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Subject Code & Name : IT2353- Web Technology Branch/Year: CSE/III

Se mester: VI





1. Define Internet . 2. What is HTML? 3. Mention the different internet address class and it’s range. 4. Define firewall. 5. Define proxy servers 6. What is the use of http protocol? 7. What is the use of mime? 8. Define url & uri. 9. Explain about urn 10. What is meant by relative url? 11. Explain about sgml – standard generalized markup language 12. Explain about xml – extensible markup language 13. List the steps functions of http protocol. 14. What are domain & mention different types of domains 15. Write the format of html program 16. Mention some text formatting tags 17. Explain about list tag. 18. Explain the attributes of table tag with an example 19. What do you mean by column spanning and row spanning? 20. Mention the different types of links
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attributes & methods. 23. 39. URL. Define protocol. 40. Explain about html form tag with its attributes. TABLE tag iii. 33. What is meant by loop back address? 41. What is the difference between node and host? 26. 46. attributes & methods. 49. What are the issues of next generation IP? 34. IMG tag ii. Discuss about the client/server strategies in Internet. 48. List the predefined MIME content types. Define URL encoding. 28. Explain about Internet servers. List the goals of SGML. Explain HTML forms in detail along with form elements. What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? 38. 27. Define port. …form data… A. Discuss the various HTML tags in detail. Explain image maps with its syntax 22. Define URI. 2. 31. Explain the elements of WWW. 4. 47.WEB TECHNOLOGY 21. Write an HTML document to provide a form that collect name and telephone numbers. What are the components of HTTP URL? 32.R Engineering College\Villupuram 2 . Define HTML. What is meant by Name Resolution? 30. What are the necessities of using HTML forms? 37.. <form method=”how to send” ACTION=”URL of script”> ii. 42. What do you mean by well-known ports? 29. 45. What is the use of frames in html give the syntax of frames 25. FRAME tag 3. and URN. Explain about HTTP Connection. How do you make a graphic a link? 44. Write short notes on the following i. 35. What is meant by Stateless Connection? 43. What is the role of server? 36. Mention the various form elements. i. 24. What are the ways by which a server and a browser do communicate? PART-B 1. Explain HTML forms in detail along with form elements.IT2353. Explain about <table> & <frame> tags in detail.

v. 13.IT2353. -Displays the result of the evaluation 10. Design a web page that allows the user to choose from a series of images and to view the image in color and grayscale. 8. Write the XHTML markup to create a frame with a table of contents on the left side of the window and have each entry in the table of contents use internal linking to scroll down the document frame to the appropriate subsection. -Evaluate the expression iii. hidden. -Any mathematical expression ii. </form> iv. reset. submit. 7. How to create user interactive web pages using form objects and form elements? 11. button <SELECT> tag 5. What is HTML? List the goals of SGML. What are HTML tags? List the commonly used HTML commands. What are the necessities of using HTML forms? What is the use of HTML Forms? Create a HTML Form page for Railway Registration Form. 9. (Assume your own fields). checkbox. A. List any four events associated with DHTML and explain each one with an example. 12.R Engineering College\Villupuram 3 . password. Develop a html page which accepts i. How to create user interactive web pages using Form elements and Form objects? Develop an Student registration form using HTML Form elements. 6. Explain the various html tags to develop the web pages. Form fields & attributes: <TEXTAREA> element <INPUT> tag: text. radio.WEB TECHNOLOGY iii.

in? 13. 24. Give the syntax to specify a characteristic in linked style sheet. 8.R Engineering College\Villupuram 4 . Mention the types of style sheets 27. Write a note on content positioning characteristic \"Visibility\". Mention the types of scripting languages 14. Explain the document object model architecture 2. Client side scripting 16.SIDE PROGRAMMING: THE JAVASCRIPT LANGUAGE-HIS TORY AND VERS IONS INTRODUCTION JAVASCRIPT IN PERSPECTIVE-S YNTAX-VARIAB LES AND DATA TYPES-S TATEMENTS -OPERATORS. Server side scripting 15. Explain the various event handlers in java script. List down the ways of including style information in a document. 7. PART-B 1. A. List the various dialog boxes in java script 21. List the properties of style tag 28. What are the style precedence rules when using multiple approaches? 6.WEB TECHNOLOGY UNIT-II STYLE S HEETS: CSS-INTRODUCTION TO CASCADING STYL E S HEETS FEATUR ES -CORE S YNTAX-STYLE S HEETS AND HTML STYL E RLE CASCADING AND INHERITANCE-TEXT PROPERTIES-BOX MODEL NORMAL FLOW BOX LAYOUT-B EYOND THE NORMAL FLOW-OTHER PROPERTIES-CAS E STUDY. What does data binding mean? 12.LITERALSFUNCTIONS-OBJ ECTS-ARRAYS-B UILT-IN OBJ ECTS-JAVASCRIPT DEB UGGERS . What are Style Sheets? 29. PART-A 1.IT2353. 23. 3. Mention the various java script object models . Write short notes on scripting languages. Mention the advantages of java/java script 2. Write a java script program to perform the validation process in an application programs 5. CLIENT. Define casding style sheets (css ) 26. Define cascading. List down the ways of including style information in a document. Give an example. Define css – cascading style sheet 25. How scripting language is differs from html. What is meant by Plug. List down font characteristics permitted in style sheets. Define scriptlets. 9. What are Style Sheets? 3. 22. Write a java script program to develop the arithmetic calculator 4. 4. 10. Define function in java script . 5. What does DHTML refer? 11.

With a neat diagram write a SCRIPT PROGRAM with validation for the following • Student Mark List • Inventory System • Employee Pay Slip generation • Railway Ticket Reservation • Online Quiz program 17. Explain how DHTML used to develop the web pages. 14. 11. What is CSS? List out the Various CSS Properties. 21 Write a JavaScript to display a welcome button of an html form is pressed 22. i. Explain the various concepts of CSS properties with neat example. Explain the various concepts of CSS properties with neat example. How to validate the check box and check box group? 8. Styling a page A. Explain in detail about all the types of Cascading Style sheet with an example Program draw the form design 18. What is the use of HTML Forms? Create a HTML Form page for Railway Registration Form 12.IT2353. With an example describe java scripts Control structure 19. Explain about types of cascading style sheet? Explain with example 9. Explain the various CSS properties 10. Explain DHTML. 16. 7.R Engineering College\Villupuram 5 . 23. What is html? Explain the various html tags to develop the web pages. Explain about types of cascading style sheet? Explain with example. What is CSS? List out the Various CSS Properties. What are Style Sheets? List down the ways of including style information in a document. 20.WEB TECHNOLOGY 6. What are the various java script objects? Explain each with an example. 13. What are the methods associated with array object in JavaScript? Explain each one with an example. Explain about cascading style sheets in detail. What are the types of CSS? Explain any two with neat example. 15. Style sheet rules ii.

What is the difference between ServletContext and ServletConfig? PART-B 1. List down the methods of Servletcontext . What is the difference between the getRequestDispatcher(String path) method of javax. Explain about applet-to-applet communication with example program? 4.R Engineering College\Villupuram 6 .servlet. What are Servlets? 4. What is the difference between HttpServlet and GenericServlet? 15. SERVER-SIDE PROGRAMMING: JAVA S ERVLETS . What\'s the difference between sendRedirect( ) and forward( ) methods? Explain each with an example 9. List down the methods of HttpServlet . Explain about servlet interfaces with snippet code? 5. List any two mouse events? 3.Explain ach of them with an example A. Explain the life cycle methods of a Servlet. Explain the directory structure of a web application. What are Applets? 5.servlet. What do you mean by Server-side? 6. Explain ServletContext 12. 11. Explain about Session tracking. What do mean by Connection pooling? Explain it with an example.IT2353. 7.Explain ach of them with an example List down the methods of SevletConfig .ARCHIT ECTURE -OVERVIEW-A S ERVEL ETGEN ERATING DYNAMIC CONTENT-LIFE CYCLE-PARAMET ER DATA-S ESSIONS-COOKIES . What is the difference between Difference between doGet() and doPost()? 14.ServletContext interface? 8.Explain ach of them with an example 11. 7. What is preinitialization of a servlet? 13. What are the common mechanisms used for session tracking? 10. List down the methods of GenericServlet . Explain the concept of Servlets with an example program 2. PART-A 1.RELATED TECHNOLOGIES.URL REWRITING-OTHER CAPAB ILITIES-DATA STORAGE S ERVELETS AND CONCURRENCY-CAS E STUDY.WEB TECHNOLOGY UNIT-III HOS T OBJ ECTS: BROWS ERS AND THE DOM-INTRODUCTION TO THE DOCUMENT OBJ ECT MODEL DOM HIS TORY AND LEV ELS -INTRINSIC EV ENT HANDLINGMODIFYING EL EMENT STYL E-THE DOCUMENT TREE-DOM EVENT HANDLINGACCOMMODATING NONCOMPLIANT BROWS ERS PROPERTIES OF WINDOW-CAS E STUDY.Explain ach of them with a n example 10.ServletRequest interface and javax. Explain about applet to servlet communication with example program? 3. 9. What are attributes are available for servlet and explain each of them 6. List any two keyboard events? 2. What is HTTP Tunneling? Explain with an example 8.

What is DOM? Draw the detailed DOM objects structure. What is DOM? Explain its usage with HTML with an example. Explain about JSP expressions 14.R Engineering College\Villupuram 7 . 17. Explain life cycle of a Servlet? 19. 20. Explain implicit objects with example 13. Explain how are the JSP requests handled with an example? 16. Explain about JSP actions with example 15.IT2353. What are Directives? Explain about JSP directives.WEB TECHNOLOGY 12. A. Explain the architechture of a Servlet? 18. Explain with its usage.

what are the Importants of SAX? 18.Explain any two XForm implementations? 17. Write down the various attributes for the page directives in JSP.Define DTD. PART-A 1. 6. What is a Expression? 25. 7. Define DTD. What is the use of xml namespace? 2. What is DTD? How is it different from XML? 20. What is a Hidden Comment? 24. 23. What is XPath? 13.R Engineering College\Villupuram 8 .NAMESPACES J AVASCRIPT AND XML: AJ AX -DOM BAS ED XML PROCESSING EV ENT-ORIENTED PARSING: SAX-TRANS FORMING XML DOCUMENTS SELECTING XML DATA:XPATH-TEMPLATEB AS ED TRANS FORMATIONS: XSLT-DISPLAYING XML DOCUMMENTS IN B ROWS ERS -CAS E STUDY. A.RELATED TECHNOLOGIES . What is VoiceXML? 10. S EPARATING PROGRAMMING AND PRES ENTATION: JSP TECHNOLOGY INTRODUCTION-JSP AND SERVLETS-RUNNING JSP APPLICATIONS BAS IC JSP-JAVAB EANS CLASS ES AND JSP-TAG LIB RARIES AND FIL ES-S UPPORT FOR THE MODEL-VIEW-CONTROLLER PARADIGM-CAS E STUDY-RELAT ED TECHNOLOGIES . What are the XML rules for distinguishing between the content of a document and the XML markup element? 8. Define XML. What is XQuery? 11. Define Directives. . What are the different XSLT elements? 9. Define XML. . What is a Scriptlet? 27. 28. What is XForm? 12. What is XML? How it is different from HTML? 21. What are the uses of xml? 3. What is the use of xml? 4. What is metadata? 19.WEB TECHNOLOGY UNIT-IV REPRES ENTING WEB DATA: XML-DOCUMENTS AND VOCAB ULARIESVERS IONS AND DECLARATION . What is a Declaration? 26. What do you mean by dtd in xml? 5. what are all the Transformation techniques? 16. What all are the presentation technologies? 15. 22.IT2353. What are complex types? 14.

explain the basics of XML Language 5. 4. 15.formed XML. midname. month. Explain XML & DTD. What are its applications? 17. Explain about Presentation Technique? 9. Explain briefly XML Schema: 7. lastname). 16. Explain briefly DTD? 11. 14. name(firstname. year) A. JSP Directives. Briefly Explain About HTTP & XML-RPC 12. Describe the following in detail. director. 13. Explain Simple API for xml (SAX): 8.IT2353. JSP Standard Actions.WEB TECHNOLOGY PART-B 1. Explain the Roles and Advantages of XML.date_released. Explain about JSP with example program. Explain briefly xml Transformation? 6. Write a XML schema for a Movie data base table with the following structure: Movie(name. Mention the rules of well. What is a DTD (document Type Definition) . date_released(date. record). 2. What is DTD? Explain it with example. Short notes on XML Namespaces? 10. Explain briefly the The Three Revolutions XML 3.R Engineering College\Villupuram 9 .

Consider a hospital system. 8. What do you mean by JDBC? 4. What is SOAP? PART-B . Explain the concept of web services.WEB TECHNOLOGY UNIT-V WEB S ERVICES: J AX-RPC-CONCEPTS-WRITING A JAVA WEB S ERVICEWRITING A JAVA WEB S ERVICE CLIENT-DES CRIB ING WEB S ERVICES : WSDL. Write short notes on uddi 15. Explain rpc. A.REPRES ENTING DATA TYPES: XML S CHEMA-COMMUNICATING OBJ ECT DATA: SOAP RELAT ED TECHNOLOGIES-SOFTWARE INSTALLATION-S TORING JAVA OBJ ECTS AS FILES -DATAB AS ES AND J AVA S ERVLETS. How to build the web applications? explain the steps ? 6. 14. 4. 10. 14. What are the various Web services platform elements? 13. 11. Define ODBC.How Does web services Work? 12. 7. Explain soap concepts.1. 12. What is the use of web services? 3. What are the advantages of web services? 6. What is SOAP? (Simple Object Access Protocol) 2. What is WSDL? 10. 9. 5.IT2353. Explain web services architecture. Write short notes on soap. List out some web service technologies? 7. write a php program to consolidate and show the bill to be paid by the in-patients(assume you own data) 13. Explain xml schema with an example.R Engineering College\Villupuram 10 . 3. Write a program for any two web services. What is XML ? 8. PART-A 1. 2. Develop the web page for student management system using web services. Develop the web page for railway reservation system using web services. What are Web Services? 11. Explain soap building blocks. explain with example . 5. Develop the web page for library management system using web services. What are the various session tracking mechanisms. Write short notes on jax. What is SOAP? 9.

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