Begin forwarded message: From: Charles Cotten <charles@thecottens.

com> Date: April 11, 2013 2:54:23 PM CDT To: Rhonda Lifsey <> Cc: "Herbert A. Gears" <> Subject: Re: Alan Meagher

Possibly mailers too.  Sounds good.  I told him I would have you call. Plan to not go over the $1,000 without checking with me.  Let's talk about how I ccan get you a check. Thanks a bunch! On 4/11/13 11:28 AM, "Rhonda Lifsey" <> wrote: Charles, Sorry I didn't even check personal emails at all yesterday. Is it just his website? I can also help with the mailers too. I've already got so much going on in Irving with the Main Place and Irving Women's Network I was almost ready to pass; however, all of that time is pro bono. How about $1000 up front. If I go over that in time, I'll bill the rest. If we go to run-off that will be new and fresh campaign. And I am here to make that happen. Should I call Alan? -----Original Message----From: Charles Cotten [] Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 7:18 AM To: Rhonda Lifsey Subject: Alan Meagher Did you decide if you would help Alan with his website?  fixed cost or hourly?  $25 per hour? I will pay if you will contact Alan at 214.876.1027 to get started. Charles Cotten 214.213.5928

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