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Biography Outline for Class For your 2-4 paragraph-Biography, you may include information about some or all of the topics below: * Where you live (city, state, country) * What you enjoy/pet peeves * Interests/Hobbies * Current job/title and a short description of what you do, and perhaps your level of computer expertise * Strengths/Weaknesses (that you think your class/instructor would benefit from knowing about you) * Family information (kids, etc.) * Your life philosophy (what you like to live by, etc). * Days and times you're most available; hence, are most likely to reply to e-mails, etc. * Anything else that you think would be beneficial to your class, study group, and instructor to know about you * Why you enrolled in this program, why ONLINE, why you are going back to school * What you expect to gain from your ONLINE experience Here is a sample Biography. You may use Hello everyone. My name is Jane Smith, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I was born in Singapore, but have lived in the United States most of my life. Prior to moving to Arizona in 1985, I lived in San Bernardino, California. Currently, I do not yet have any children or a husband. Instead, I have a younger brother I care for and a 2-year old Bassett Hound called Xenon.

Just recently, I accepted a position at a well known university where I am primarily responsible for the students’ schedules and business development in the Asia and Pacific Rim region of the globe. Before I was offered this position, I had intentions of moving out of the desert to Washington State. However, I could not resist this opportunity since my career interests have always been in international business as a result of my love for traveling and interacting with diverse populations. My past jobs include writing grants for a non-profit...

Personal biography example template
Here's an outline, or formula, if you will, to follow. Think of each numbered, bold section being a paragraph. You don't need to be an English major, a published writer, or even good at writing to do this. Just tell the story. 1. Origination a. Name of person b. Date of birth, place of birth. Put it in context of what county the town was in, and if not a large place, give a general approximation of how far it was in what direction from the larger well-known city... c. Names of parents, their birthplaces...

Towns/Areas they lived in -. Battles. When discharged. Branch of service.. to whom they are married.why might they have moved. c.. Special note of siblings who live near them now.. f. Siblings.. c. Retirement 6. Occupation of parents. or those of other special accomplishments .. Military a.. When enlisted. Heritage a. f. tell where they work.. Professional accomplishments.. b. c. e. promotions. Family a. .d.. First Job(s). Professional awards and recognition.... Ranks. b.. c. Anecdotes/accomplishments of their youth.. Scholastic achievements of merit.. 2.. b. 5. b. g. Post-grad / Additional Vocational studies. d.... Where enlisted. Children. Path of jobs/businesses led to the prime one....why would they have moved each time. 4.. e. If they are grown and working. Occupation and Life a. when and where born. Places lived while at parents' home -.. When married.. Education a. Deaths in the family... and company/regiment information. College / Vocational Schooling.. What was this area of the country known for? 3. where buried. and whether they have any children..... birth order. d. c. d... wounds.. Describe progression of places they lived. b.. d.. e.... Trials/Struggles. Grammar/High School.

. e. Surviving spouse info. Is there a single anecdote or story from their life that sums up the essence of the person? This would be the place to put it.. e. c.. b. Public Office. d.. if applicable. . c. Clubs/Organizations... Main accomplishments of lifetime. What others think of the person. What did the town/area look like that they lived in? What were the conditions there? 8.... d.... Volunteer. elected or appointed. Conclusion a... b... Community a.7. Church. Death/burial.

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