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As per Ayurveda Horse Gram is used as the cure and remedy for kidney stones.

It is good for reducing cholestrol. It is especially good for obesity. It is considered helpful for iron deficiencies, and is considered helpful for maintaining body temperature in the winter season. Cures sore throat. It is good for eyes. It reduces weight by its hot potency Dr.Elchuris recipe for weight loss: Ulava Guggillu (Horse gram) : Softly boiled. Usage: Start with 20 to 25 gm and gradually increase to 50 to 100 gm. Take in the Morning and Evening. Can add onion and chilly pieces along with seasoning. Take butter milk and barley for reducing heat generated due to above food. Benefits: Excess fat in Stomach reduces and excess weight will be reduced. Other recipes for using Horse gram: 1) Horse gram Rasam / Kollu rasam recipe - I Wash 1 cup horse gram in water. Add about 3 cups of water and cook in pressure cooker. (Soaking the horsegram for few hours helps in cooking faster). It normally takes a very long time compared to any other pulses/grams. About 5-6 whistles. Separate water and cooked horse gram. Save both. 2 cups horse gram water 2 green chillies 1/4 cup chopped onion 1 tea spn ghee 1 tea spn chopped garlic 1 tbl spn cooked horse gram(optional) Salt Method: Add onion, salt and green chillies to the horse gram water and bring it to boil. Grind 1 tbl spoon of cooked horse gram and add it to the boiling mixture. Cook till the water reduces a bit and gets a bit thicker. Take off heat. Heat ghee and add garlic. When the garlic turns brownish, add this seasoning to the saru. 2) Horse gram rasam/ Kollu rasam recipe - II 1. Horse gram- 3 tablespoons, roasted and ground 2. Tomatoes- 2, normal-sized, cut into cubes 3. Coriander/ Cilantro leaves- I tablespoon, chopped 4. Coriander powder- teaspoon

5. Jeera or cumin powder- teaspoon 6. Rasam powder- 1 tablespoon 7. Red chili powder- 1 teaspoon 8. Garlic cloves- 2 or 3, chopped 9. Lemon juice- 3 teaspoons 10. Pepper powder- to taste 11. Salt- to taste 12. Water- a few cups Ingredients for seasoning 1. Mustard seeds- one pinch 2.Dry red chili pepper- 2 3. Curry leaves- 4 or 5 Method 1. Take a deep pan and pour 2 or 3 cups of water in it. 2. Crush the tomatoes and add to the water 3. Now add horse gram to this. 4.Add all the other ingredients, except cilantro leaves. 5. Place the pan on high flame 6. Once the rasam boils, reduce the flame and let it simmer for around 5 minutes. 7. Add coriander leaves and keep the pan aside. 8. In a pan heat a little oil. Splutter all the seasoning and add this to the rasam. 9. Enjoy hot. 3) Horse gram Chutney - I 1. Horsegram- cup 2. Red chili peppers- 2 3. Coconut, freshly grated- 1 tablespoons 4. Onions, small- 7, finely chopped 5. Tamarind- A little, to taste 6. Garlic cloves- 2 or 3, chopped. 7. Oil-2 tablespoons 8. Salt- to taste 9. Water- just enough to help grind Ingredients for seasoning 1. Mustard seeds- one pinch 2.Dry red chili pepper- 2 3. Curry leaves- 4 or 5 Method 1. Place a frying pan or wok on flame. 2. Take horse gram and roast it in the wok till you hear crackling. 3. Transfer the horse gram to another vessel. Keep it aside to cool.

4. In the wok, heat the oil. 5. Add onion and garlic and saut them. 6. Add tamarind and red chili peppers and continue to saut. 7. Add coconut and mix it. Remove from flame before the coconut turns brown. 8. Add horse gram to this mixture and put in salt to taste. 9. Blend this in a blender/ mixer. Add enough water to make it into a thick paste. 10. In a pan heat a little oil. Splutter all the seasoning and add this to the paste. 11. The horse gram chutney/ muthira Chammandi is ready. 4) Horse gram Chutney - II Ingredients horse gram -1 cup garlic -2 flakes coriander seeds -1 tsp cumin seeds - 1tsp curry leaves little red chillies -2

Method Boil horsegram in a cooker(3-4 whistles) and keep it aside. Heat little oil in a pan and fry coriander seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves, red chillies and garlic and let it cool for sometime. Then grind everything coarsely. It goes very well with rice.You can add little ghee with it while eating. 5) Horsegram VADA

2cups Horsegrams/Lentils/Kollu 1no Onion (chopped) 2nos Green chillies (chopped) 1tsp Ginger (chopped) 5nos Curry leaves 1/2tsp Fennel seed powder Salt Oil for deepfrying

Soak the horsegram for atleast two hours drain the water and grind them as coarse paste without water If its too hard to grind, just sprinkle some water..add the chopped onions, chopped green chillies, chopped ginger pieces, curryleaves, fennel seed powder and salt, mix everything well Heat the oil for deep frying, Take a small ball from the horsegram-spice mixture, flat them in your palms and gently put them in hot oil, fry them until they get well cooked,

strain the excess of oil with a paper towel.. Serve hot with spicy coconut chutney! 6) Horse Gram / Kollu Paruppu Podi Ingredients 3/4 Cup Split Urad dal 1/4 Cup Horse gram 1/2 Cup Red Chilies (adjust to taste) 10 - 15 Curry leaves a tiny piece of asfoetida Salt to taste 3 tsp(start with 2 tsp and adjust if more is needed after powdering Method In a kadai dry roast the urad dal till it starts to turn a slight brown. Set aside roast the horse gram till it starts to pop (take care not to make them black gently toast the asafetida heat the curry leaves for a minute or two in the microwave till crisp heat the chilies in the microwave for 2 minutes or roast them in the kadai Add salt If you are making the podi for rice, powder it fine and if using for idlis make it a bit coarse.