Rivers  April  2013  Performers  


Jamila   Capitman   is   a   certified   yoga  

  Foxy   Squire   After   completing   the  

teacher   and   body   worker.   She   is   also   a   playwright/actress  and  director.  She  is  the   founder   of   Raw   Fruit   LLC.,   An   arts/entertainment   company   whose   purpose   is   to   create   opportunities   for   women   of   color   to   heal   and   express   themselves.   She   works   as   a   teacher,   consultant   and   coordinator   with   youth   and   adults   through   organizations   such   as   VISIONS   Inc.   In   2012   she   produced   “Yoga   For  Divas”  a  25  minute  Yoga  DVD  made  by   and   for   black   women.   Check   out  www.myrawfruit.com  for   daily   inspiration  and  more  information.  

burlesque   class   series   by  Deflouered   Productions,  Foxy   gathered   her   wits   and   talent  to  begin  performing.    In  less  than  6   months,   she   had   performed   both   nationally   and   internationally   in   London,   Connecticut,   California,   Philadelphia,   and   NYC.    Her   motto   is   EMBRACE   YOUR   SPECTACLE.    Now,  she  shares  her  love  for   deviant   art   and   dark   beauty   through   burlesque.      


Sissy   Van   Dyke   is   a   writer,  

stand-­‐up   comic,   and   singer   of   comic   songs.    She   has   recently   returned   to   New   York   City   after   (too)   many   years   living   on   the   west   coast   (LA   and   SF)   and   in   the  Midwest   (Chicago).    She   is   the   author   of   the   hilarious   novel  The   Adventures   of   Sissy   Van   Dyke  (available   on   Amazon)   and   a   blog   of   the   same   name.    She   is   currently  working  on  the  sequel  to  this  novel  entitled  Further  Adventures   of  Sissy  Van  Dyke.    Sissy  performs  comedy  at  various  venues  throughout   NYC.    For  more  info,  check  out  her  website:  http://sissyvandyke.com  and   follow  her  on  Twitter  @Sissyvandyke.    

Coast  Swag  To  The  Music  Industry   With  A  Fun  Upbeat  Yet  Laid   Personality,  Making  Her  Appealing   To  Both  Males  And  Females.  Her   Music  Is  Intended  For  Most  Genres   And  But  Mainly  Caters  To  R&B,  Hip   Hop,  And  Pop.  Her  Style  Isn’t   Intended  For  One  Specific   Audience,  However  Her  Music  Often  Speaks  Directly  To  Her  Peers  And  The   New  Generation  About  Life,  Success,  And  Self  Belief.  Her  Prominent  Goal  Is   To  Become  Known  Worldwide  And  In  Result  Become  Legendary;  She  Plans   To  Do  This  Thru  Music.  

  Diamond  Skyy  Brings  An  East  

Evelyn   Rogers   is   known   by   family,   friends   and   colleagues   as   a   hilarious   person.   At   an   early   age   Evelyn   incorporated   laughter   into   all   aspects   of   her   life.  Her   experiences   give   her   a   unique   perspective   that   translates  into  laughter.    



    Robin  Cloud  is  an  African   American  woman  that  can  ski.   She  is  also  a  nationally  touring   comedian  and  host  of  "Driving   While  Black"  a  web  series  that   which  opens  the  dialogue  on   fun  topics  such  as  racism,   classism  and  homophobia  oh   my!        

Jeaninne  Kayembe   is   co-­‐founder   of   Philadelphia   urban  

  years   now.   I   have   experience   playing   for   various   types   of   events,   from   night   clubs   down   to   neighbor   bbq's.   My   favorite   genres   to   spin   are   old   school   house  and  R&B  music.  I  can  also  do  electro  and  Afro   house,   hip-­‐hop,   dancehall,   alternative,   and   rock   music.   I   have   a   full   setup   and   am   capable   of   entertaining  at  any  event.  My  prices  are  negotiable.  If  anyone's  interested,  hit  me   up  917-­‐524-­‐9263  or  at  facebook.com/djzena.     Shawn(ta)   Smith,   Rivers   of   Honey   co-­‐ producer.    She  is  a  lesbian  separatist,  writer,   Archivist,   Librarian,   and   Brooklyn   native,   whose   work   is   focused   on   preserving   the   stories  of  women  of  color,  particularly  African   ancestral  lesbians.  Schedule  a  g-­‐chat  to  share   your  story  on  her  blog:  hersaturnreturns.com       Jaz   Cruz   is   an   Artist,   Writer,   Barber.     She   has   been   a   member   of   WOW   for   eight   years   and   a   Producer   and   organizer   of   Rivers   of   Honey   for   six   years.     She   single-­‐ handedly  resurrected  the  Rivers  of  Honey  framework  to   represent  a  spiritual  artist  space  for  women  of  color.     You:                                                
Flyer  &  Program  Design:  Shawn  Smith   Lights:  Helynsia  Brown       Raffle  Prizes:  purlBknit.com   Sound:  DJ  Zena       Photography:  Kean’ia  Gulley           Direction:  Jaz  Cruz   Video:  Sissy  Van  Dyke   Artist  Massages:  Chauvet  Bishop        

DJ  Zena  Hello  beauties!  I've  been  DJing  for  about  5  

Rivers of Honey April 2013

creators   a   nonprofit   teaching   sustainability   and   entrepreneurship   to   youth   in   north   central   Philly.   When   she's   not   teaching   or   turning   compost   she's   interning   for   Phillly's   largest   poetry   collective   Spoken   Soul   215,   helping   run   the   city's   largest   open   mic!   Jeaninne   has   been   performing   and   writing   for   almost   10   years   and   hopes   to   infuse   artistic   and   sustainable   practices   into   less   fortunate   communities  all  over  the  country.  







Love & Other FOOLishness
Honoring  Orisha  Goddess  OSHUN   coproduced  by  Shawn  Smith  &  Jaz  Cruz  

Rivers  of  Honey  is  a  Cabaret  held  the  first  Friday  of  Every  Month  at   WOW  Café  Theater  highlighting  the  art  of  womyn  of  color.         For  more  information,  to  join  us,  perform,  or  hear  about  our  other   events  find  us  online  at  http://riversofhoney.com