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Call for Papers

2nd Alumni Education Forum “Reforming Azerbaijan’s Education System: Challenges and Policy Solutions” June 20, 2013, Baku, Azerbaijan
Organizers: US-Educated Azerbaijan Alumni Association (AAA), Center for Innovations in Education (CIE), and Baku American Center of the Azerbaijan University of Languages Venue and Date: Baku American Center of the Azerbaijan University of Languages, located at 60 Rashid Behbudov Street. The conference will run from 9:30 to 13:00, on June 20, 2013. Deadline for submitting abstracts: May 17, 2013 Deadline for submitting full papers: June 7, 2013 Working language of the conference: Azerbaijani On behalf of the organizers – AAA, Center for Innovations in Education and Baku American Center, we would like to invite you to the 2nd Alumni Education Forum to submit your academic papers addressing educational issues important for Azerbaijan’s educational reform for 2030.

Objectives of Forum
 The goal of the 2nd Alumni Education Forum is to gather alumni, education policymakers, and other aspiring researchers in order to begin an open discussion of Azerbaijan’s educational issues and to propose future policy recommendations to the Ministry of Education and other interested bodies. Thus, we are looking for data-driven, evidence-based research policy papers that can shed light on educational policy in Azerbaijan. The 2nd Alumni Education Forum will allow education specialists from different background to come together to discuss educational problems and policy challenges. We hope to develop lasting connections between researchers, policy-makers, and policy implementers and to inspire further higher-level research. More than 30 guests including, policymakers, high-profile education specialists, civil society representatives active in the education field and other researchers will participate at the 2nd Alumni Education Forum. The Forum gives an important opportunity for researchers to share their work at the national level with those most interested in improving Azerbaijan’s education system. Education is one of the fields where professionals with study abroad experience have been most engaged in making progressive changes. This Forum gives us the opportunity to attract the active alumni community, all professional researchers, and progressive education policymakers in order to benefit from international practice. Taking the theme of “Reforming Azerbaijan’s Education System: Challenges and Policy Solutions” the Forum will provide policy suggestions and recommendations for the invitees.


2013 Format Specifications: Times New Roman font. single-spaced. Vitaly Radsky at VRadsky@cie. 2013 Format of proposals Abstract Specifications Length: Maximum one page. include three keywords below the abstract. Resources: We encourage you to visit the Baku American Center and take advantage of their online database resources (EBSCO. School infrastructure and financing. Government programs for workforce development (Study Abroad State Program) Important dates Please. Distance learning in higher education. Send To: Please. Language: Azerbaijani/English Deadline: May 17. This list is only suggestive— paper submissions are welcome on any educational topic with policy implications:            Curriculum and content for all educational levels. remember the following important dates:      Abstract Submission Date: May 17. size and write 2nd Education Forum Abstract Proposal—Your Name. Themes The following list provides examples of possible themes for paper submissions. Educational standards. 2013 Full Paper Submission Deadline: June 07. 2013 Education Forum Date: June 20. School leadership and management. JSTOR. Teacher training and development.Expected outcome: The papers presented at the Forum will be compiled and sent to a wide range of state education policymakers and other governmental bodies. Education for socially disadvantaged groups. Please. Community involvement in schooling. 2013 Notification of Acceptance/Rejection and Request of Full Paper: May 24. in the subject line of the 2013 Rehearsal for presenters: June 17-19. 2 . send as an attachment to Vali Huseynov at Vali.) for your Oxford and Cambridge University Press. and Aynur Nabiyeva at ANabiyeva@cie. Springer etc. Gaps in higher education and research. Issues in educational equity and inclusion. and include up to five main references for paper.

Contact If you have any questions. in the subject line of the e-mail. and Aynur Nabiyeva at size 11.Huseynov@fulbrightmail. Please include 2nd Alumni Education Forum Full Paper Proposal—Your Name. 10 additional minutes will be given for discussion. Vitaly Radsky VRadsky@cie. all abstracts and papers will be judged by an independent panel of highly recognized academicians and researchers. single spaced. please contact the 2nd Alumni Education Forum coordinator.Huseynov@fulbrightmail. 2013 Format Specifications: Times New Roman Review Process: Upon acceptance of your Abstract. you will be notified to submit your Final and a full bibliography at the end of the paper. send as an attachment to Vali Huseynov Vali. Since some organizers are planning to present papers for the event. Language: Azerbaijani/ English Deadline: June 7. Vali Huseynov at Vali.Full Paper Specifications Length: Maximum twelve (12) pages including bibliography and charts. Presentation Format: Presenters are highly encouraged to use visual materials such as posters or PowerPoint. Presentation Specifications Language: Azerbaijani (consecutive translation from English to Azerbaijani will be provided if requested) Presentation Length: Presentations should be formatted to be delivered deliver in 15 minutes. Please include a shortened abstract (maximum 150 words) with three keywords below the abstract. Presentation Preparation: To ensure quality of presentations we intend to hold presentation rehearsals with all accepted presenters in the week preceding the forum. 3 . Send To: Please.