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Arthur Amaraho
The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

Issue 13 - May 2013

4. In the midst of strong emotions and high tension, how can a man communicate effectively? Again, there is no one correct answer to this question due to the fact that there are countless scenarios that can generate different answers. My guiding principle is that whenever there are strong emotions and high tension whether at work, home or any other place; never to communicate a decision (verbally or otherwise) for the reason that it will most likely be an emotional decision that will not be objective.

1. How have you found Kanungu and what exactly are you doing there? I live in Kihihi which is in Kanugu District about 500km from Kampala; it has been over one year since we settled here. Kihihi is a remote place just about five minutes Arthur and his wife Rose drive to DRC boarder of Ishasha. Its generally a challenging place to live in as most of the infrastructures and social amenities are not available and the ones which are available are not as good as in Kampala.

...many times a Christians good testimony is as a result of communicating with empathy

For example, if Im chairing a meeting and there are strong emotions and high tension, I conclude it there and then until a time when the members will be calm and objective. From experience, Ive learnt that it is usually lack of enough information and wrong perception about something that creates such strong emotions and high tension; therefore my advice is to first deal with the underlying causes of such situations and interestingly it is done by effective communication. In other words, communicate effectively to avoid/reduce strong emotions and high tension circumstances.

However, my wife (Rose) and I are fortunate to be living and working in Savannah Resort 5. How can a man acquire those Hotel; this avails us various opportunities/benefits that ordinary residents do not usually en- skills that will make him a better joy. communicator? I think some men are more effecThe same hotel is also next to Queen Elizabeth National Park southern Sector which is tive communicators than others famously known for tree climbing lions among others, and its about an hours drive to because they realised the need to Bwindi National Park which has Mountain Gorillas; someone needs to plan a visit... improve their communication 2. Considering that Kanungu is quite some distance from the world you once lived in, how skills. do you keep in touch with friends, family and church? The first step to become an We fortunately have access to effective communicator is to first internet and the mobile phone recognize the need for improvenetworks; these two have been ment, then be open-minded and key in our communication with look for help. I personally find the our friends and family (for us idea of mentors quite helpful, church is part of our friends and because they are often candid family). Our belief is, you will with you and with a positive always find time for the people attitude, you just become better and things that you value. Due to and better. Please note; this is not only limited to effective communication but it also apthe fact that we value our friends plies to other areas of ones life. and family, we somehow always find time to keep in touch no matter what!

I think some men are more effective communicators than others because they realised the need to improve their communication skills

The other idea is to read books about effective communication, they are so many on the 3. It is alleged that men are generally poor communicators, what do you have to say about market and internet; there are also many audio and visual teachings about the same for that? anyone interested both in book stores and on the internet. Its always difficult to accurately answer a general question like this one, reason being Once you are armed with all this knowledge, then you MUST practice what you have learnt that in this case for example; Ive met men until it becomes part of you. As time goes on, it will be evident; friends and family among who communicate better than women and others will soon or later inform or indicate to you regarding this positive change. vice versa depending on various factors and 6. In your experience, is there any correlation between ones testimony as a Christian and situations. In my opinion, men and women how they communicate? speak different languages, hence Yes; simply for the fact that if one communicates effectively, many people will understand depending on which vantage point you are him/her. Part of effective communication is empathy; many times a Christians good standing, you will consider one to testimony is as a result of communicating with empathy. communicate better than the other.

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