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World War II Test Study Guide


1. Nonaggression Pact - between Stalin and Hitler Germany and the Soviet Union agreed to divide Poland between them Hitler doesnt have to fight a two front war Stalin buys time for Russia 2. Poland invasion of Poland started WWII the first time Germans used Blitzkrieg (lightning war) 3. Blitzkrieg lightning war involved using fast moving tanks followed by massive infantry forces to take enemy defenders by surprise and quickly overwhelm them 4. Battle of Britain GB vs. Germany 1940 the Luftwaffe began bombing GB (at first targeted aircraft factories) Sept. 7 1940 they began focusing on the cities especially London to break British morale RAF although badly outnumbered they fought back and used Radar and the Enigma British resisted and Hitler called off his attacks. Showed that Hitler could be stopped! 5. Radar an electronic tracking system could tell the number, speed, and direction of incoming warplanes 6. Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere 7. Enigma decodes secret messages 8. Luftwaffe Germanys air force, outnumbers RAF 9. RAF Royal Air Force in Britain 10. Atlantic Charter signed by Churchill and Roosevelt free trade among nations the right of the people to choose their own government 11. Isoroku Yamamoto Japans greatest naval strategist Hawaii was a dagger pointed at Japans throat led the attack of Pearl Harbor










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Pearl Harbor A Japanese attack on Dec 7, 1941 The U.S. new that an attack might come but did not know where or when more than 2,300 men were killed - with over 1,100 injured Roosevelt announced Pearl Harbor to be, A date which will live in infamy. Island Hopping General Douglas MacArthur strategy was to attack poorly defended islands first, to get to Japans heartland Midway Admiral Chester Nimitz allowed Yamamoto to begin his assault on Midway. As the Japanese planes were in the air, American planes swooped down and attacked the Japanese fleets strategy plan was successful and Yamamoto retreated turned the tide of the war in the Pacific Guadalcanal Island of Death Japanese eventually retreated after 6 months of fighting and losing 24,000 men out of a force of 36,000. Coral Sea air battle over the ocean Allied forces stopped Japans southward advance Doolittle's raid on Japan Doolittle bombed Tokyo and several other Japanese cities didnt do very much damage but showed that the Japanese were vulnerable to attack Eisenhower Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe led Operation Torch led D - Day Patton Invasion of Italy allowed soviets to get to Berlin (diplomatically) Rommel Desert Fox sent by Hitler to help out Mussolini Montgomery D-Day Invasion of Normandy in France by the U.S. and British forces made Germans fight a two front war Stalin (what did he want the Allies to do toward the end of the war?) wanted Allies to make Germany have a two front war invade France Japanese Internment











forced Japanese to be relocated small camps because declared by Roosevelt Damage after the war All cities were left in ruins besides Paris, Rome, and Brummel Final Solution Hitlers plan of systematically killing all of the Jewish people reached its last stage in 1942 gas chambers that could kill as many as 6,000 human beings per day Genocide The systematic killing of an entire people Kristallnacht Night of the Broken Glass marked a major - step up in the Nazis persecution of Jews Countries with the greatest loss of life after ther the war Russia Governments after the war Germany, Italy, France, and Japan governments were all destroyed In France and Italy a communist party membership skyrocketed Nuremberg Trials 22 Nazi leaders were charged with waging a war of aggression accused of committing crimes against humanity Japanese constitution (Who helped make it? What did it say?) MacArthur helped Japan make their constitution demilitarization - disbanding the Japanese armed forces brought war criminals to trial democratization - government elected by the people emperor was declared as not the divine ruler Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities where Truman decided to use his atomic bomb Hiroshima - 70,000 - 80,000 people died three day later a bomb was dropped on Nagasaki - 70,000 people died immediately Order of defeat of the Axis forces Italy, Germany, Japan

35. Operation Torch

November 8, an allied force of more than 100,000 troops (mostly Americans) landed in Morocco and Algeria Rommels Afrika Korps was finally crushed in May 1943