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Dear Parents: This weekend the Middle School students are performing in the musical The Wiz. If you were unable to see the show on Thursday or Friday evening, please plan to see one of the performances on Saturday, May 4 at 2:30 P.M. or 6:30 P.M. It’s a toe tapping, finger snapping, family show that will leave you smiling and amazed by the talents of our students. Congratulations to the cast and crew for a job well done and the numerous teachers, High School students and parents who assisted with the Middle School play. Through their collaboration and team effort, our students gained a deeper sense of community and a greater sense of what they are capable of doing. We’d also like to give a special thanks to Ms. Carrie Grev, the director of The Wiz, for her time and unwavering commitment. Before watching The Wiz, you can also enjoy the artwork of our students on display in the FAT lobby. Be captured by the 3D pieces, warmed by the soft snuggle creations, and immersed in the colors of our students’ imagination. The artwork will be on display until May 16 so make some time to take in a feast for the eyes. Thank you to the Art teachers for nurturing the creativity of our students! On Monday, May 6 we welcome visiting author Peter Lerangis whose work is popular with many of our students. He will be meeting with students in grade 5 and 6 to talk about his writing and the writing process. We are fortunate to have this opportunity to gain firsthand experience with a published author. Please see the letter included in the bulletin for more details. In the classroom, our grade 8 students are busily preparing for one of their major end-of-year activities, Advocating for Change. This project involves the students in honing their research, writing and presentation skills as they tackle global issues. On Tuesday, May 30 their work will culminate in a summit -type meeting where they share their research and opinions. Parents of grade 8 students are often invited to attend these ‘hearings’ so keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. We hope you’ll be able to join us and support your child. Today a copy of your child’s MAP test results was sent home with your child. As you review the results, please keep in mind that the results are one of several snapshots of your child’s progress and level of achievement. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your child’s guidance counselor or teacher. If you did not receive the letter and test results, please contact the Middle School Guidance Office at 840 -8550. Looking ahead… Please note that Monday, May 13 has been declared a holiday due to elections so there will be no classes; please mark your calendars. Enjoy the weekend! Yours in Education, Simon Gillespie Middle School Principal Clarissa Sayson Middle School Assistant Principal

ISSUE # 32
W EEK OF MAY 6 TO MAY 10, 2013

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From the Office of Admissions and Advancement - Withdrawal procedure - Demographic Update Guide From the Treasury Department From the Human Resources Department: Cashless Campus From the ATAC Office From the HS Guidance Office Author Visit: Peter Lerangis June Summer Sports Camp Homeless World Cup MS Art Show 2

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From the Office of Admissions and Advancement
Withdrawal Procedure for Students Leaving ISM
For those students who will be withdrawing from International School Manila this year, the following procedure applies: Parents are obliged to inform the School officially through a WITHDRAWAL NOTIFICATION FORM, dren will not be returning to ISM.

on or before May 10, 2013 , if their chil-

Failure to do so will lead to a deduction of US$1,000 from the Facilities Upgrade Deposit (FUD), in compensation for having held a space for the child and thus preventing the School from offering that space to another child prior to the summer holiday break. The Withdrawal Notification Form can be obtained from the Admissions Office or directly from the ISM website www.ismanila.org under Admissions > Re-Enrollment & Withdrawal > Withdrawal STEP 1: Return the Withdrawal Notification Form to the Admissions Office or scanned and e-mailed as an attachment to admissions@ismanila.org .  Upon receipt of the Withdrawal Notification Form by the Admissions Office, a copy will be forwarded to the appropriate School Office and the Finance Office for their action.  The School Office, upon receipt of the Withdrawal Notification Form, will initiate the student clearance procedure which requires a Middle or High School student to have the Student Clearance Slip signed by the indicated teachers and offices for clearance. For Elementary students, the Elementary Office will handle the withdrawal clearance.  Note that school transcripts and records will be available from the particular school office approximately fifteen working days after the child’s last day of attendance at ISM. Please coordinate directly with the particular School Office if you require other arrangements. STEP 2: If required, and when completed, the Student Clearance Slip must be taken to the Cashier’s Office. Only after the Cashier has received and signed the completed clearance form will the child’s transcript or school records be released from the Elementary, Middle or High School Office. Please note that one copy of the transcript is provided free of charge, additional copies cost P100 each, payable at the Cashier’s Office before release. Please coordinate directly with the particular School Office if you require more than one copy of school records. STEP 3: In order to receive your Facilities Upgrade Deposit or FUD (formerly the Special Project Deposit) refund, the following must be submitted to the Cashier’sOffice: 1) Signed Student Clearance Slip 2) Signed Facilities Upgrade Deposit Certificate Please note that the FUD refund will not be released before your child’s last day of school and may take up to thirty ( 30) days. Only the person whose name appears on the FUD Certificate may claim the refund at the Cashier’s Office. For any questions related to FUD certificate, please call 840-85-22 and look for Ms. Rhodora Villa or Marissa S. Dulay at 840-85-06. Please allow the withdrawal process to go smoothly by starting the process early. Thank you for your help and understanding. If you will be withdrawing before the end of the school year and wish to receive your child’s YEARBOOK please submit the appropriate form to the School Office. The forms are available through the web site: Admission > Re-Enrollment & Withdrawal>Withdrawal 1. Elementary School Yearbook: ALAALA 2. Middle School Yearbook: SALINLAHI 3. High School Yearbook: KAWAYAN Sincerely, Stephanie H. Hagedorn Director of Admissions & Advancement admissions@ismanila.org



From the Office of Admissions and Advancement
Demographic Update Guide
Dear Parents, Please be reminded that keeping your contact information updated is vital to facilitating communication with the school. If you would like to view/change any of the details on your current record, simply follow these steps:



From the Treasury Department
Dear ISM Parents: This is a reminder to please view and check the ISM Web Online at http://community.ismanila.org/d/2/ for the latest update on your billing statement and settle any remaining balance of account(s). Please note that the 2nd semester Tuition fee for SY2012-2013 was due last December 07,2012 while other school fees on your billing statements are already due as billed. For those who haven’t settled yet, we appreciate your immediate settlement of the accounts. For related billing and payment questions including any username and password concerns, please call 840-8522/ 840-85-06/840-85-12 and look for RHODA VILLA (Accountant) or MARISSA DULAY (Treasury Supervisor) and Elmer Esguerra ( Cashier). You can also email us at villar@ismanila.org or dulaym@ismanila.org. and esguerrae@ismanila.org.

From the Human Resources Office: Cashless Campus
Dear Parents and Students, The end of the school year is fast approaching, and we wanted you to know that, starting in August, we shall be introducing a “Campus Card” payment scheme. This system has been in the research stage for some time now, and we have been consulting carefully with our colleague schools in IASAS, all of whom make use of a card for payments on their campuses. The system works through an individual identity chip that is implanted into student ID cards. One of the main purposes for making this move to is to provide a debit system in the canteen. Some of the benefits are:  Limit the amount of money that studentsare obliged to bring to school.  Speed up canteen lines during breaks since cash exchange will not be needed.  Give online access to parents so they may see what their children are eating at lunch. The intention is to run parallel cash / debit system initially, but in time we intend to move towards a complete debit system during school hours. Parents and students will have several options with regards to topping up their card. They can do this online by credit card or paypal or through an accredited bank (all for a minimal fee), at kiosks (similar to ATMs) located in two different areas on campus, or at the cashier’s office. In addition to purchasing food at the canteen, the Smart Card may be used for paying other activities that take place on campus: school plays, Family Fun day, concerts, T-shirts, etc. We also hope that the Uniform Shop will be able to accept payments in this way. Parents and helpers may also apply for an ID card complete with chip should they wish to use a debit system on campus rather than cash payments. In conjunction with the debit system, the Smart Cards issued in Middle School will allow students to access the new lockers we are purchasing. We shall be sending out more instructions on how this system will work later in the school year and again in August. Like any new system, we suspect that there will be some teething problems, but we are confident that we shall overcome these and that the card system will be beneficial for the entire school. Sincerely, Michelle Mapua Director of Human Resources



From the Athletics & Activities Office
4th season practices are now taking place for some of next year’s HS teams to start training. This is open for current grade 8’s who will be freshmen 9th grade next year to join these practices. If you have questions, talk with the coaches. A big thanks to Coach Joey from our TKD team who coordinated with the Philippine TKD Association to host a great meet last Saturday. There were 90+ participants and the kids were treated to a great opening ceremony display from the national TKD demonstration team. We look forward to hosting this event for international schools TKD teams on an annual basis. This Saturday May 4th, our local Judo competition will be held at the MS gym. ISM is the host venue for this event, however, the meets are coordinated and run by the local Judo association. Best of luck to all our ISM martial arts Judo competitors in this upcoming meet. Weigh-in starts from 6am; meet proper is scheduled for an 8am start. May 29th Homeless World Cup Soccer Tournament at ISM: fundraiser to send Philippines team to the annual World Cup Tournament. See Ms. Vogt for details and team registration. Sailfish Awards will be on Friday evening, May 17th. Please see Sailfish blog for information. Bearcat Council forms are available on the ATAC blog. If you wish to apply for Bearcat Council next school year, applications must be in by May 10th. No late applications will be accepted. Please remember the swimming facility will close for renovation works on May 17 and the planned reopening of the pool is set for September 1st. We are building a new 2 level grandstand, new locker rooms, new storage area, new coaches locker rooms, additional restrooms for the public and resurfacing the pool surrounds. ISM Summer Sports Camps information is now available on the ATAC summer camps blog page. The informational flyer will also be in the parent bulletins. Sign ups are on a first come first served basis! A great way to stay in touch with the ISM ATAC program is to subscribe via RSS feed to the ATAC blog and also to follow via twitter (see twitter feed on the blog home page). Each Monday, I will post the weeks happenings and highlight important events for students and parents information on the ATAC blog and in the regular Friday parent bulletins. GAME SCHEDULE PDF (access to game schedule information): Information about all mid-week/ weekend fixtures for ISM teams can be found via the ATAC blog. Please note the game schedule does change often due to involvement with many local schools, so please check the page regularly to find out the latest information of where and when the Bearcats teams are playing. Click on schedules tab or the Bearcat logo to be directed to the power school secure site http://powerschool.ismanila.org/public/ You will need your power school user name and password to access the game schedule pdf. BEARCAT DEN: http://atac.ism-online.org/bearcat-den/ Our Bearcat Den is open for business, please drop by to check out the range of Bearcat products. We have a great team of volunteers who run the den and are always looking for more people to help out. If you are interested in joining a fantastic group, please contact any of our den members during den opening hours. If you’re interested in joining the Den volunteers, please contact Carolyn Ching for details at carolynqching@yahoo.com. We are always looking for new volunteers and encourage parents from ES/MS to join our group. Please note end of year lunch for Den volunteers is May 30th from 11:30am (venue to be announced) Final selling day for the Den will be June 4th, Den will be closed for inventory and summer pack up June 5. The den will re-open for business in the new school year on Monday, August 12th,2013 Sincerely, Mark Pekin Director of Athletics/ Activities



From the High School Guidance Office
Dear HS Parents, We are very pleased to introduce/reintroduce you to an exciting initiative developed back in 2010 by the HS Guidance Department in cooperation with the HS Administration:

Bearcat Career Experience
As we all know well, high school for students is (among many things) a time of self-discovery. It is a time where our students begin to better acknowledge their aptitudes/likes, where they hone their strengths and where they begin to sort through that rather complicated map known as their educational and future career path. Unfortunately, it is often a map with gaps between what they learn in their “academic” classrooms and the “real world” their teachers are working to prepare them for. In short, we hope to help bridge that gap for some of our high school students through a five-day summer “internship” (June 10th – 14th, 2013) with various companies in the Metro Manila area. Last year we were very fortunate to place over 120 ISM high school students (sophomores and juniors) with 30 companies (including Alaska Milk, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and Makati Medical Center to name a few) in the Metro Manila area. This year, we definitely feel those numbers could increase. However, in order to make this a reality, we need reputable companies from a variety of industries to form partnerships with us and take part. As parents of our dedicated and motivated HS students, you may own, be employed by, or know of a company interested in supporting this very worthwhile endeavor. We ask for your support in helping us develop potential “Career Experience” placements and subsequently, lasting positive relationships with companies in the Metro Manila area. We ask that you take time to reflect on this important initiative (currently in its 3rd year) and its value for our ISM community. Please take a look at our website here http://bearcat-careers.ism-online.org/what-is-a-bearcat-career -experience/ . This page should give you an idea of what the program is all about. You might also want to check out this video too. http://bearcat-careers.ism-online.org/media/ If you are in a position to take one or more of our students at your company or know of an interested company, please let me know. Please also contact me at mcqueend@ismanila.org if you have any questions or need further clarification. Information about how your son or daughter (current sophomores and juniors only) could apply for a Career Experience position will be communicated to all of you at a later date. You can also get more informed and up to date posts about the Bearcat Career Experience by “liking” our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BearcatCareerExperience Thank you very much for your support and I look forward to hearing back from some of you. J Sincerely, Doug McQueen High School Counselor



Author Visit: Mr. Peter Lerangis



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