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Disclaimer: I understand that if I want a policy that reflects the latest legislation and is appropriate to my organisation, I will seek

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JOB DESCRIPTION Title: Accountable to: Key responsibilities: Hours: Play and Community Co-ordinator To plan, facilitate and evaluate play/youth and community activities for children and young people and the wider community 28 hours

BACKGROUND XXX GENERAL The principal purpose of this post is to deliver the outcomes of XXX, within the XXX Centre setting. This will include identifying children and young people living and attending school in the XXX area, establishing local play needs and developing play and youth opportunities in partnership with local people and organisations. In addition, the postholder will lead on developing community activities within the Centre to meet the needs of local people in and around the XXX area and beyond. The postholder will be expected to work closely with other Centre staff and volunteers in identifying good practice, planning and facilitating the activities. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1 Identifying play needs 1.1 Identify local children aged 5 14 years who can benefit from inclusive play opportunities 1.2 Undertake mapping and consultation to identify the play and community needs of local communities 1.3 Develop diverse programmes of play, youth and community programmes to meet identified needs and deliver play and community activity sessions 1.4 Identify and address barriers which may prevent children from accessing play opportunities and manage the integration of vulnerable children who may be experiencing social exclusion and/or play deprivation. 1.5 Work in partnership with local schools and groups to develop out of school hours play opportunities. 1.6 Ensure effective equal opportunities practice by encouraging social/cultural diversity. 1.7 Manage play equipment and resources within the responsibility of the XXX Centre 1.8 Plan and deliver events for the target age group. 1.9 Ensure the safety and well being of children in programmes within the Centre, including risk assessments, safety checks, administering first aid where appropriate and conforming to health and safety and child protection guidelines.


Assist in determining the funding needs and attract external resources to support the ongoing programme of play activities. 1.11 To support the delivery of services for young people aged from 14 years upwards. 2 Administration 1.12 Monitor and evaluate the play/youth and community activities programmes, involving users and other partners where appropriate. 1.13 Undertake the administration necessary to ensure the effective operation of the programmes of play work. 1.14 Maintain records in accordance with the data protection protocols and other relevant policies. 1.15 Use ICT to record and monitor programme records and reports. 3 Personnel 1.16 Assist with the recruitment of sessional staff and volunteers and undertake inductions. 1.17 Oversee, support and advise and motivate sessional staff and volunteers to deliver programmes of play work. 1.18 Oversee the allocation of staff hours to deliver play sessions. 1.19 Participate in team training and development days. 1.20 In conjunction with staff, to co-ordinate community outreach and engagement with local residents and partners. 4 External Relations 1.21 Keep up to date with current legislation and examples of good practice and safety standards and ensure that service provision adheres to those standards at all times. 1.22 Liaise with other professionals, such as teachers, police, health/social workers and youth services and attend relevant meetings and forums. 5 Other Responsibilities 1.23 Provide an escort for the bus service for members with special needs as required 1.24 Attend team meetings regularly to keep abreast of developments in policy and practice 1.25 Undertake such other appropriate duties and training as may be required for the effective delivery of the post responsibilities. 1.26 Co-ordinate the XXX Worker, Minibus Driver and sessional staff delivering play and community work

Person Specification Play/Community Co-ordintor Essential Knowledge & Experience 1. Relevant playwork qualification or related discipline e.g. youth work, child care). Minimum level 2, preferable Level 3. 2. At least 2 years post qualifying, relevant experience of working with children/young people with responsibility for childrens play activities. 3. Knowledge of child protection issues and requirements 4. Knowledge of health and safety at work 5. Knowledge of relevant legislation and policies Skills & Abilities 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Ability to plan, deliver, monitor and evaluate events and play activities Ability to maintain safe, quality play environments Ability to manage childrens and young peoples behaviour in various situations Ability to ensure effective equal opportunity practices Ability to work independently as well as in a team Ability to support the recruitment, appraisal and motivation of staff/volunteers and development of work programmes 12. Effective listening and communication skills 13. Basic IT skills (e.g. Microsoft word and excel). 14. Able to work flexible/unsocial hours including evenings & weekends Commitment 15. To the importance of play for the full development of children 16. Willingness to undertake any necessary training 17. To take leave at times other than school holidays except in exceptional circumstances 18. Commitment to engaging the wider community in the development of play and community activities 19. To identify opportunities and contribute new ideas to enhance the programmes of work.