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Supplementary Monograph
P R IN Y C O IN U . S. A . T h e subject m atter of this monograph must be understood by the reader or student of same, not to be the official Rosicrucian teachings. These monographs constitute a series of supplementary studies provided by the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, both to members and nonmembers, because they are not the secret, prvate teachings of the Order. The object of these supplementary monographs is to broaden the mind of the student by presenting him with the writings, opinions, and dissertations of authorities in various felas of human enterprise and endeavor. Therefore, it is quite probable that the reader will note at times in these supplementary monographs statements made which are inconsistent with the Rosicrucian teachings or viewpoint. Rut with the realization that they are merely supplem en tary and that the Rosicrucian Organization is not endorsing or condoning them, one must take them m erely for their ir prima facie valu. Throughout the supplem entary series the authors or transators of the subject will be given due credit whenever we have knowledge of their identity.


"Consecrated to truth and dedicated to every Rosicrucian"







AMORC - Rosicrucian Order SPECIAL TEMPLE MONOGRAPH APPLYING ROSICRUCIAN PRINCIPIES TO DAILY LIVING By Thor Kiimalehto, Past Grand Master, AMORC Your life can be immensely simplified if you utilize every principie at every opportunity that presents itself. For example, let us say that some great want exists in your life. Suppose that part of your unhappiness is due to resentment and a tendency to self-pity. If you would take the point of view that your efforts must eventually be crowned with success, and that there are good and sufficient reasons for the delay, much of the pain would disappear. This change in attitude raakes the situation easier to endure and the problem easier to handle. If you can erase the resentment and the self-pity, you will become more cheerful and more agreeable. People, thereupon, will feel more comfortable in your presence. If you suffer frequently from accidents and mishaps, you have set going a negative, des tructive wave of influence. The only way to combat this is through concentrating on harmony for a few days. Vrite the word on a card. Place it in your purse. Place it on your desk. Place it on your dressing mirror or where you can see it. Let the thought sink into your innermost consciousness and become part of your natural feeling and awareness; the negative vibrations will be transmuted into positive, and the mishaps will cease. If you suffer frequently from colds, fevers, and illness, be patient. First, you must not be alarmed. Fear intensifies a condition. Second, you must know that nature heals. Nature can take care of most of our ailments provided we do not put obstacles in her path. Analyze your habits. Do you observe the minimum essentials of health? Are you regular in your physical habits? Do you have a reasonable amount of fresh air, sunshine, exercise, raw food, vegeta bles, and water? Do you have sufficient relaxation and sleep? Is your system clean? Is your blood stream pur? If you can answer in the affirmative, you have nothing to fear from any condition. You can throw practically everything off provided you go to bed when you feel ill so that the healing forces of the body can concntrate on their task. Everything in nature is relativo to cause and effect, and we very often suffer from negative effects of which we ourselves have created the cause. My experience is that he who sincerely tries to live the Rosi crucian life, who tries to do his duty to the best of his ability, and who tries to be a channel for cosmic forces is given the vitality he needs to do his work. Unaided nature can never give a man the amount of strength that the Cosmic awakens in him through the Rosicru cian training and the Rosicrucian life. There are hidden stores of energy in every human being. It may take several years before the results are apparent. These results, however, are an absolute, demonstrable fact. Anyone who is patient and persistent, who endures the tests and triis of life that accompany every step of the way, will Page One

find when he reaches the higher Degrees that regeneration is an absolute fact. Even before this degree of development is attained, the exercises and principies will strengthen the visin, overcome fatigue and headaches, help throw off colds, and g.enerally strengthen the body. Applying Rosicrucian principies, however, does not mean neglecting or ignoring the human needs of the body, which is the Temple of the Soul. It does not mean ignoring rest periods or vacations. Rest is both a divine principie and a principie of nature. The systole and the dias tole of the heart are alternating periods of activity and rest. The Bible tells us that the seventh day of the period of creation was a rest period. In emergencies strange things do happen, but the law of emergencies must not replace the orderly movement of life. Another result of the exercises is a remarkable strengthening of the ability to concntrate. One soror writes that she has been able to become utterly oblivious of noise and distractions. No matter how many guests she may have to entertain, she can mentally make her plans for the day and the week. In a noisy lunchroom, with the radio going full blast, she can peacefully read a book or an article. Another soror tells that even as a young girl it was difficult for her to sit up late. If she wanted to feel thoroughly rested in the morning, she had to go to bed at nine o'clock. After several years of the Rosicrucian work she finds that the des ir to go to sleep at nine has left her. Consequently, her day is longer and more enjoyable. At nine o clock she can relax, read or study, or do whatever else she wishes. Only people who have suffered from limited vitality know what a boon it is to be able to attend a lee ture or to go to a concert. She also states that her movements have become much more rapid so that she is able to accomplish more in the same amount of time. She is able to complete her household tasks before noon so that there is plenty of time and energy for community and social activities, and study. Previously, after a strenuous morning of housework, she had to rest several hours in the afternoon. Now her strength is undiminished, and when her home duties are completed, she can start a new eyele of activity. Is it not unusual for a woman of forty to find her body functioning more smoothly and her physical movements becoming more rapid? To live the Rosicrucian life, to become a channel for cosmic forces and purposes, is to put oneself in alignment with the great cosmic streams of energy and power. As the years go by, as the Rosi crucian life becomes habitual, one achieves a sense of perfect security, a feeling of being at home in the world. Tasks come which you can do. People come who need what you have to give. Opportunities come such as you require. Changes occur, the purpose of which is to initiate one into a new type or field of activity. To the average indivi dual, changes are perplexing and confusing. The mystic student knows that they are purposeful and to be welcomed. The Rosicrucian student lives in the NOW and concentrates on the task nearest at hand. He realizes the importance of TODAY as no average individual possibly can, and he realizes the significance of even the most trivial duty of his daily life. He therefore does not waste his energy or scatter his

interests. He has found his center, and every task, every interest takes its place around that center. Most people waste time and energy worrying about whether they have taken the right course of action and whether some other course might not have proved more successful. The Rosicrucian student knows that every bit of experience is valuable. Whatever he learns about life, about people, and about conditions is bound to prove valuable and helpful. The smallest job has itspurpose and can prove to be a stepping-stone to something better. Nojob is insignificant. Any crner may prove to be a fulcrum to move the world. Walt Whitman studied life in the busses and on the bridges of New York. John Masefield, the poet laureate of England, did not scorn to sweep a barroom in Yonkers. Eugene O Neill, the well-known dramatist, was a hand on a tramp steamer. Another source of irritation in daily life is our emotional reaction to the tactless remarks and actions of people. As Rosicrucians, we learn to look upon people as children of a larger growth. We realize that inopportune remarks and clumsy actions are the results of a limited understanding and emotional inadequacies. We no longer take personal offense. We realize that it is children who speak, who know no better. We are no longer hurt. Rather, we must try to help them and forgive them. In a quiet and pleasant way, without rancor or complaint, we can help them change their viewpoint, or overcome a prejudice, or become less personal in outlook. We must walk among men as teachers and helpers, but unobtrusively and sympathetically. People must open their hearts to us naturally. They must feel the universal love in our hearts. In a world of suffering and blindness, we can bring understanding and enlightenment. So many human beings are passing through the Dark Night of the Soul that we can have no more blessed task than to lend a helping hand to those people being tried in the crucible of fir. We can sustain their courage with our assistance. Think how exhilarating life becomes when you have conquered worry, when you no longer feel resentment or self-pity, when you know that your most important concern is the task nearest at hand, when you know that the time and strength for your task will be given to you, that what you need for your work will come at the right moment, that the promises of the Bible are literally true. Think how far your income can be stretched, even though not one dollar would be added, when throughout a year only a minimum, or nothing at all, has to be spent for illness. One member said that for the first time in his life he did not have to spend one dollar for the dentist or doctor. The Cosmic sustains him who lives for others. Think how much more pleasure you can get out of life when you know that you have a right to enjoy the good things of life; that asceticism is a false doctrine; that nature, music, laughter, and art are to be enjoyed. We take our place in the brotherhood of men. We offer our services and our talents, but our personal lives are not meant to be barren, cheerless, and unadorned. Nature manifests not only Wisdom but great Beauty. The more highly developed we are, the more sensitive we are

to the inspiration of beauty. We becomemore appreciative of what is noble, inspiring, and beautiful. The undeveloped human being has little pleasure outside of the satisfaction of his appetites, sees little beauty in life or nature, and has appreciation of only the crudest virtues in human character. The developed human being sees beauty everywhere and appreciates a widerange of human qualities and types of personalities. Only the mystic can appreciate hoi^ beautiful life is and how good G-od is. Nature becomes a living mantle of the living God. Every blossom, every insect, becomes a symbol of Divine Wisdom and Life Everlasting. Whatever the Pather has is for his children if they would fulfil the simple requirements--to live joyously, to love, and to serve. What a sad spectacle the human race must make in the eyes of its Father--hugging selfishly what it thinks belongs to it, permitting no one else to get a share, and pitifully crying for more. The most wonderful gift that life can give one is a great cause to serve, noble altruistic souls to work with and to inspire one, and a philosophy of life that makes every day eventful and every incident meaningful. When one has tasted the joy of service, how res trieted is the average life confined to one little home, and frequently to but one individual! Such a life is the seedling from which the larger life in turn must blossom. We can truly say that only the mystic understands life, appreciates what life and this world have to offer, and lmows what true joy is. - - - - 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 - -- It has been a pleasure to bring this message to you. I sincerely hope that I will have opportunity to continu your instruction and to guide you into and through the higher esoteric teachings of the Order. Knowledge is unlimited, and while you have had many of the funda mental principies which serve as the foundation of the Rosicrucian philosophy, there is still an unlimited fieId of esoteric knowledge and application of the principies which you may have the opportunity to gain. Therefore, allow me to suggest at this time that you renew your affiliation with the Order. Sign your ame, key number, and present address in the space provided on the next page and send it with one months dues, which will be all that is necessary for you to forward to have full privileges of membership resumed immediately. Not only will you receive these higher instructions in the form of weekly monographs, but all of the other privileges of membership will be available to you from all of the departments of the organization, as well as the monthly magazine, the Rosicrucian Digest. I l a y I hear from you soon? Sincerely and fraternally, YOUR CLASS MASTER

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Tuesday To You of the Higher Degrees Respected Member: Does it seem good to you to receive this gray envelope again? Haven't you missed this regular contact with the Rosicrucian Order? The special monograph enclosed is for your thoughtful consideration. We are sure that everyone who has advanced to the higher teachings has felt their valu in his life and has made use of the princi pies presented. Por some reason, however, it was necessary for you to withdraw from the Order. Although you have not received these monographs regularly in recent months, the organization wishes you to know that you are welcome to share again the benefits to be derived from these higher degrees of the Order. Since you have already laid the foundation for the use and application of the principies to be presented in future monographs, you would find continuing study especially helpful. I a r a sure you will be nterested in the words of a former Grand Master who prepared the discourse contained in the enclosed monograph, It is a consideration of practical aspects of the Rosicrucian philosophy. Read it carefully to avail yourself of the truths and applications it contains. Imagine that it is a regular monograph, such as you studied in the past. It is to be hoped that it will be possible for you to resume your study and particpate actively once more in the work of the Order. With all good wishes for Peace Profound. Sincerely amd fraternally, ROSICRUCIAN ORDER (AMORC) ACP em Ene . H 0-23A


t L j __ Supreme Secretar^