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This question paper consists of four sections: Section A, Section B, Section C and Section D. Answer all sections in the question paper. (Total 50 marks) Section A Part I (B1 DB 1 E1) Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow. It was the rainy season. Pak Harun and his aged parents spent most of the time indoors. Whenever there was rain the coconut trees would sway dangerously. Then one day the wind blew furiously. Lightning flashed across the sky. The thunder that followed was frightening. Suddenly there was a loud cracking sound. Pak Harun looked out. He was horrified to see a coconut tree on the roof of his house. Although the roof was badly damaged, nobody was hurt. Pak Haruns parents, however, were in a state of shock. After half an hour the thunderstorm subsided. All the neighbours who had heard the noise rushed to Pak Haruns house. Is anybody hurt? That was the first question they asked. They were relieved to find all of them safe. We must do something to help them, said one villager. We mustnt delay, said another. They came back with all the necessary tools. They worked hard and tirelessly to remove the tree trunk. When this was done, other men repaired the roof. All of them worked voluntarily.Some of the villagers donated money to buy zinc sheets for the roof. After four days, the repairs were completed. In fact the house looked better and stronger. Pak Harun and the old couple thanked all the villagers for their co-operation and selflessness. 1.Why did Pak Harun and his parents spend most of their time indoors? __________________________________________________________________________ 2. Why was Pak Harun shocked when he looked out of the house? __________________________________________________________________________ 3. How long did it take for the thunderstorm to subside? __________________________________________________________________________ 4. What did the neighbours do when they heard the loud crashing noise? __________________________________________________________________________ 5. How did the neighbours feel when they found Pak Harun and his parents safe? __________________________________________________________________________ (10 marks)

Part II (B3 DB1 E1) Read the passage below and then complete the sentences that follow. HELP SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT As towns get more crowded by the day, the land that s used to bury rubbish becomes more and more scarce. Do you know how much rubbish is generated in a year? Take a guess. Malaysia produces 15 000 tonnes of rubbish every day. This is enough to fill the Petronas Twin Towers in just 9.6 days. One way to overcome this problem is to practise the 3Rs Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Here are some tips that will give you an idea of what you can do: a) Use old clothes as rags instead of throwing them away. b) Old bottles can be decorated and used, for instance, as vases. c) Take apart an old clock. Use the pieces to make interesting earrings. d) Give old magazines to your friends. e) Donate old toys to orphanages. f) Always use both sides of sheets of paper. g) Paste a label on an old envelope and write the new recipients name and address over it. h) Instead of throwing away your watch, see if you can get it repaired. i) If you have an item that is still working, do not buy a new one. Think of other ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Remember-just one person can make a world of difference. 1. This notice aims to _________________________________________________________________ 2. Within 9.6 days, Malaysians produce ___________________________________________________ 3. If we do not practise the three Rs, we will _______________________________________________ 4. According to the passage, instead of throwing away old clothes, you can _______________________ 5. The 3Rs refer to ____________________________________________________________________ (10 marks)

6. From the text above, try to create a mind map on tips to save the environment

Tips on how to save the


(10 marks)

Section C (B3 DL1 E1) Write the most suitable expressions for the situations given below. Situation A : Susan visits Lily in her new home. Compliment Lily on her new house. Lily : Susan : Lily : Situation B Jessica is getting ready to attend a wedding ceremony. Compliment Jessica on her looks. You : _______________________________________________________________(2) Jessica : Oh, you are making me blush but thanks anyway. Situation C You are at Amins birthday party. Compliment Amin on the food served. Amin : You : Amin : Situation D Your brother has just bought a new iPad Mini. Compliment him on his new gadget. You : Wow! Is that the new iPad Mini? Brother: Yes, it has the latest technology. You : ____________________________________________________________(4) Situation E Your mother baked a cake. Compliment her on the delicious cake. Mom : What do you think of my chocolate cake? You : ____________________________________________________________(5) Mom : Thank you. (10 marks) Are you enjoying yourself at the party? ___________________________________________________________(3) Thank you. Welcome to my new home , Susan. ___________________________________________________________(1) Thank you.

Section D (B2 DB 1 E1) A. Read the story below and then answer the questions that follow. A young frog set out on his first adventure. As he came out of the pond he saw a large ox grazing in a field. Having never before seen such a creature, he hopped excitedly to his father, the bullfrog, and said Dad, I have just seen the biggest frog in the world. Hmm! said the father. Was he as big as me? and he puffed himself up. Oh, much bigger than that! said the little frog. Was he this big? said the bullfrog, puffing himself even larger. Much bigger than you said the little frog. Ridiculous! said the bullfrog.Im the oldest frog in the pond. I was here first!. Was he bigger than this? He puffed and puffed himself so much he burst. (i) Match the synonyms below. 1. young a. earliest 2. large b. tiny 3. ridiculous c. youthful 4. little d. huge 5. first e. absurd

(ii) Choose the correct antonyms from the text above. 1. old ___________________ 2. last 3. small 4. enormous ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________

5. marvellous -

(iii) Write the hypernyms for the words listed below. 1. toad, frog, ox c e u s

f 2. grass, plants, flowers

a 3. salamander, frog, toad -

4. big, young, little

5. fly, grasshopper, mosquito -


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