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Dennis and Valerie Rew 1325 Denisonview St. Pittsburgh, PA 15205 412-922-7183



So the churches were strengthened in the faith, and they increased in numbers daily. Acts 16:5

News and Prayer Letter May 2013

Moving Pack, tape, stack, pack, tape, stack. This has been the cycle at our house for the last few weeks. Yep, we move in 12 days! Val has been packing most of the house during the day, while Emily comes along behind her and unpacks everything. Oh, the joy of toddlerhood. It amazes us to see how God has directed each step of this process, and how He did it in His time. We know this is the first of many steps of faith along this journey, and it is such a blessing to be able to just trust Him. We will miss our house and neighbors, but we are looking forward to meeting our new neighbors and enjoying a new home. Continue to pray that all the details will work out for our move on May 15 th. Meetings Our April meetings have continued to reinforce Gods grace in our lives. The support and interest we have received has been such a blessing. We remember starting out thinking will anyone else see the need in Pittsburgh? Not only are people seeing the need, but many have taken action. We are currently at 16% support, and our Prayer Team continues to grow. We recognize that we are not the only people involved in this effort. God is raising up other believers who are passionate about spreading His Gospel. If you would like more information on supporting us either financially or joining our Prayer Team, visit our website. Team members Pete and Elisabeth are gearing up to move next month. As Im typing this update, they are on their way out here to look at housing possibilities. Their most pressing need is finding a job. Pray that God would open up the right opportunity for them over the next several weeks. Also, pray for additional laborers who God might lead to join us here in Pittsburgh. We are still praying that God would burden and direct others to assist us here in Pittsburgh. Travelling In addition to moving, these next 5 weeks will be extremely busy for us. We have only 1 meeting this month, but we will be travelling to Michigan for Dennis sisters wedding only a week after we move. Then, well be home for a week; then, we will head to Ohio for Baptist Mid-Missions School of Church Planting. Please pray for patience, strength, and grace with the upcoming events. Thank you for your prayer and support, The Rews
Stopping to help a girl with a flat tire on our way to Hanover PA

Sending Church
Middletown Road Baptist Church 2660 Middletown Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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June 19, 2004

Prayer Needs

1. Moving this month 2. Additional Team Members 3.Safety and physical strength 4. Additional church meetings

Spring is finally here!

Can I help pack?