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Can anyone explain why Religious Fundamentalism has become so popular at the peak
of the Industrial Revolution? Wasn’t the Renaissance, the rebirth of reason, the
prime cause that led men to build a society based on reason, so why are men
returning to superstition as their guide, what will be the effect in the world

If man’s survival depends of his ability to reason and create, then a religious or
political movement of anti-reason must be an evolutionary dead end. Christian
Fundamentalism dismisses the science of Evolution out of hand. It is a death cult
that worships a fictional character that died on a cross to save man from the
wrath of the father-god. With the rise of the fascist religious right in America,
it is time to examine why Apocalyptic Fundamentalist Culture is really about the
Evolution of Consciousness.

It is very important to fully comprehend the true motive behind Fundamentalist

Christianity. For the preachers, it is a mind control paradigm keeping them in
riches and power, but for the masses it something quite different. People are
afraid of death and will seek out anyone with an explanation that will comfort
them. The Age of Reason overtook myth explanations in the Bible and many people
can not bear this fact, they feel that god lied, so they have escaped to the
comfort zone of blind belief.

Fundamentalist Christians believe in the literacy of the Holy Bible as ‘the

inerrant word of god’, removing any doubt from their mind that god could lie to
them. This is an immature reaction no different than a child’s reaction when
learning that Santa Claus was made up story. The obvious truth is that god didn’t
lie because god didn’t write the Bible, it was written by men inspired to control
the minds of men. It was an unproved assumption all along that the Bible was the
word of god and literally true.The father of modern Christian Apocalyptism is the
best selling author Hal Lindsey, who single handily created the modern
interpretation of Revelations in his best selling vision “The Late Great Planet
Earth” with sales over 27 million copies:


The Significance of Hal Lindsey to Christian Zionism "Hal Lindsey is undoubtedly

the most influential of all Christian Zionists of the 20th century. Although
rarely quoted by others, he has nevertheless been described by Time as 'The
Jeremiah for this Generation', and by the New York Times as 'the best selling
author of the decade.'1 His newest publisher describes him as 'The Father of the
Modern-Day Bible Prophecy Movement,' and, 'the best known prophecy teacher in the
world.' He is apparently one of very few authors to have had three books on the
New York Times best seller list at the same time. "

No one should underestimate the effect Hal Lindsey on American politics, the rise
of the New American Fascism is directly linked to the cultural indoctrination of
HIS end-times mythos. Fundamentalist Christianity is actually a fear based Satanic
cult as I have explained in my previous paper “Comprehensive Theory of God”. We
can scientifically examine that if a cult promotes the fear of Satan, that cult is
unknowingly worshipping the anti-god (Satan) in the name of God (Jesus). Lindsey’s
new book “Satan is Alive and Well on Planet Earth” is all telling the truth of who
is Satan. The web page promoting the book is shown below, the caption asks: “Where
Is he? Where does he live? Hmm... Maybe some underground cult is hiding him.” Hal
Lindsey is blinded by his own faith and can not see that the cult hiding Satan is
Christianity. Satan is the creation of Christian mythos. If the prime attribute of
Satan is the deceiver of men then we can clearly understand why Hal Lindsey is the
closest example of Satan on the planet. If millions of minds believe Hal Lindsey’s
thesis, that thought energy is multiplied and is making his thoughts extremely
potent. Hal Lindsey is playing the role of Satan without knowing it because HE is
the one leading the masses astray. HE is holding god to his word and is creating a
massive thought-form to bring end-times myth into reality. HE is creating the
Apocalypse to save HIS EGO. (HE = His Ego).

Lindsey celebrates the victory of Bush's re-election. Here is Lindsey's headline

published on his website 3 Nov 2004:

BUSH WINS!"In my opinion, this whole drama shows that God is still on the throne
and that He has a further purpose for the United States in these last days’
events. It is definitely grace for America and a chance to repent and turn back to
the faith of our Fathers who sacrificed to establish this unique experiment in
freedom and Judeo-Christian values that are woven into our foundation documents."

What Lindsey actually means by “God is still on the throne” is that his thought
form is still manifesting, it still has primacy in American politics. It’s
Lindsey’s unwavering belief in the literacy of the Bible that is creating the
Apocalypse. Hal Lindsey is holding God to HIS word. HE is manifesting THE WORD
with HIS THOUGHTS. Lindsey believes God is involved in American politics and
President Bush is his earthly representative. What Lindsey doesn’t admit is that
his influence amongst born again and Evangelical Christians is the key that
brought Bush to political power. Based on these ideas, we can see clearly that Hal
Lindsey’s metaphysical puppet is President Bush and that Bush is enacting the
Apocalyptic thought form, but Lindsey will never admit this because he believes
god to be separate from himself.

Unless you live in America you would have no idea on the popularity of the New
Fundamentalism. Even Hal Lindsey’s Apocalyptic best sellers were overtaken by the
“Left Behind” series with sales of over 76 million copies! Another born again
preacher, Timothy LaHaye ( whose record
breaking book series “Left Behind” is about the rise of the antichrist. The twelve
end-times book series “Left Behind” have and even spawning two popular movies of
the same title. (see:

Most Fundamentalist Christians believe they will be ‘taken up into the air’ in the
so-called Rapture BEFORE the really big war, Armageddon, starts in the Middle
East. The theory is that good Christians are going to avoid the Tribulation
because they are going to blink out of this realm into hyperspace while all hell
breaks loose on earth. Now some Christians are left behind because they were not
true believers so they miss the Grand Exit, they don’t get Raptured, they become
post rapture Christians. Myth is myth, no Christian is going to be ‘raptured’ and
miss the Apocalypse. All Christians are ‘left behind’ no matter how much they wish
otherwise for the simple reason that their collective thoughts are creating the
Apocalypse in Iraq and thus are karmically trapped by their own energy.The
popularity of born again superstitious preachers heralds a new Dark Age as such
thinking makes it’s way into politics.

A very bad moon is rising, the re-election of GW Bush and the popularity of the
Iraq War amongst born again Christians is a perfect reflection of the influence
that the religious fear peddlers and their Apocalyptic writings have had on the
mindless electorate. Most born again Christians fervently believe we are in ‘end-
times’, that time is running short for the ‘saving of souls’. Such lunacy is why
many Christians support the Iraq War as a last chance to save the Muslim heathen
souls for Christ.

Emotional rhetoric by political demagogues can move the masses into war. In the
nuclear age allowing fundamentalist leaders access to mass media is truly insane
because they are being controlled by apocalyptic memes, they WILL push the nuclear
launch button. We are rapidly approaching this reality, right wing televangelist
preachers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have become very influential
prominent Republicans. Robertson, the self proclaimed servant of Jesus, just
called for the assassination of Venezuela’s President Chavez.Falwell preaches
endless diatribes against homosexuality, making statements that recent hurricanes
are God’s judgment on immoral behavior. He wants America returned to Christian

If we are going to save America and evangelize the world, we cannot accommodate
secular philosophies that are diametrically opposed to Christian truth ... We need
to pull out all the stops to recruit and train 25 million Americans to become
informed pro-moral activists whose voices can be heard in the halls of Congress.I
am convinced that America can be turned around if we will all get serious about
the Master's business. It may be late, but it is never too late to do what is
right. We need an old-fashioned, God-honoring, Christ-exalting revival to turn
American back to God. America can be saved! -- Jerry Falwell, "Moral Majority
Report" for September, 1984

In the “Left Behind” book series, Lahaye revives cold war rhetoric that source of
all evil is communism, so he fictionalizes that godless Russian atheist will rise
to power as the infamous antichrist. In the movie “Left Behind” the Antichrist
looks remarkably similar to President Putin. But it was self proclaimed born again
Christian President Bush who invaded Iraq. Most Evangelical Christians will never
admit the prime candidate for the deceptive antichrist is a Christian president.
So far Bush is living up to his title impressively.

The current political insanity is being caused by those who refuse to give up the
ghost of past thinking. Many ego based religious people are stubborn enough and
perfectly willing to cause unbelievable harm to the world in order to force
America and the world to accept Christian subservience. Fundamentalist Christians
are the center of the Apocalyptic Culture and are the political backbone
supporting Bush and the Neocon regime. Evangelical Christians are often referred
to as the Armageddon lobby, they want to prove once and for all that the Bible is
literally true, even if it means they have to help God start the Apocalypse. They
believe that the Apocalypse will force the strayed masses back into the fold.
Religion is really about power and control yet hides behind the mask of

The Apocalypse is the termination of ego consciousness and ego’s expression,

religion, and it will be concurrent with the time of the conscious shift into a
New Age of thinking. Seeing clearly that the current political landscape is the
manifestation of willful Apocalyptic thinking made manifest, then we can fully
understand that the Apocalypse is now, GW Bush the Antichrist, Tim Lahaye the
false prophet, Hal Lindsey manifesting Satan, and all the Christians were ‘left
behind’ to experience the tribulation of their own making.

– Phishna
10 June 2006

(originally posted on August 28, 2005, )