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No. : 3 EDITORIAL We rarely introspect. We just love to
have concluded truths and ready made answers to our problems. We just follow the thoughts of varied thinkers which are much generalized and rarely suit to our own individuality. Still we try our best to mould our thoughts and behavior accordingly. When we fail we often criticize ourselves for not following properly. But we remain forever shy of putting life and energy to these summed up truths of life. While we discuss a problem we are ever ready to make immediate decisions about persons, situations and circumstances. We no longer care to know when these decisions turn into pre-judgments, prejudices and beliefs. Such decisions once made are generally not revised or reconsidered. We never re-examine our fallacies. The thing is we are not exposed to the charms of a thinking mind; charms of seriously examining a problem; charms of an open heart to heart dialogue or mere charms of a discussion. The discussion that would

Mar-Apr 2004

bring us near the truth; the discussion that enlightens our minds; the discussion that dissolves our prejudices and mal-formed opinion about others; and the discussion that is not mere gossiping or has been started just to kill the time or the discussion that is not aimed at putting forward vain arguments but to find ourselves better through others. With such notions in the mind SAMVAD group was created. This group was created to discuss and find why we are exposed to such a corrupt world and what is our share to it; to find why we are engaged in oftrepeated experiences and just afraid from entering in a new one; to find what type of a world our children are going to inherit; to find while living on the same earth and having same body structures why are we different entities and enclose within ourselves our own particular world; to find whether one day can we wake up to complete psychological and spiritual oneness.☼ -Dr. J. Eswaran


Come out of thy meditations and leave aside thy flowers and incense! What harm is there if thy clothes become tattered and stained? Meet him and stand by him in toil And sweat of thy brow. Hence everyone – gods.OUR MOTTO Pure physicality Pure movement of awareness within the body within the brain within the of the four gatekeepers to liberation. .GEETANJALI Leave this chanting and singing and telling of beads whom thou worship in this lonely dark corner of a temple with doors all shut? Open thine eyes and see thy God is not before thee? He is there where the tiller is tilling the ground And where the path-maker is breaking the stones He is with them in sun and in shower. When mind is at peace. This is self-control or conquest of the mind. no influence religious or dogmatic psychological or spiritual no preformed opinion of these no guidance no conclusion intense questioning intense effort without will intense need to find till one is very near to to cross the borders till one is very near to the pure intelligence within till one is very near to have an INSIGHT !!! The eternal is not attained by rites and rituals. demigods. tranquil. And his garment is covered with dust. It is to be attained by the conquest of one’s mind. is the best remedy for all physical and mental ills. it does not long for anything nor does it rejects anything. Everyone spontaneously trusts him.RABINDER NATH TAGORE …. O Rama. flows from self-control… The delight one experiences in the presence of the self-controlled is incomparable. Self-control. untangled and free from cravings. pure. Put of thy holy mantle and like him come down to the dusty soil! Deliverance? Where is this deliverance to be found? Our master himself has joyfully taken upon him the bonds of creation. All that is good and auspicious. he is bound with us forever. by pilgrimages nor by wealth. free from delusion or hallucinations. demons or men should constantly seek… the conquest of the mind and self-control which are the fruits of wisdom. . ☼ 2 Sage Vasishta’s precepts to Sri Rama -Yoga Vasishta. None [not even demons and goblins] hates him. by cultivation of wisdom.

unable to ferret out way I sink in the sea of darkness. Were you to relax your vigilance even for a second you would be cut down to pieces. Here identical thoughts keep on repeating themselves causing much distress to the thinker. which only moves forward. But this sort of progress further advances into two identical states with often very diverse and dissimilar consequences. By doing so it tends to kill the former. no ray Heroically I fight back. You become the battle ground of thoughts. That seems the exact situation as Aassi describes: In that gloomy thick forest. for how long would I stay 3 Literary merit and also the aesthetic aspect of this remarkable piece of poetry are to be decided by the laureates. For him this is the mind of somebody facing death. A sort of journey which sometimes each of us undertakes but often held back before taking the final plunge. no hope. . an awareness. He relates this analogy with the outer life. a journey through the dark recesses of the mind. In the present verse Aassi talks of a journey. was a Punjabi poet of great possibilities. As you face your opponent you are increasingly watchful. Your opponent is the counter thought or the thought that dissociates from the original thought. But a thinker in a truly meditative poise continues with the journey without any preconceived notion. Here we are discussing the and spiritual incorporeal supposedly aspect of this journey of thoughts. A choice between continuous voyage or to be held back! It is a state of progress.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------PATH FINDERS So’n Chidi. Eswaran So’n Chidi [The Golden Sparrow] is an extraordinary piece of poetry from Aassi’s fifth and last anthology ‘NIRDESHAK’. Most of the thinkers regress in a cyclical path. Contemplation of such kind occurs only in a heightened state of awareness. Aassi [1964-2001] who died at the very young age of 37. In the inner world you nevertheless are in a frame of warrior but here war is among thoughts. Let us imagine that you are engaged in a duel of swordsmanship.A JOURNEY TO ETERNITY -Dr. no gleam. in which one is never tense or hurried. published posthumously. Why he undertakes such a journey? In a journey of thoughts and journey with thoughts one is helpless to talk of a choice. J. Zen master Yasutani Roshi describes this state in similar words. a dark arena of ignorance.

sookde tufan phir vi tor riha hai mainu jiven har gote pichhon dariya uchhalada hai jiv nu upparali sateh val kadam dar kadam. the next beginning or the next genesis! You may say In whose enchanting presence [now] I am wholly dedicated to me? Pray! has turned it into a great ecstasy Hanehere da sanghana jangal rah nazar na aave jind daraya kalakh’ch gote khaave kise yuddh’ch soorme vangoon main zakham khavan. var jhallan meri aas bandhave eh leh-lahaunda vejayee jhanda roshani da so’n parcham eh thartharaundi hoi nimani mo’mbatti es de garam tepiyan noo main talian te buchchan kasees vattan bebassi ka’har dhave hava shikhr di chanani di laat kambe meri so’ch kambe aukaat kambe khelhan noo jalavatni mere hisse aayee rangan da jhutha sachcha aassra main sirj liya kite tan udeekada hoega budda Dashrath kade taan mukkega banvaas Chandra kite taan hoegee Kaushalaya tatpar karke ghar di munder te deep raushn nal na koi Lashman shashtardhari turdi hai tan mahaz ek agg vichari kade tharthrave kampkampave bujhan hi lagge akhari chingari vi antim sahara vi agle hi pal dolh deve mere upper umeedan da pura samundar chehkade parinde vangoon kholh deve mere sanhven kise naven brahmand da darvaza te meri ungali pakar ke badali di ek sarani banaun da val sikhave mere lahu’ch balada diva. no ray heroically I fight back for how long would I stay I receive back the hurts for hurts that I pay I hopefully hold that beaming flag and in my hands it lay agonizing pain of hot wax that makes me loose my sway of the tiny flickering candle I carry on my way my helplessness and fury of wind with trembling thoughts they play which make me quiver like flame I carry on the way It was altogether an exiled existence I endured to this day yes. for hurts that I pay SO’N CHIDI -Aassi SO’N CHIDI [THE GOLDEN SPARROW] -Aassi In that gloomy thick forest unable to ferret out way I sink in the sea of darkness no hope.I receive back the hurts. no gleam. safar dar safar janam dar janam eh kaun hai jo mere nal hai piran’ch paruche hoi vi ek Jamaal hai jo samarpit hai mainu pani mitti agni samet 4 . you can say whole stockpile of hopes come apart the moment next and they open for me the door to eternity enormous bliss and joy lead me to the place [where I can] arrange my nights and day’ the alert that aflame my blood still pushes me through anyway as waves that push the drowning ones to the sea-shore they lay or sun that rouse me every morn’ and open my next day to the next step. I had some begotten delights with them I however play There may be waiting that old Dasharatha along anxious Kaushalaya and they may be putting lamps on the house’ roof in the past foregone way and with me now is no one nor armed Lakshmana who slay only trembling tiny flame that walks with me anyway About to get extinguished last remains of candle that stay with its last bit to rely! Yes.

The wakeful distress of being the battleground of thoughts is now replaced by pleasure or sorrow of the thoughts. You will have to keep them separate. that makes me loose my sway of the tiny flickering candle. They join with the thoughts. nor armed Lakshmana who slay only tiny trembling flame [of consciousness] that walks with me anyway 5 . He adopts many ways and many forms and during the journey. my candle or say? how blissful is now this bleak darkness how joyful are woes of the day!! -Translated by-J.Eswaran But this battleground. I carry on my way my helplessness and fury of wind. this awareness is separate from the mob of warrior thoughts. either the same or the opposite thought. this you. I carry on the way Thinker in Aassi does not satisfy himself with this linear journey. While in an emotional mould his thoughts create images of fellow journeyers who have been separated long back. This itself may be the source of distress.jis’chon talashada han main apne hon di paribhasha main te meri mo’mbatti kina suhavana hai eh hanehra jo de riha hai mainu pukhatagi bhariya eh sukhad dukh that distress of thorny way’ who now will define my new being is it me. with trembling thoughts they play which make me quiver like flame. for to remain in the sustained state of awareness you have to put an effort to it. This sort of pleasure or sorrow does not open new vistas. But this concentrated awareness is the only light you have on this unlit murky path. It comes and goes on cyclically. As points out Aassi: agonizing pain of hot wax. He is distressed by their absence: There may be waiting that old Dasharatha along anxious Kaushalaya and they may be putting lamps on the house’ roof in the past foregone way Or he takes another turn of partially compromising with the situation and finding help from within: and with me now is no one. Mostly the thinkers join with battle.

the things which are in the frame of time. For the correct understanding you will have to eat something sweet. only to be experienced. It is the moment where every rationality of the mind is to be kept away. the moment next and they open for me the door to eternity. or the next genesis! You may say Is this the end of journey or its beginning? For him definitely this is the beginning. About to get extinguished. A sort of journey which sometimes each of us undertakes but often held back before taking the final plunge. how joyful are woes of the day!! 6 . and open my next day to the next step. still pushes me through anyway as waves that push the drowning ones. the next beginning. is it me. enormous bliss and joy Lead me to the place [where I can].Literary merit and also the aesthetic aspects of this remarkable piece of poetry are to be decided by the laureates. pray! has turned it into a great ecstasy. It is the end of everything known. Neither this is the act of will nor that of wisdom. you can say Whole stockpile of hopes come apart. last remains of candle that stay’ With its last bit to rely! Yes. Any description of it will come out only from thoughts and memory. to the sea-shore they lay or sun that rouse me every morn’. As he says: In whose enchanting presence [now] I am. It is the end of both acceptance and rejection. that distress of thorny way’ who now will define my new being. He does not even hesitate to call it the next genesis [birth]. Perhaps nobody is able to. arrange my nights and day’ While talking about this transition from the rational worldly mould to the higher thoughtless mould Aassi does not elaborate much on this point. But Aassi takes the risk of entering into the perils of unknown. This contact with the ultimate reality is only to be perceived. So how can Aassi talk about the things which are timeless? How can end of thoughts be described with the activity of thoughts? But still he claims it to be the act of forces within his very being: the alert that aflame my blood. Here we are discussing the incorporeal and supposedly spiritual aspect of this journey of thoughts. Neither can you describe sweetness in a way that others can experience similar sweetness. This final decision does not come out of the logical mind. wholly dedicated to me. my candle or say? how blissful is now this bleak darkness. This is not to be conceptualized or described within the framework of worldly languages. You cannot taste sweet simply by uttering the word ‘sweet’. It comes instantaneously.

tr. 7 TO READERS AND WRITERS ------------------------------You can share your views and experiences on psycho-spiritual matters.Aassi has experienced this sweetness. Your views and writings can be sent on the address that follows. Free to choose and free to accept the tension and responsibility of his choices. Brethren! where there isneither earth nor water light nor air neither infinity of space nor infinity of consciousness nor nothingness nor perception nor absence of perception neither this world nor that world both sun and moon I call thisneither coming nor going neither motion nor rest neither death nor birth It is without stability without procession without a footing That is the end of sorrow. worldly ego. E. Dr. p. but he is free now. Eswaran c/o E-178 Bhalla colony Chheharata[Amritsar] INDIA Ph. This is the end of . J. Though he is not unresponsive to the painful consequences of his choices in this new existence.111]* For me this So’n Chidi is what his real existence is. the enlightened one once spoke about this sphere of real existence of man for our understandings: For there is a sphere. where he acts right from an all empty consciousness and not from one that is ever fortified by memory laden ego with all its restricted choices. This symbolic weightless. 98152 68511 e-mail: omcawr_s@yahoo.☼ *Quoted in ‘Buddhism and Christianity’ by J. The existence. as Buddha. For him now even woes are now blissful. He is now with his real existence. golden sparrow is now separated from the heavy. We also need your reactions to our endeavor. by They can also be sent via e-mail. [The Udâna. Carpenter.

merely because you have been told of it… or because it is traditional. And the concept of god is not actual god. even then that joy comes to an end. And when we meditate on this situation the joy diminishes. Can we put our thoughts into God? Is it possible to contain thought into God? Or is the fact otherwise? Who is bigger. the spring of joy. The spring of joy or the fountain of pleasure was started in the thoughtless position.that doctrine believe and cling to. appears to interfere. Tulsi or Meera or any modern poet. There is pure pleasure in it. But the pleasure in place of water does not explain the situation. When we name this joy as God. It appears as if it is going to vanish. and take it as your guide. the benefit. O’ monks. With the thought of a spring the sense of water appears but it does not wet us. and the joy vanishes. laureate or philosopher . When thinking started the spring was 8 written words are for going into their depth till their deeper message comes alive. the thought and the God. But whatsoever. Sometimes we feel as if something like fountain or spring is flowing within us. as God.Prem Singh When we think of God.Believe nothing. there are two toys in our hands. Actual God is the Truth and the truth is not the object of thinking. you find to be conducive to the good. If we call this fountain of pleasure. or because you yourselves have imagined it. after due examination and analysis. which is nothing but thought.the thought or God? Who can be put into whom? I think if the reader is reading this page attentively. till they become real TO US!! WRITTEN WORDS Written words are not for mere veneration Not even for continuous verbalizing Also not for pooling in Half-dead books and libraries Written words are for opening minds into them coming into grip of their meanings written words are communiqués of the past from where they enter into the future they are guiding principles to move beyond limits for exploring the farther ends for expanding mental horizons written words be they those of Vayasa Kalidas or Valmiki Nanak. ☼ --BUDDHA THOUGHT AND GOD . Our thoughts are of larger volume than that of God? Actually speaking our thought contains not actual God but only the concept of God. the concept of God. the welfare of all beings. It is a matter of great surprise that the concept of even God keeps away God and stops the spring of joy. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. he would agree with me that God is contained in our thoughts.

Thoughts of even God are ‘thoughts’. Live the life attentively. A Biography’. God is not away from this life even for a fraction of a second but we have drawn a veil ourselves. The Truth is before us. Only undoing of man can invite the doing of God. Where should God come and sit when the heart is already full of desires and wanting. Prem Singh has written many books on Psycho spiritual matters.closed. the fountain of pleasure or the spring of joy. Krishnamurti. what should I do? Answer: Sir there are four problems or controversies in the statement of this question. for life long a seeker.fortunate. from ‘Krishnamurti. –Ed. God cannot be the result of your doing. with someone who is more This comparison really kills. All the concepts are made of thoughts. Whenever there is a meeting with God it is done from God’s side. Drop the ‘I’ and meet the God. But we are busy in our own doing and One is everlastingly comparing oneself with another. When we are tired of the maze of thoughts. Man’s doing is insufficient. Azad Nagar [100 ft Road] Amritsar. but comparison breeds competitiveness. ☼ perverts one's outlook. Thoughts keep God away. The main hindrance to meet God is God himself. The third problem is of God itself. Unless the heart is clean and clear from all types of desires. The wanting. When we utter word God the concept of God comes into being. A simple and solitude loving man. The truth is not away from our living. God is so big and your doing is so small. So there is everlasting struggle to be something other than what one is. the thinking stops and we are connected once again with the spring of joy. It is an interesting riddle as well as a surprising fact. he lives at. First is ‘I’. To bring up children without comparison is true education. Comparison is degrading. ambition. The second problem is ‘want’ [I want to meet]. And on comparison one is brought up. The conception of God is only thought of God and so long as there are thoughts in your mind you can hardly expect God to meet you. with what one should be. The last problem is of ‘to do’ [what should I do?]. so long as there is ‘I’ god cannot meet. He has translated many world famous books in simple Punjabi and Hindi languages on such matters. keep Truth away. a retired teacher. Question: I want to meet God. Introduction – Sh. Doing is as much a hindrance as any other. The understanding of what one is uncovers creativeness. The very living is the Truth. God is available only in ‘I’lessness. ruthlessness. the desire should be dropped. with what one is. by Pupul Jayakar . Present article is excerpted from his book ‘Thought and Meditation].K-[13/50]226. You will find God wishing for you. ☼ 9 .J. What you call God is hardly a God. The concept of even God is made of thoughts. Pass the moments in awareness. God cannot occupy it. it do not give Him the turn to do. The conception of God comes to play and the God is left away. feel the pleasure of meeting the Truth. Your God is your conception of God. Progress has only led so far to more ruthless wars and misery than the world has ever known. All our education is based on it and so is our culture. When the heart is already empty and there is no desire in it. the God would come and grace it with his holy presence. The naked reality is now before our eyes. which we think brings about progress. He is always ready to do any possible thing to meet us.

He recalls. they die of diseases that accompany old age. People don't die of old age. In 1984. Quantum Healing looks past all the wonder drugs and modern technology to a natural way of healing which speaks to an integration of mind and body.D. he helped to introduce Ayurvedic medicine to the United States.a model he calls Quantum Healing.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Body & Mind An Exclusive Interview by Veronica M. he extended his practice to bring together the best of ancient wisdom and modern science. as well as a number of major U. through anti-oxidants. Today Chopra lectures around the world making presentations to major corporations and organizations such as the World Health Organization in Geneva. Since that time. medical institutions. Since the early 1980's Chopra has successfully combined his impeccable credentials as a practicing endocrinologist with his exploration of mind/body medicine. M. and within a year he established an Ayurvedic Health Centre of Stress Management and Behavioral Medicine in Lancaster. through exercise. we can change our age. through correction of diet. has been at the forefront of a major trend in holistic healing. We give sleeping pills to people with insomnia. By changing your perception of aging and by being aware of your body and how it processes intelligence and experience you will change how you age. through yoga and breathing techniques. Chopra: Well most people think that aging is fatal and scientific data shows that that's not true. He was also the founding President of the American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. he has emerged as one of the world's leading proponents of this innovative combination of Eastern and Western healing. M. through removal of toxins from the body." Rather than turn his back on his conventional training. "As doctors we are taught to prescribe tranquilizers for people who are feeling anxious to promote tranquility. How? Dr. can influence your life by 30 to 50 years. Massachusetts. Chopra's combines ancient mind/body wisdom with current antiaging research to show that the effects of aging are largely preventable. THE INTERVIEW Veronica: By changing one's perception of aging. the way you behave.S. For the past decade Deepak Chopra. Most people believe that aging is normal but nobody defines what normal aging is. What we call normal may be the psychopathology of the average. Most people think that aging is irreversible and we know that there are mechanisms even in the human machinery that allow for the reversal of aging. and they are preventable. The way you think. Most people believe 10 . he has dramatically influenced many in traditional medical circles and helped bring the enormous benefits of holistic medicine to the general public's attention. Hay with DEEPAK CHOPRA. and London's Royal Society of Medicine. the United Nations. By doing so. Most people think that aging is genetic and yet if your parents lived to age 80+ that will add three years to your life.D. Chopra created a paradigm for exploring the healing process . and through meditation. the way you eat.

One person's enemy is another person's best friend. some things are more difficult. if you are having the experience of exhilaration and joy. the body expresses the physical manifestation of that spiritual reality. then their perception of aging will change and it will become clear to them to grow old and to become wiser. every cell awakens to a new existence. Chopra: Yes. It's just that we have been indoctrinated into believing that some things are easier. If you want to wiggle your toes. Every experience that we have is unique to us because at some deep level we make an interpretation of it. you do it through intention. Awareness that acts as biological information goes to components. and then there's a localizing component. it's the same mechanism. or actually reversing the aging process. The body is a field of ideas and it is a field of interpretations and when you change your experience of your own identity to a spiritual being. not from aging. Expectations determine outcome. always! Veronica:You have also said that our bodies are our experiences transformed into physical expression. to become the springboard for creativity and affluence. Most people believe that aging is painful and we know that pain is from diseases that are preventable. 11 . Chopra: And experiences. etc. your body starts making valium. it is easier to wiggle the toes than reset the biological clock. one would think would have to be implanted at a deep level for it to work. so this biological information with attention and intention is what biological information is given. My favorite food might give you a rash. they never thought of it and secondly they think that certain things are easier to do than other things. then we would see that the same principles apply everywhere in the body. The first thing that happens is that your attention goes there and the second thing is there is an intention. Dr. Once your perception of the whole phenonenom changes. something as profound as stopping the aging process. your body makes interleukins and interferons which are powerful anti-cancer drugs. Veronica:And we can change our interpretation or experience of the world at any time. in other words our bodies are the outpouring of our belief system? Dr. There are two components to biological information in the body. Veronica:You go even further and suggest that when you see yourself in terms of timeless. if you are having the experience of tranquility.that aging is universal but there are biological organisms that never age. Dr. to wiggle your toes. the body would carry it out automatically. your body is making adrenalin and cortisone. Veronica:You have stated that if we could effectively trigger the intention not to age. why can't you reset your biological clock? The reason most people can't do it is because. Dr. Chopra: That's right. deathless being. When they change that. one is intention. your reality will change because reality is nothing other than your perception of it. but that is just a belief that is rooted in superstition. For example. So your body is constantly converting your experiences into molecules. because intentions are the triggers for transformation in the body. Could you explain that? Dr. the other is attention. first. to become more creative. Chopra: Because the body is the end product of intelligence and how that intelligence shapes your reality will shape the reality of the body. People have to change their concepts of aging and I am not asking them to do so based on some fanciful notion but on scientific fact. So to go back to the example I gave you. then an informational component. If we could understand that the human body is a network of information and energy. If you can wiggle your toes with the mere flicker of an intention. so if you are having the experience of anxiety. Veronica:That is just what I was about to say. and that's how the body behaves. Chopra: No.

Veronica:Is this why it is so important to live with passion. a reason for living. Veronica: I suppose then that the first way of looking at life is actually unhealthy. then you realize that the presence of God is everywhere. Amritsar [INDIA] BULLETIN EDITOR. [ from internet] BOOK POST TO FOR CIRCULATION AMONG FRIENDS ONLY Published in association with SAMVAD 12 GROUP. to have passion. one is to find out who you really are. is that you begin to experience mortality as quantified immortality. Chopra: The only way you can do that is when you know that part of yourself that is in fact. So one ceases to be troubled by as well as influenced by the trivial things of daily existence. And there are three components to that purpose. It is as real as gravity. to have a dream. It is without beginning. It is mysterious but it is powerful and it is eternal. This kind of thinking is further reinforced every time we are faced with the death of someone we know. There is a part of yourself that is not subject to change. That is essentially your spirit. and we don't have forever. When you can get in touch with that part of yourself. with that experience. Chopra: Yes. without ending. It has no dimensionality. eternal. And that's what creates joyfulness. to have a dream. to discover God. you begin to see time as quantified eternity and when you see it against the backdrop of who you really there is no other way. and that it is continuously running out. And when you do that. J. So you pay attention to what is in every moment. of enjoying every moment because time is running out. It comes about when you draw the infusion of being into everything you think and do. Almost as though our entire life is like an hour glass and the sand is running through and we don't know how much sand we have left so we'd better enjoy every single moment. forever. It is as real as time. Veronica:Most people think of time as linear and some of us feel that there is only so much of it. compare with living joyfully without any kind of time anxiety at all. You have only to consciously embrace it in your attention.Veronica:You go on to say.Dr. Dr. the little hassles that create stress in most people. It is incomprehensible. the spirit being an abstract but real force. true immortality can be experienced here and now in this living body. forever. Eswaran e-mail – omcawr_s@ yahoo. it is the silent witness behind the scenes. even if that dream is only for our own joy? Dr. it's spaceless. even an entire lifetime is nothing other than a flicker in . a parenthesis in eternity. dimensionless. the second is to serve other human beings. So it becomes much more joyful and you realize that the present moment is as it should be. because we are here to do that and the third is to express your unique talents and when you are expressing your unique talents you lose track of time. Chopra: I think that is a very important component. How does this kind of motivation. then the anxiety of daily existence disappears. timeless. then you will in fact see that present moment existence. a little flash of a firefly in the middle of the night in the context of eternity. This is the the experience of timeless mind and ageless body. You have to know the reality and the reality is that we are eternal. as if we really did have forever? Dr. What happens with that knowledge. to have a purpose in life. It is the culmination of all other moments and it is the center point of eternity.

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