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Assignment on managerial speeches Working as a group, choose one of the topics from sections A and one from section

B and prepare two speeches. You will be called upon to deliver a speech on one of those topics that your group had prepared. SECTION A 1. You are to introduce Professor Sabyasachi Sengupta to the members of your class. He has been invited by the class to speak to them on the correct approach to placement at XLRI. You have 3 minutes. You are to introduce Mr Rana Sinha of Telcon to the members of your class. He has been asked to address the class on the present scenario in the manufacturing sector for jobs for the middle level managers. You have 3 minutes. 3. You are to introduce the Chairman of JUSCO to the members of your class. He has been invited to share with class the concept of setting up a body to take care of the needs of the company town. You have 3 minutes. SECTION B 1. On the occasion of the Orientation Week, the Principal of the Sacred Heart Convent School, Jamshedpur, has invited you to speak to the XIth standard students on the advantages of pursuing a career in Personnel Management You are given 5 minutes. On the World Population Day, the local Rotary Club has invited you to talk to its 35 members on what should be Indias response to the celebration. You have 5 minutes. 3. The GSec of XLRI has invited you to speak to the 40 invited guests from the local government and industries on the type of leadership that our country needs today. This talk is part of the celebration marking The Mandela Day. You have 5 minutes.



Respected faculty members and beloved students of Sacred Heart Covent School , First of all I would like to thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts on personnel management with all of you. So what is this personnel management ? Simply put it is that part of management that is concerned with employees at work and with their relationship within the organization. It can be defined as the planning, organizing, compensation of people for the purpose of contributing to organizational, individual and societal goals. Lets say that your father works in a bank, say State Bank of India. Now many of you might be aware that State Bank is the biggest and most profitable bank in India. Then who is making this bank profitable? Who is running the bank on a day to day basis? It is the employees of the bank like your father. So if, the employees are not taken care of properly by organization, their performance is going to degrade which in turn affects the performance of the organization. Now, at home, you and your mother are taking care of your father. But when he is in the office, who is going to take care of him in terms of his concerns, training and salary ? All these tasks fall under the purview of Personnel Management. Now that we have defined personnel management you would surely like to know what is its significance ? Human resource , their quality , their education and training , the set of social constructs they form to interact with one another is one of the major drivers of social and economic developed. Hence it is very important to maintain a highly motivated and competent workforce who can contribute to their fullest potential in their respective concern. This is exactly what we intend to achieve through personnel management. Now let me also tell you about the functions of personnel management without which the discussion will be incomplete. Personnel management deals with employment, development and compensation. It promotes and stimulates competent work force to realize their full potential. t also motivates the employees through its effective incentive plans so that the employees provide fullest cooperation. It involves counselling, attending problems and grievances of employees and guiding them. So as you see if an organization wants to succeed it simply cannot ignore personnel management and this makes a career in personnel management so crucial and aligned with any organizations goal. You will be able to hone your human resource skills and have a job which provides you ample challenges to learn from.

So I would encourage you to explore and move towards a career of personnel management. After all human beings are the most difficult to handle but only can be handled properly by human being, in the organizational context. Wish you all success to your future career. Thank you.