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Deep Water Bass Tactics Featured Fishery: Pass Lake


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From the Shop
For me personally April has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Travel to Oregon and Montana has kept me busy, and put a bend in my rod more than a few times. Here in Washington fleeting days of sunshine have certainly given the impression that spring is here. May is one of my favorite times to be on the water since the fish are generally pretty hungry after a long cold winter. This time of year also provides us with a myriad of fishing opportunities and pectoral pursuits. Whether you like catching sea-runs off the beach, tying in to lunker bass in your local pond, or chasing trout, May has it all. I hope this month finds you on the water, soaking in the sunshine, and putting a bend in your rod. Tight Lines, Jason Cotta Fishing Manager Orvis Bellevue Headshake Magazine

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Third Thursday Knowledge Hatch
Al Parke-Fly Fishing Still Waters
Thursday, May 16th 6pm
Join accomplished guide and signature Solitude Fly Co tier Al Parke as he shares how to effectively fish our local lakes. Al has over 50 years of fly fishing experience in Washington. Al will be covering topics such as finding fish, presentation, times of year to fish, entomology, and equipment. This is a must see seminar for anglers at every skill level.

Sea Run Cutthroat School $100
In-Store Presentation June 22nd 8am On the Water Clinic June 23rd Join renowned sea run angler and Orvis associate Leland Miyawaki for a day of sea-run cutthroat trout fishing. This on the water school will cover everything you need to know to start fishing for sea run cutthroat on Puget Sound. Topics covered include gear selection, presentation, where to go, and fly selection. School includes lunch and beverages. Students must supply own tackle and wading gear. Class size is limited to 6 students so be sure to sign up soon!

Free Fly Fishing 101
Fly Fishing 101 Now’s your chance to learn fly fishing basics in one of our free fly fishing 101 classes. Free fishing lessons on fly casting and outfit rigging.

FF101 Event Dates Saturdays & Sundays May 4 & 5 May 18 & 19 May 25 & 26 June 8 & 9
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Fly Fishing 201 If you’ve already completed Fly Fishing 101, you’re ready for the next step. Join us for a short outing on local water for a chance to catch your first fish! A nominal fee for the outing may apply. Contact your local store for more information on the outing.

FF202 Event Dates Saturdays & Sundays May 11 & 12 June 1 & 2 June 15 & 16
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May Fishing Outlook
May can be an interesting time to be on the water here in the Pacific Northwest. Anglers heading out to our local rivers such as the Yakima should check flows to make sure the river is in shape. Many rivers will begin experiencing runoff this month so it is always a good idea to check water conditions before heading out. However, even when the rivers are high and unfishable our local still waters can be red hot!!! As water temperatures begin to rise fish will start becoming more active and looking to pack on a few pounds after a long cold winter. Be sure to check out our Third Thursday Knowledge Hatch on May 16th at 6pm. Our featured speaker, Al Parke, will be talking about still water fishing and be covering topics such as locating fish, presentation, fly selection, and equipment. Al is an experienced guide and Solitude signature tier so this will be a seminar you don’t want to miss. For anglers willing to travel for trout, fishing the Missouri near Craig Montana will be a great May option. The Missouri is a tail water fishery that boasts consistent flows, epic hatches, and massive brown trout. Make your time on the water more productive and be sure to hook up with Orvis Endorsed Guide of the Year Tim Linehan when heading that direction. Tim will be in the Craig area for the next month and can be contacted at www.fishmontana.com. If the prospect of chasing trout doesn’t catch your fancy, bass fishing will start picking up this month as well. At the beginning of the month fish will be pre-spawn and located on drop-offs and secondary points near spawning areas. A Depth Charge 3D line is necessary to target fish in 10-15 of water. Check out the “Secret Sauce” section of this newsletter for more tips on fishing deep for bass. Sea-run Cutthroat fishing is wide open this month as fish begin migrating back out to the salt in the South Sound. Fish small baitfish patterns on an intermediate line for your best chance of success. Also don’t hesitate to throw the famous Miyawaki Popper on a floating line for some ferocious top water takes. If you want to learn more about fishing for sea runs sign up for our Sea Run School on June 22/23rd.

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Spring Fling Linehan Outfitting Company
LINEHAN OUTFITTING COMPANY MISSOURI RIVER SPRING FLING! When: mid-May through mid-June Where: Montana’s Missouri River Join noted Montana outfitter/guide and twenty five year veteran of the fly fishing industry Tim Linehan and his crew for an early season adventure on the Missouri River in Craig, Montana. This trip offers stunning vistas of big sky country and tackle busting 16”-20” wild rainbows and browns. Craig, Montana is a fly fishing mecca and consists of three fly shops, a bar, and Izaac’s restaurant which offers some of the finest food in the state. Linehan Outfitting Company provides the guides. Local accommodations and meals vary from motels to lodges and beers and burgers to fine wine and dining. That choice is yours and we’re happy to help make your arrangements. Approximate per person daily cost/based on shared room and shared guide, not including guide gratuities, license or travel expenses: Guide Fees…………………..…………………………$250 Lodging…………..……………………………………$ 60 Meals……………...……………………………………$ 50 Flies…………….………………………………………$ 25 Approximate Daily Costs…………………………..…$385 CONTACT US AT WWW.FISHMONTANA.COM OR CALL 800-596-0034 AND THANKS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO EARN YOUR BUSINESS.

Receive 15% off all product at Orvis Bellevue prior to your trip!!!
15% off all regular priced merchandise prior to your trip. May not be applied to other promotions or sales. Please contact Orvis Bellevue with any questions. Headshake Magazine Page 4

Emerging Rivers Yakima River Forecast
"May on the Yakima could aptly be called "Maybe" and for good reason – you may find fishable water all across the system, or springtime melt and releases may result in challenging conditions. You will, for certain, have to be good at matching the hatch this month. Mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, and baitfish patterns will be on the menu. This is a good opportunity to work on all of your techniques nymphing, wet fly swing, and dry flies will all be relevant. Starting in the lower canyon, as the water warms and the hatches start to kick, the sight of active feeders and splashy rises will tempt you to tie on your first caddis of the year, but watch carefully - aggressive, splashy rises are sure signs of sub-surface feeding so present a caddis pupa just under the surface film and don't let that leader/line get slack! Big salmonfly nymphs should be in your box, so should tiny olives and even skwalla’s. It truly is a big month insect wise. Weather, flows, and bugs will have you on your toes in May. Go prepared to fish all stages of the hatch and focus, don't be afraid to move around, but be cautious of spawning trout. Recognize what a redd looks like, and please don't wade or drag an anchor through one. The Yakima is home to wild fish, and this is their time to continue the health and diversity of this fishery."

Derek Young Emerging Rivers Guide Service (425)373-6417 www.emergingrivers.com
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The Secret Sauce Deep Water Tactics for Bass
It is now early spring and we are really seeing bass fishing starting to pick up. As water temperatures warm fish will start moving to pre-spawn staging areas in anticipation for a rise in water temps to move shallow and start making beds. These prespawn fish are often found in 10-15 feet of water along drop offs and secondary points. These fish are hungry after a long winter and are eager to pack on the pounds before they start making sweet fishy love. To target fish at this level, anglers need to know the proper lines, flies, and tactics to use in order to be successful. Throwing poppers or baitfish patterns right up against the bank will often lead to little success. It is important to get down to the fishes level and for this we need the proper line. A Depth Charge sinking line in the appropriate grain weight for the size rod you are using sinks 5-7 inches per second and will get you flies down to the bottom where the fish are. My personal preference is a 300 grain line thrown on a 9 weight fly rod. This heavier line and rod means I spend less time waiting for flies to sink and more time in the feeding zone. This setup also helps me throw larger bass flies that fish will be willing to move to. A bass will eat a third of its body weight so never feel like the fly you are using is too big. From a presentation standpoint, the best thing to do is cast beyond where you think the fish might be, count the fly down until you are on or near the bottom, and then begin a slow retrieve. Be sure to keep tension on the fly as it is dropping through the water column as you will occasionally catch a fish on “the drop”. As you retrieve the flies keep the rod tip low and wait to feel a “tap, tap” or simply weight. If you think there might be a fish, SET THE HOOK!!! Remember hook sets are free and there is no harm in doing so even if a fish is not there. My favorite flies to use this time of year are heavily weighted crawfish patterns in a variety of colors. Patterns with a lot of rubber legs that have plenty of movement are always a solid bet. When determining fly color, consider the color of the bottom of the lake you are fishing. Browns, olives, and grays always have a place in my fly box. Try mixing up fly color until you find a pattern the fish are really keying in on. Once you have caught a fish make a mental note of depth, structure, water temperature, and water conditions. Fish will often hold in similar areas and by developing a pattern you will increase your chance of success throughout the day. Bass fishing with a fly rod is one of my favorite things to do and our local lakes are chock full of them. Spring bass fishing is a great option when the rivers are blown out and you need to spend some time on the water. Feel free to give us a call at the shop with any questions you might have on targeting bass with a fly rod.
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What is a secondary point? Secondary points are points located in a cove off of the main lake. These are great pre-spawn areas where bass stage up before the spawn.

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May Featured Fishery Pass Lake
If there is one thing there is a shortage of in Western Washington it is brown trout. However, if there is one thing there is no shortage of at Pass Lake it would be big, bad, mean brown trout!!! Located just two hours north of Seattle, Pass Lake is managed as a trophy catch and release fishery. In addition to behemoth brown trout Pass Lake also has resident rainbows and cutthroat. Pass Lake offers year round fishing opportunities for anglers wanting to wet a line. The winter months can be slow and cold but anglers willing to brave the elements are often rewarded for their efforts. As spring comes around and water temperatures warm fish will start becoming more active with an increase in metabolism. It is in the spring that you can encounter great hatches of Callibaetis and find fish gorging themselves on size 14 dry flies. When the dog days of summer roll around fish will being concentrating on weed beds and feeding heavily upon damselfly nymphs as they make their migrations to hatch. Summer evening can also be great for midge hatches once the sun gets off of the water. Fall on Pass Lake is the best opportunity to catch one of the lakes massive brown trout. Browns will begin moving shallow to spawn and fishing large streamers near points, drop offs and structure can be very productive. As you can see any time of year, is a great time of year, to fish Pass Lake.
Hatch/Month Chirnonomids Callibaetis BWO's Damsel's Dragonflies Leeches Baitfish Patterns Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Necessary Equipment
Float Tube/Pontoon Boat Rod: 9-10’ 4-6wt Reel: To Match Rod Line: Floating, Intermediate, Type III Sink, Depth Charge 3D 5-6ips Leaders: 9’ 3X-6X Tippet: Matching Spools of Fluoro and Nylon

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Hosted Travel
Embark on your next fly fishing adventure with our experienced staff. Hosted trips offer anglers the comfort of knowing their trip will run as smoothly as possible under the watchful eye of one of our professional staff members. These trips also give individuals the opportunity to fish destinations near and far for less than when booking on their own. Please feel free to call us at any time with any questions and to book your next adventure today.

Deschutes River with Deep Canyon Outfitters $1125
October 24th-26th Join us for a three day wilderness float down the lower Deschutes River with Orvis Endorsed Deep Canyon Outfitters. The Deschutes is legendary for its steelhead runs with multiple fish days a very common occurrence. On this trip you will camp in style with spacious tents and first class meals. Package price includes 3 days guided fishing and meals. There are only 5 spots available on this adventure so be sure to sign up early.

El Pescador Belize $3695
February 16-22nd 2014 Includes: 6 nights lodging, 5 days guided fishing, Free H2 rod!!!, 15% Discount Card, All Meals, Local Alcohol This part of Belize is one of the best places to get a saltwater “Grand Slam”: bonefish; permit; and tarpon in one day. The flats are extensive and the lodge is well located so you don’t have to travel far to be on the fish, although they go on endlessly north to the border with Mexico. El Pescador caters to fly-fishers, but there are some great non-angling activities available as well. There’s excellent snorkeling, an extensive barrier reef, a dive shop and the option to take excursions to Maya ruins on the mainland. It’s a good place for your first saltwater trip and there’s an on-site coach to help you master sight casting on the flats. The large numbers of bonefish mean you’re chances of success are excellent, and light tackle gear is available.

September 12th-16th 2013 Includes: 4 Nights Lodging, 3 days guided fishing, 15% VIP Discount Card, $500 Orvis Gift Card!!! Fly Fish and explore one of America’s iconic landscapes with a small group from Orvis on our Montana fly fishing trip. The lodge has been hosting anglers for years and has twice been recognized as the Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year. Their expert fly fishing guides are delighted to share some of the best trout streams in the Rockies with our group, and July is a perfect time to visit the area for some Montana fly fishing. There’s also horseback riding and other activities for those who don’t fly fish, so it’s a well-rounded western ranch experience at this Montana fly fishing lodge. Reggie Harris from Orvis of Bellevue leads this trip. He’ll work with the friendly lodge staff and expert local guides to make sure everyone has a great experience.
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Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge

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