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Robin A nil

D 307 Nehru Hall of Residence

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
West Bengal, India - 721302
Mobile: +91 99325 74051

CAREER OBJECTIVE To work in a challenging research environment and help create innovative systems.

Languages Java, PHP, C++, C, XML, XSL, Antlr, SQL, JavaScript, VB, C#, ASP.NET
Platforms LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Eclipse, .NET, MONO,
Databases MySQL, MS SQL Server using ADO and LINQ
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows(Adminstration, Security), Debian/Ubuntu Linux(Administration/Security),
- Development of complex GUI applications using WPF and Silverlight.
- Web applications using AJAX on the ASP.NET and LAMP architectures.
- Project management and technical project leadership.
- Database schema design, programming, and administration and performance tuning.
- Security infrastructure including authentication, access, relying party authentication.
2009 Dual Degree in Computer Science and Engineering IIT Kharagpur 7.87 GPA (9 semesters)
2004 All India Senior Secondary Certificate Examination SN Vidya Bhavan 93.0%
2002 All India Senior Secondary Examination SN Vidya Bhavan 87.8%
- 99.76 percentile in GATE 2008 in Computer Science
- Placed 8th among 100 teams from 12 countries, Asian Regional’s of ACM Championships 2006.
- 1st Rank in Kerala State Engineering Entrance Examination 2004.
- 2nd(State)/23rd(National) Rank in All India Engineering Entrance Examination 2004.
- 2nd Rank in Engineering Entrance Examination of Cochin University of Science and Technology 2004.
- Winner, Overnite - Intercollegiate Programming Competition, Kshitij 2006, the annual Techno-man-
agement Symposium of IIT Kharagpur.
Team Lead Minekey Inc is a Web 2.0 startup developed and incubated at IIT Kharagpur. Developed algorithms for
Discovery Services content recommendation based on user interaction and behavior. Worked in key areas of product vision,
Minekey Inc planning, development, testing and launch cycle. Developed web applications on LAMP Stack with Java
Feb 2006 – Till Date backend. Implemented Javascript based user tracking. Worked on various scalability techniques.

Google Worked with Apache Software Foundation on the Mahout Project

Summer of Code Mentors: Ian Holsman(Product Manager, AOL), Grant Ingersoll(Apache Lucene PMC)
May-September 2008 Designed Complementary Naive Bayes Algorithm as a Map/Reduce Formulation and developed it on
top of the Apache Hadoop Distributed System. The implementation when tested on the 17Gigabyte
English Wikipedia Data built the whole model in under 20 minutes on a 6 server cluster.
Research Lab Group: Advanced Development and Prototyping
Bangalore Mentor: Joseph M Joy(Architect), Gopal Srinivasa(Research SDE)
(Twice)Summer 2007 Conceptualized & developed the “Microtasks” Toolkit. “Microtasks” is a SDK for rapid development of
Winter 2007 applications which exploit the concept of Human Computation. The libary captures user generated data
for the use of the machine learning research. I was granted a joint patent with Microsoft for the same

Graduate Thesis Thesis Advisor(Both): Dr. Sudeshna Sarkar (Professor, IIT Kharagpur)
Identifying Abstract: Topic identification has been dealth with in many ways. Lexical features are key to many
Complex Features approaches, and a variety of representations have been used, like N-grams, phrases, and lexicosyntactic
for patterns. We are developing techniques to fix overlapping features, understand context across multiple
Opinion Analysis domains, fix multiple negations found in opinionated sentences and to use them to identify the topic
with the degree and polarity of sentiment towards it.
Thesis Abstract: Blog posts are informally written, poorly structured, and filled with spelling and grammati-
Opinion Mining cal errors, and features non-traditional content. Performing linguistic analysis on blogs is plagued by
in the Blogosphere the presence of spam posts and comments. Our system achieves state of the art in opinion filtering with
a high degree of precision and recall. We have engineered ways of unsupervised extraction of content
from HTML and removal of SPAM. This system achieved one of the best values of precision at the re-
cently conducted Blog Track of Text Retrieval Conference(TREC) conduct by the NIST(
Extr a Academics
Positions of

Executive Editor Editor of IIT Kharagpur’s fortnightly publication. A completely student run endeavor. Implemented
Scholars’ Avenue various methods for improving readability and readership of our print publication. Improved online
2006-Till Date readership 20 fold by using social networks and discussion forums like Orkut and

Team Leader Bitwise is an annual programming contest of conducted by the Computer Science and Engineering
Website & Problems Dept. of IIT Kharagpur. Drew participation from over 35 countries (compared to ~19 in 2007) through
Bitwise 2008 strategic online advertisement. Worked on both Developing the portal and Designing problems for the

Captain English Led a 50 member team to 1st position in InterHall event. My main work was to motivate and train the
Dramatics team and ensuring that the long tiresome practice sessions become enjoyable and high in energy. This
January 2008 play went on to bag the first position and I was adjudged the Best Director for the same. Watch Here

Elected As a General Secretary, I was responsible for the planning, preparation and management of teams repre-
General Secretary senting my hall for various events under the Technology General Championship of IIT Kharagpur. Won
Technology Technology General Championship with the highest margin and maximum number of event wins ever.
2007 - 2008

Head Designed a framework for Fest Management. I was responsible for creating and maintaining the Website
Web Team of Kshitij the Annual Techno-management Festival of IIT Kharagpur. Developed a fully AJAX website
Kshitij 2007 Achieved a 10 fold increase in hits (from 2 to 20 Million) and 3 fold increase in average time
spent on the portal.

Secretary Elected Secretary, Web subcommittee of Technology Students Gymkhana. Improved notification of
Technology Stu- Gymkhana activities by introducing an online notice board on the portal.
dents Gymkhana

- Runner’s Up, Trilogy Pirates of the Corporate, International Business Plan Competition 2008
- 1st Position in the InterHall English Dramatics for three years running (2006, 2007 and 2008)
- Adjudged the Best Director for the adaptation of Vijay Tendulkar’s play “Gashiram Kotwal” for the year
- 1st Position in the InterHall Hindi Dramatics 2006
- 1st Position in the InterHall Choreography for the years 2006 and 2007
- 1st Position in InterHall Advertisement Design 2007
- 1st Position in InterHall Chemical Innovation Competition 2006
- 2nd Position in InterHall Tech-Quiz 2006 and 3rd in InterHall Tech-Quiz 2007
- Awarded Gold Merit Certificate for being in the top 1% in the country in National Cyber Olympiad
- Awarded Certificate of Merit for being in the top 1% in the country in National Standard Examinations
in Physics 2003-2004