SAP, the world's largest business software company and the third-largest independent software provider in terms of revenues, is being implemented by half of the fortune 1000 companies. Through the years, SAP has become integral to the foundation of international businesses and a key component in the IT industry. Their newest and most revolutionizing product in means of the business aspect, SAP HANA, is now the hotcake in IT industry. In SAP HANA all your data resides in the memory, and therefore rendering disk storage useful only for persistence. SAP HANA brings a package of new hardware and software to the IT Industry featuring Real Time Analytics, In-Memory Computing, and for the first time – the Transactional and Analytics databases can be combined. In this video based training, I am covering all the technical & architectural aspects, thereby grooming the candidate in all aspects of working on SAP HANA. I cover all the key topics in SAP HANA administration, Support, Development, Modeling, and Monitoring and Performance tuning. This course not only gives an overview, but also provides you with a thorough in-depth knowledge about how the SAP HANA works. The training is delivered in such a fashion that it allows a beginner to succeed at operating and implementing SAP HANA. Also I am available to host Webinars and conference calls to answer any problems you have in SAP HANA.

SECTION 1: SAP HANA Introduction
Lecture 1: Introduction to SAP HANA Lecture 2: Row and Column Store Architechture

SECTION 2: SAP HANA Architecture
Lecture 3: SAP HANA Architecture and... Lecture 4: Persistence in SAP HANA Lecture 5: Sizing and PAM (Product Availability...

Lecture 6: Replication Technologies SECTION 3: SAP HANA Studio Lecture 7: Dashboard Lecture 8: Data-Loading View Lecture 9: Data Modeling View Lecture 10: SAP HANA Reporting View Lecture 11: SAP HANA Administrator View SECTION 4: SAP HANA Modeling Lecture 12: Modeling Overview Lecture 13: Attribute View Lecture 14: .

Information Design Tool Lecture 21: Creating a Schema in SAP LT SECTION 5: SAP HANA Security Lecture 22: Creating Users in SAP HANA Studio Lecture 23: .Analytic View Lecture 15: Calculation View Lecture 16: Analytic Privileges Lecture 17: How to create a Hierarchy Lecture 18: Modeling Examples Lecture 19: Information Composer Lecture 20: IDT .

User administration Lecture 24: ROLE Concept Lecture 25: Authentications in SAP HANA Lecture 26: Authorization Methods in SAP HANA Lecture 27: License Management in SAP HANA Lecture 28: Auditing in SAP HANA ECTION 6: SAP HANA Data Replication Lecture 29: SAP LT Replication Overview Lecture 30: ETL based Replication Lecture 31: Log based Replication .

Data Services Lecture 35: Loading Data using CTL method Lecture 36: Exporting Data to the Binary SECTION 8: Different types of Connectivities Lecture 37: Loading Data from CSV file Lecture 38: Connecting from HANA Studio to HANA Server Lecture 39: Transporting Models Between Systems Lecture 40: MDX Provider ..Lecture 32: Replicating SAP system tables with. Lecture 33: DXC SECTION 7: Data Provisioning Lecture 34: Data Provisioning ..

..SECTION 9: SAP HANA SQL Lecture 41: Monitoring and Alerting Lecture 42: What is SAP HANA SQLScript ? Lecture 43: SQL Data Types Lecture 44: Predicates and Operators Lecture 45: Functions and Expressions • 182 pages Lecture 46: SAP HANA SQL Reference Guide by.. SECTION 10: SAP HANA Administration Lecture 48: Stopping and Starting SAP HANA Server .. 63 pages Lecture 47: Development Guide on SQL Script by SAP.

. Log.. Lecture 54: SAP HANA Updating and Patching Lecture 55: Integration with Solution Manager Lecture 56: How to perform a data restore Lecture 57: Transport Management in SAP..Lecture 49: SAP HANA Client Install Lecture 50: SAP HANA Installation and Configuration Lecture 51: Backup Data... Configuration Lecture 52: How to run 1st Query in SAP HANA Lecture 53: SAP Software Lifecycle.

.Lecture 58: Turning SQL Tracing On and Off SECTION 11: HA and DR in SAP HANA Lecture 59: High Availability Lecture 60: Disaster Tolerance Hardware Lecture 61: Scale out SAP HANA SECTION 12: Sample SAP HANA development objects Lecture 62: How to create a Schema in SAP HANA.. Lecture 63: Stored Procedures-Basic Lecture 64: Stored Procedures-Script Lecture 65: How to create Sequences Lecture 66: How to create Triggers .

SECTION 13: Reporting Lecture 73: SAP HANA Database connectivity options Lecture 74: SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Lecture 75: Reporting using Microsoft Excel ..Lecture 67: Creating a Synonym Lecture 68: Explain Plans Lecture 69: How to Create View GUI Lecture 70: How to do Data Profiling Lecture 71: How to do CE Scripting language Lecture 72: Importing and Exporting Data..

.Lecture 76: SAP BusinessObjects Explorer Lecture 77: SAP Business Objects BI 4.0 Lecture 78: SAP Crystal Reports Lecture 79: WebIntelligence connecting to SAP. SECTION 14: Conclusion Lecture 80: Conclusion SECTION 15: Quizzes • 35 questions Quiz 1: SAP HANA Studio and Modelling Quiz ..


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