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Grockit AP Test Prep

Grockit Student Benefits Grockit provides a social learning environment proven to engage students with collaborative technologies like group chat and social games. Grockit research shows that students in group study answer more questions correctly and study longer. Grockit enables efficient solo study through anywhere, anytime access to practice tests, reviews and easy-to-schedule tutoring from world-class tutors that are former or current AP instructors at leading AP programs. Key Platform Features Fully adaptive learning assessment, diagnostics and skill-topic-level analytics Thousands of standards-aligned questions & expert-written explanations Personalized study plans aligned to College Board Curriculum Guides Solo and, or group study, tutor-led learning Teacher/Admin dashboards with robust, detailed performance reporting Cutting edge, flexible content management system for content updates, customization
Grockit at a Glance Over 1M students worldwide have used Grockit to successfully prepare for tests. And, more people have used Grockit through private network partner deployments for K-12 schools, online universities and virtual schools. Grockit delivers social, collaborative and personal learning, fueled by adaptive learning algorithms and up-front analysis that identifies and compensates for student learning strengths and weaknesses.

Grockit Company Facts Grockit was started by Farb Nivi, former National Teacher of the Year for The Princeton Review and academic director at Kaplan. Key Grockit business leaders worked at Google, Sylvan Learning, Microsoft, IBM and distinguished academic institutions. Headquartered in San Francisco, Grockit investors include Atlas Venture, Benchmark Capital, GSV Capital, Integral Capital Partners, NewSchools Ventures and prominent angel investors including Reid Hoffman (founder, LinkedIn) and Mark Pincus (founder-CEO, Zynga).

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2011 AP Test Subjects: Calculus AB/BC, US History

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Grockit has helped me tremendouslynow I feel much more confident! Thanks to the very helpful tutors I've learned many valuable tips and strategies. - Olivia R., AP student, class of 2010

Grockit Facts
Engagement Over 10M questions answered since Students ask for help 1000 times day, comment, say thanks 1000+ times a day Questions answered at rate of 1 per second for the week before 2010 AP exams Efficacy May 2011 Grockit research proved group study beats solo study Group spent 3x time per session, solved 2x problems, answered 10% more correctly GMAT students selfreport score boosted by average of 40 points Collaboration 50%+ of Grockit student questions in group study mode 44% of problems solved daily through Intl collaboration in 43 countries Over half of students studying each day choose group study Grockit Adoption 1M+ WW tried Grockit KIPP Calif. schools: SFBay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego Equal Opportunity Schools Oakland & San Jose Florida Virtual Schools 12% GMAT testers WW Largest online schools