number : 1238 ----Input data Reverse number: 8321 ---Output data Solution: Use do-while Statement.

2. Write a program in C that accepts dates written in numerical form and then output them as a
complete form. Sample input: 2 26 1986 Sample output: February 26, 1986. Solution: use if/else if/ else statement.

3. 4. 5. 6.

Write program for calculate area of circle. Write a program for calculate factorial. Write a program for generate Fibonacci series .

Write program for read and write file using file handling . 7. Find maximum/minimum of three numbers. 8. Display Pass or Fail according to the given percentage Per>= 48 ->pass Per < 48 ->fail 9. F i n d t h e s u m o f f o l l o w i n g S er i e s u p t o n t er ms u s i n g F o r l o o p , W h i l e l o o p , G o t o statement 1+2+3+4+5+.