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To the Honorable Virginia Marquez, Council Member - Ward 1 of the Common Council of the City of San Bernardino: Pursuant to the California Constitution, the Charter of the City of San Bernardino including Article VII, Sec. 122thereof, and California election laws, the undersigned registered qualified voter ofthe City of San Bernardino and its Ward 1, in the State of California, does hereby give notice that I am a proponent of a recall petition and intend to seek your recall and removal from the office of Council Member for Ward 1 ofthe City of San
Bernardino, California, and to demand election of a successor in that office.

The grounds for the recall are as follows: Council Member Marquez was elected to office in November of 2009 and has since that time has failed to protect the health, safety, and welfare ofthe residents ofthe City of San Bernardino and demonstrated dereliction to the duties of her elected office by making fiscally irresponsible votes and by supporting fiscally irresponsible program leading to the misuse of the City's General Fund. Council Member Marquez's actions and failures to act, have propelled the City of San Bernardino into financial crisis, and have led to the filing for protection under Chapter 9 of the federal bankruptcy laws by the City. The City of San Bernardino is currently the object of nation-wide ridicule as a result of the mishandling of the bankruptcy and its proceedings.
Further, Council Member Marquez has violated the public trust by repeatedly failing to reach consensus with the other members of the San Bernardino City Council on basic issues of City finances, and ignored advice of the City's Executive Staff for the previous two years regarding financial concerns. Her actions have led to massive reductions in City services and police and fire personnel, causing an increase in crime rates, businesses leaving the City, and contributed to overall blight within the City.

Signed this day of April 2013 The printed name, residence address, and signature of the proponent are as follows:
Name Address Signature

Christian Fernando Flores. MBBMBft San Bernardino. Ca 92408

Pursuant to Article VII, Section 122 of Charter of the City of San Bernardino, a copy of this notice and proof of service will be filed with the City Clerk ofthe City of San Bernardino. Within seven (7) days after this Notice is filed the officer soughtto be recalled may file with the CityClerkan answer, in not morethan 500 words, to the statement of the proponents. If an answer is filed, a copy of it must be served on one of the proponents, personally or by certified mail, within the sameseven(7) day period, and if it is to be published, at the sametime shall file

with the City Clerk a statement declaring his/her intent thatthe answer be published. Theanswer
shall have printed name, signature, and residence address of the officer to be recalled.

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