FADE IN: INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT Husband and wife are watching television. Dialogue of a Chinese drama can be heard from the television. Their daughter, SALLY, walks downstairs, clad in an extremely-short black skirt. She casually walks across the television towards the door, not making eye contact. Her parents eye her disapprovingly. SALLY (casually) Ma, pa, going out. Friends birthday. HUSBAND (stern look) In that? Are you asking for it or what? INT. BEDROOM – DAY Sally is standing in front of a mirror, holding two skirts of different colours and length. She hems and haws, indecisive of which skirt to wear. Her brother, RICHARD, walks past outside. SALLY Which one do you think? (holds up a black skirt and a fuchsia skirt) RICHARD Depends on the occasion. SALLY I’m going out tonight, and I want to get raped. I’ll wear a skirt that will get guys to have sex with me against my own will. (looks into the camera) As if. (sarcastic tone) CUT TO: A BLACK SCREEN NARRATOR (V.O.) The victim never asks for it. Ever. Don’t punish the victim for the perpetrator’s crime.

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