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How iovation ReputationManager™ works

Nothing beats fraud like iovation

Online Gambling Businesses
from Fraud
Online gambling is a perfect target for fraudsters. Their changing fraud schemes create untold financial challenges
that directly impact business growth and profitability. Fraudsters engage in collusion using multiple new or existing
accounts that often result in credit card fraud, chargebacks, chip dumping, account takeover, money laundering,
and other types of hard-to-spot fraud losses. Often, there can be a significant time lag to discovering fraud, allow-
ing fraudsters to benefit while company profits erode. Whether measured in dollars, tarnished reputations or
operational inefficiency, the effective management of fraud needs constant vigilance when doing business in the
online gambling environment.

Solution: iovation ReputationManager

iovation ReputationManager is the most effective and proven fraud management solution available on the market
today. iovation’s proven approach is completely transparent to the players and it exposes fraudsters by identifying
their devices. When fraud is detected and reported by a site against a device or its associated account(s), the
system flags them at once to prevent repeat offenders from hiding behind multiple identities. Additionally, iovation’s
ability to share fraud information is achieving tangible results for the gambling industry by enabling industry-wide
collaboration to stop fraud. The table below highlights the benefits cited most often by iovation customers:

Increase Increase operational protect your

profitability efficiency reputation
Protects players during the entire life √ √
cycle--from player login through all the
player transaction(s) without any impact to
player experience
Reduces fraudulent transactions such as √ √ √
chargebacks and player collusion
Allows online gambling sites to significantly √ √ √
grow deposit limits for existing and new
customers at no additional cost
Allows sites to negotiate more favorable
√ √ √
terms with processors
Reduces operational costs, including fraud √ √
analyst headcount
Enables geographic risk assessment and √ √ √
compliance to regulatory requirements
Instantly share the benefit of four years of √ √ √
industry collaboration and data for fraud
How iovation ReputationManager™ works

Gambling Site A

Gambling Site B

Gambling Site C

1 At player login and/or prior to any high-risk transaction, the subscribing gaming site requests the reputation of a
device by providing player account and device identifiers without any personally identifiable information (PII).

2 iovation ReputationManager associates the account ID and the device information and sends them to the Device
Reputation Authority (DRA) platform for real-time analysis.

3 The DRA exposes all abusive and suspicious associations between devices and accounts—even across multiple
subscribing sites—without sharing any personally identifiable information (PII).

4 Within the DRA’s repository, associated devices and accounts can be flagged when negative evidence (such as
credit card chargeback, collusion, money laundering or abuse) is reported by a subscribing site.

5 The iovation ReputationManager subscribers can then protect their site and players through the entire life cycle by
making decisions based on their own criteria for accepting or denying player transactions.

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