Using the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon, Tabs and Groups A new feature of Microsoft Office 2007 is the

Ribbon. The Ribbon is located at the top of your screen and replaces some of the drop down menus used in previous versions of Microsoft Office. The Ribbon will help you locate the buttons (or commands) which can be used to perform various tasks. The buttons are organized under tabs on the Ribbon and clustered in related groups. Many of your basic commands such as opening a new document, saving and printing are located by clicking the Office Button in the upper left corner of your screen. The sample ribbon below will help acquaint you with these new features in Office.

Word 2007 Ribbon
Office Button Quick Access Toolbar Tabs


Buttons (or Commands)

Directions for Assignment: Carefully read and complete the following steps. Use the tools indicated and the hints to perform each task. Complete each step in order exactly as it says. Use the Word Help on the top right corner of the screen (Question Mark) if you need additional help. 1. Using Microsoft Word 2007, open a new Word document. (hint–Click the Office Button and choose New on the drop down list. Then, double click the Blank Document icon.) Note: Always begin with a blank document for each assignment. Do not use a template unless instructed. Save your document to your Network Drive folder as “frenzy.docx”. (hint–Office Button>Save As>Word

2. Set the top margin at 0.5” and the bottom margin at 0.55” and the left and right margins to .75”
(hint-Page Layout tab>Page Set-up group>Margins>Custom Margins).

3. At the top of the page, type your full name aligned in the center . Change the font and size of your name to Engravers MT, size 20 (hint-Home tab>Paragraph and Font groups). 4. Change font size to 14 and your alignment to Left . Use the BULLETS button, to create a list of 3 adjectives that describe the people you like (example: honest, loyal, fun, caring, daring, exciting, etc.). (hint-find these buttons on the ribbon of the Home tab). Updated: 5/4/2013

5. Change font size to 12 point font. Use the NUMBERING



DECREASE INDENT buttons to create the following outline of favorite foods: (hint-find these buttons on the ribbon of the Home tab).

Favorite Foods 1. Entrees a. Spaghetti b. Tacos c. Hamburgers 2. Drinks a. Diet Coke b. Iced Tea 3. Desserts a. Ice Cream b. Carrot Cake 8. Use the Heading 1 button to change the title “Favorite Foods” to Heading 1 style (hint-Home tab>Styles group>Heading 1). 9. Change each of the headings (entrees, drinks and desserts) and related items to a different font style and font color. (hint- don’t forget to change all items under the entrees, drinks and desserts to match the headings). 10. After the “Favorites” list, hit enter 4 times. Use the LINE SPACING button to change the line spacing to double (hint- 2.0). Then, type 3 sentences that describe your personality, the things you like, and the things you dislike. (hint- Home tab>Paragraph group) 11. Insert a page break. (hint- Insert tab>Pages group>Page Break) 12. Create a footer that has the name of the file. (hint-Insert tab>Footer>Quick Parts>Field>FileName.
Remember to click on “ Close Header and Footer” button to return to your document.)

13. Create a table that is 7 columns X 2 rows. (hint- Insert tab>Tables. After clicking on the tables button,
click and hold your mouse button while you drag to cover 7 columns and 2 rows forming a 7X2 table.)

14. Make the font size in the table to an 8 point font. (hint-Home tab>Font group) Type the days of the week in each cell of the first row. Type the number of hours you sleep under each day. 15. Use the HIGHLIGHT button to highlight the day of the week that you sleep the most hours. (hint- the highlight button is on the ribbon of the Home tab>Font group). 16. Change your font to 10 point font. (hint-Home tab>Font group) Type the following verse under your table. Center the verse in your document as shown below. Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream 17. Show formatting symbols by clicking on the Show/Hide button

. (hint- Home tab>Paragraph

Updated: 5/4/2013

18. Scroll up in the document to find and remove the page break you inserted earlier. Also remove any extra Returns that you may have entered (hint- To remove page break, click on the right side of the
page break in your document. When cursor appears to the right of the break, press the delete key.)

19. Above your name add a centered WORDART that says “For Hire” to the top of your document. (hint- Click to the left of your name at the top of your document and hit the Enter key to create a
blank space above your name. Then choose Insert tab>Text group>WordArt. Select a design that you like, click OK and type “For Hire”. After it has been made, click on it and click the Center icon on the formatting toolbar. Your name should be below “For Hire”.)

20. Use the FIND AND REPLACE function to replace the word boat with the name of your favorite type of car (hint-Home tab>Editing group>Replace. Enter boat in the “find what” box and enter the name of
your favorite car in the “replace with” box. Click the Replace All button).

21. Use the FIND AND REPLACE function to replace row with tow. 22. Use the FIND AND REPLACE function to replace stream with street. 23. Underneath your name, type Qualifications: in Engravers MT, size 14. 24. Under the bulleted list, type Salary to be Paid In: in Engravers MT, size 14. 25. Under your favorites list, type Self Evaluation: in Engravers MT, size 14. 26. Under your personality paragraph, type Availability: in Engravers MT, size 14. 27. Under the table, type Motto: in Engravers MT, size 14. 28. Proof read and SPELL CHECK 29. Use the PRINT PREVIEW your document. (hint- Review tab>Proofing>Spelling and Grammar)

icon to verify that your document is one page. (hint-click Office Button>Print>Print Preview. Close print preview to continue.) If your document is more than one page, delete any blank lines you might have entered.

30. Save your completed assignment to be graded with the rest of the standard.

Updated: 5/4/2013

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