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FLOW OF PRESENTATION Understanding the Strategy of IPL The Value Proposition The Implementation and Challenges in implementation Our suggestions .

KEY FEATURES OF IPL 0 20-20 format cricket tournament. 0 Promoted by the BCCI and backed by the ICC 0 Conceived on the lines of the English premier league 0 The idea behind IPL is to sell cricket as a high involvement reality show that would appeal to all audiences 0 Unique from a standard cricketing body in that it had a governing body which was formed to run IPL as a virtual company .

0 Strategy: Implement a model that combines cricket and entrainment 0 very strong value proposition for all stake holders 0 Example of Blue Ocean Strategy… and a good example of value innovation 0 Differentiation AND low cost rather than ‘OR’ . and hence more lucrative and use this to project India’s Global power Status.IPL Vision and Strategy 0 Vision: make cricket enticing and accessible.

Eliminate. Reduce • Emphasis on Perseverance • Emphasis of Athleticism: Fast cricket for young crowd.Raise.Reduce.Create Framework • Need for Patience: watching an 8 hour long ODI or a 5 day long Test Eliminat Match e • Spectator Time Invested: Competes with Movie or a Football Match • Emphasis on Classic Techniques: T20 is generally a batsman's game. • Pace of the Game: Emphasis on how fast the game carries on • Entertainment: Presence of Bollywood Starlets and Cheerleaders • City Loyalty: Welcome to new entrants from different state and national tournaments • Result based excitement: results within 3 hours Raise Create .

VALUE INNOVATION 20-20 Spectator Time needed Player Technique needed Emphasis on Patience and Perseverance Entertainment Speed of the game Definite Result Athleticism Exhibition of Loyalty New players success Low Low Low High Low High High High High One day Medium Medium Medium Medium Medium High High Low Low Test High High High Low High Low Low Low Low .

IPL ORGANIZATION AND WORKING 0 Franchisee based system. These franchisee shares revenues with the cricket board 0 12 cities were identified and were decide that the top 8 highest bid cities would be used for the first 3 seasons 0 franchisees have autonomy to run teams 0 own styles. . own sponsors. name the team 0 free to list their teams on the stock exchange.

EXECUTION FRAMEWORK Know the goals Acquire resourc es IPL Implementa tion Identify the activitie s Create support strucure .

Stadium Hire Charges and 0 Broadcast rights. Player acquisition cost. Sponsorship. Ticket sales. Other sources 0 All parties buyin 0 Actual event run professionally 0 Event management by IMG World .Execution 0 Clear goal and broken down to activities 0 Value proposition made clear to all 0 In terms of Entertainment for spectators 0 Financial Perspective for Franchisee owners 0 Sources and revenue specified 0 Franchisee fee.

Marketing Strategies The below are some of the strategies that the bosses of IPL have employed to pull in the crowd 0 Auctioning of Franchisees 0 Auctioning of Players 0 Cheerleaders 0 Timing 0 Exhibition of Loyalty .

Challenges The major issues were: 0 Security and logistics issue 0 Media rights problem. 0 Disputes over tickets money and ticket sale 0 Players availability 0 Cheerleader controversy .

Suggestions. Bring the game to tier 2 cities and develop infrastructure in these places 0 Address sustainability and improvement at all levels 0 Solve the issue of infrastructure shortage 0 Develop local talent so as to create a larger talent pool. 0 So if India wins a World Cup then the interest in all forms of cricket is further increased and that will be beneficial for all parties 1.Major Issue 0 The underlying assumption 0 India’s performances in international events play a role in the interest factor of the audience. .

. 0 Player availability.Other Issues 0 Disputes over Tickets and Ticket Sales.

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