Assessment - Chapter 9a CCNA SECURITY

1. Which three statements describe ethics in network security? (Choose three.) foundations for current laws set of moral principles that govern civil behavior standard that is higher than the law

2. Which component of the security policy lists specific websites, newsgroups, or bandwidth-intensive applications that are not allowed on the company network? acceptable use policies

3. What are the two components in the Cisco Security Management Suite? (Choose two.) Cisco Security Manager Cisco Security MARS

4. Which statement could be expected to be included in a Code of Ethics that is related to IT and network security? Employees breaching the Code of Ethics will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

5. Which two Cisco Threat Control and Containment technologies address endpoint security? (Choose two.) Cisco Network Admission Control Cisco Security Agent

6. What are three key principles of a Cisco Self-Defending Network? (Choose three.) adaptability collaboration integration

7. Which security services, available through the Cisco Self-Defending Network, include VPN access? secure communications

8. What three areas should be considered when designing a network security policy? (Choose three.) remote access network maintenance network equipment provider

9. What are the two major elements of the Cisco Secure Communications solution? (Choose two.) secure communications for remote access secure communications for site-to-site connections

10. Which term describes a completely redundant backup facility, with almost identical equipment to the operational facility, that is maintained in the event of a disaster? hot site

11. Which three detailed documents are used by security staff for an organization to implement the security policies? (Choose three.) guidelines procedures standards

12. What is a feature of an effective network security training program? Employee groups are identified and the training is customized to their needs.

13. What is a design feature of a secure network life cycle management process? Security is purposefully included in every phase of the system development life cycle.

14. What are the two major components of a security awareness program? (Choose two.) awareness campaign training and education

15. Which three documents comprise the hierarchical structure of a comprehensive security policy for an organization? (Choose three.) governing policy end-user policy technical policy

16. When an organization implements the two-person control principle, how are tasks handled? A task requires two individuals who review and approve the work of each other.

17. Which network security test requires a network administrator to launch an attack within the network? penetration test

18. Which principle of the Cisco Self-Defending Network emphasizes that security should be built in? Integrate


Refer to the exhibit. When implementing the Cisco Self-Defending Network, which two technologies ensure confidentiality when referring to secure communications? (Choose two.) IPsec VPN SSL VPN

20. Which security document includes implementation details, usually with step-by-step instructions and graphics? procedure document

21. What is the primary focus of network operations security? to support deployment and periodic maintenance of secure systems

22. Which type of analysis uses a mathematical model that assigns a monetary figure to the value of assets, the cost of threats being realized, and the cost of security implementations? Quantitative Risk Analysis

23. In which phase of the system development life cycle should security requirements be addressed? Include a minimum set of security requirements at each phase.

24. Which option describes ethics? Ethics is a standard that is higher than the law.

25. In the Cisco SecureX architecture, which component is considered the workhorse of policy enforcement?
scanning engine

26. Which development has contributed most to the growing demand for a borderless network? consumer endpoints

27. Which aspect of a scanning element is able to determine a security policy to apply based on information such as the person using the device, the location of the device, and the application being used? context awareness

28. A company is considering implementing the Cisco SecureX security architecture. What is the purpose of Cisco TrustSec? It is a technology that implements packet tagging to allow security elements to share information from scanning elements.

29. Which statement about network security within the SecureX architecture is true? It is located closer to the end user.

30. Which Cisco SecureX product family would be primarily responsible for detecting and blocking attacks and exploits, while preventing intruder access? secure network

31. Which SecureX product family would include Cisco AnyConnect? secure mobility

32. If a web browser is to be used, and not a hardware or software-based client, which Cisco solution is best for establishing a secure VPN connection? VPN Services for Cisco ASA Series

33. Which Cisco secure access solution can be used to determine if hosts are compliant with security policies? Network Admission Control Appliance

34. What protocol is used by SCP for secure transport? SSH

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