Prometheus a statue of this Greek god sits in front of the John D.

Rockefeller center in New York, the flame atop his head is the flame of illumination.

This woman openly promoted the smoking of Hashish as a spiritual enhancer. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (-Hahn), (Jekaterinoslav 12 august. 1831 – London 8 may 1891 author of (The Secret Doctrine), founder of the Theosophical School. She was a leading theosophist before her death; she had many protégés among them was the famed Annie Besant, and Alice Ann Bailey of “The reappearance of the Christ” fame.

Annie Besant Besant was considered by George Bernard Shaw to bethe greatest female orator of her time. Besant was a great friend of Mahatma Ghandi and his cohort Jawarhlal Nehru.

In the book written by Alice Bailey she claimed that the earth would pass through a “cleansing cycle”. all those who rejected the idea that humanity could experience their own godhood. adopted much of its ideology from the “Fabian Society” an organization populated by theosophist‟s all of whom called themselves “intellectuals”. In the following section.” The present British Labor Party once led by Tony Blair and now by Gordon Brown.Annie Besant was an avowed atheist before she met madame Blavatsky. The organization that has as its primal responsibility the collective security of the human race and the education of the race has a value system developed by theosophists who have a religion that has been dubbed “The New Age Movement. Shaw was the most famous English playwright of the 19th and 20th century. popular culture and even religion are decidedly of a pronounced antiChristian value system as a result Christian youth should be maximally equipped with information that will allow them to separate the truth of their value system from the paganism taught on university campuses and elsewhere. . As can be seen some of the most powerful and influential public figures in the western hemisphere. In the spheres of politics. some of its more famous members were Annie Besant and George Bernard Shaw. Unfortunately. as can be seen this teaching is simply the same deception that Satan told Eve in the garden. such as Christians and others would be “removed” as part of that cleansing cycle according to her Jesus was simply an “ascended master” each of us can ascend therefore we all have the potential to be “Christ like”. this teaching is a part of the core value system as set forth in the teaching material of the United Nations. we will examine the intellectualization of drug addiction and the glamorization of such by mainly western European so called intellectuals.

even greater than that of Blavatsky in the New Age movement. head of the Indian National Congress. . Besant was appointed. Both these men openly admitted to their Cocaine useFreud was an outright Junky who said Cocaine was his personal medicine and he came up with most of his theories that are used today in Colleges and universities while under its influence . Annie Besant became leader of the occult theosophical society. She also fought for the restoration of the Indian cults.Since the bible calls these practices sorcery and when one is under a drugs influence it is really a demonspirit that one is opened to or possessed by one can see why this work states that the so called secular world is in fact the kingdom of Satan since their inspiration for everything that they do is literally demon inspired ways of thinking and living.N. Another well-known theosophist/occultitian and Blavatsky clone is Annie Besant. Sigmund Freud the Cocaine addicted occult practioner and his friend Carl Jung also an occultist invented modern psychology. even some in the Black Nationalist and “Consciousness” communities have perpetuated the drug lifestyle or rather to use a term from their own lingua the drug death style. The influence of Bailey's works has been. Lauded by Western academia as the father of their modern psychology. John D Rockefeller in 1947 he donated the grounds on which the present day United Nations building sits to the U. established by the British government in 1917. and began to regard India as her home.Black men and women who consider themselves to be “intellectuals” have also glamorized the drug life.

The similarities between certain practices of sect‟s worldwide in the nineteen thirties are astounding. The thirties saw an upsurge in millenarian movements and messianic sects. Rastafari is only one of many. Figure1. was a vehement critic of Haile Selassie hemaligned him for seeking British protection during the Italian aggression led by Benito Mussolini against Ethiopia in the nineteen thirties .A. She was waiting to be reincarnated in order to continue her work to save the earth.Before her death in 1933. This book aims to reveal the various influences and aspects within Shamanist cultures.A. Marcus Mosiah Garvey the Jamaican born leader of the U.I. Marcus Garvey the Jamaican born 1930. Many claim that Rastafari was as a result of a “prophecy”by Marcus Moziah Garvey. Garvey never recognized the Rastafari as a serious Black Nationalistorganization.N.additionally it is.I. . at Madras she tried to establish her Hindu protégé J Krishnamurti as the “messiah.N.”and a world teacher. CHAPTER 1: THE ESOTERIC ORIGINS OF RASTAFARI.s Black Nationalist and head of the U. the Universal Negroe Improvement Association. an introduction to the Full Body Ministry.

that they have created for themselves. who travelled to Africa as a missionary. what it truly is.Garvey organized Africans on the continent and around the globe. The type of literature Iam alluding to is that which has been created by white writers and journalists.” as direct prophetic fulfillment in the crowning of Haile Selassie.Africanists gained their core ideology. Marcus Garvey was influenced by his own admission by one Edward Wilmot Blyden.V. he was truly a world citizen.I. collectively mobilize people for mass action. Many people will try to falsify history and reduce Garvey to a narrow paradigm as exclusive to Jamaica his significance transcends geographic boundaries. Garvey never prophesied of the coronation of Haile Selassie. and diminish the accomplishments and contributions. Most soapbox orators of the time. The Rastafari took Garveys scriptural quotation of psalms 68: 31. Garvey proclaimed many times in speeches that a prince would come out of Africa Ethiopia would soon stretch out her hands unto God quoting from psalms. of the Black Nationalist persuasion. “Princes shall come out of Egypt. wherein they have been able to generate exorbitant amounts of funds pandering to the type of readership that they cater to. around his Black Nationalist philosophy it is from the school of thought developed by this man. the statements made by this white journalist will not go unchallenged in this work. A native of the B. Garvey was no exception he was shrewd. the widow of Garvey Amy Jacques Garvey was able to procure formerly confidential FBI documents and also the actual transcripts of the court proceedings that led to the illegal conviction of Marcus Garvey . Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God. whose lives changedfor the better after reading Garveys work. Although many earlier Garveyites later became Rastafari this was a personal choice not something inspired by a cohesive philosophy. to minimize.he knew how to. The bible was held in high esteem. Through the Freedom of Information Act. pandering to what they consider to be their humanist side. I will touch lightly on the subject. I am aware of quite a few people. to stir the collective souls of their audiences. I will now deal with a very troubling development.A St Thomas resident. and an economic niche.anyone familiar with scripture was honored by poor blacks of the time. often quoted biblical passages in an attempt. there exists much hypocrisy. that many of the modern African intellectuals and Pan. is rank racism and . a scriptural quote is not a prophesy. Within this type of literature. that Marcus Garvey made to the Black man globally. Marcus Garvey being led “captive” by his American captors on a false charge of using the US mail servicesto facilitate fraudulent activity. but which will not remain unchallenged. his teaching was universal the aspects of “Garveyism” that are separatist and racist his concept of race “purity”. and it is with indignation that I write when I deal with their outright blatant attempt. Arrogance. in a certain type of literature that has been developed.

Lee‟ attempt at diminishing the impact and influence of Marcus Garvey on the development of African civilization in the Diaspora is exposed in this work for what it is. In her book The First Rasta Helen Lee claims.“nationalism” I reject outright and condemn that aspect of his teaching the other aspects of Garveyism that are conducive to my wholesome development I can consume the rest I discard as unacceptable for my “consumption”.R. a specious attempt at misinformation the historical records clearly show that Garvey was deported back to Jamaica he later left for England where he died in 1940 by creating the false notion that Garvey never returned to Jamaica but was somehow sent to England is a deliberate and malicious attempt by this white journalist claiming to identify so greatly with the Rastafari that even within the obvious suicidal behavior of Athlyi( “Roger Athlyi”writer of the Holy Piby i.e.L. The significance of these people and their life‟s work was mentioned in order to illustrate how these persons influenced and shaped the thinking of Caribbean people. the Rastafari . Although men like C. The mistake of black people identifying with anyone “popular” who looks like them is an example of a negative cultural characteristic that apostolic people must avoid. or creed. George Padmore . another person‟s allegiance to Jesus forms the basis of my allegiance to that person regardless of race.For this reason I have openly stated apostolic people cannot honor anyone whether they are black or white simply on the basis of their status as a “pop icon”. Blyden. I identify more with a Chinese or Japanese who is truly saved than with any black manor woman who is not. where he resumed his activities on behalf of Africans everywhere. James and later Malcolm X and Martin Luther King J. Malcolm X‟ impact transcends the so called African American Malcolm X is revered by many Muslim youth from Morocco and throughout much of Muslim Africa. Lee who is obviously enamored with Howell. Garvey was a product of the type of thinking being developed amongst African descendants in the West at that time. Lee also made the ridiculous claim that Garvey never returned to Jamaica she correctly stated that Garvey died in England in 1940. skin color is not the basis for my allegiance. After his release from prison on trumped up charges Marcus Garvey was deported to Jamaica in 1928.R. C. The global universe of education produced Garvey.L. was pandering to certain sentiments and sensibilities of the type of readership that she caters to. He was politically active in Jamaica where he ran for a seat on the city council while he was in prison. There were many black Marxists and Communists some like Harry Belafonte are revered by many people who call themselves Christian how can you claim Christ and revere and honor someone who is diametrically opposed to all that you claim to stand a supposedly informed individual could make such a claim. pop culture is not limited to music. color. that Marcus Garvey was agitating for integration. These men were not mere soapbox orators they literally shaped the world and influenced generations of the earth‟s populace. James were Marxist‟s they still shaped much of what is termed “Black Literature” today. he won by an overwhelming margin. can mean only one thing. „Popular culture” denotes all accepted art forms that have made a significant impact in what is considered an acceptable or professional standard.R. particularly in the Sudan and outside of the Muslim community in Africa he is honored by many on the continent and throughout the Western hemisphere .

students of the enlightened variety both white and black have long accepted and understood the universal truths espoused by Marcus Garvey. who openly called themselves PanAfricanists after the ideology developed by Marcus Mosiah Garvey. to want to adopt him as father of their various movements. but rather it is a reflection on the men as human beings. Marcus Mosiah Garvey on the other hand influenced black intellectuals globally and he still does so today from politicians and preachers to university students to street hustlers Garveyism has had an enduring impact on the world that no human being can diminish nor deny. the Rastafari. Lee erroneously claimed that speaking in tongues is akin to the “possession.” of the cults.This in the case of writers like Helen Lee and Timothy White is a decidedly pro-Rastafari worldview. The likes of Athlyi was not and have never been a great influence on black people globally Athlyi‟ marginal influence is limited to the few followers he had in his heyday. fortunately for Garvey history will show that he was not a socialist. likewise Leonard Howell. On the point of the church‟ role in the Caribbean. such as Kwame Nkrumah. as created by whites is portrayed by Lee.however his separatist rhetoric has been and rightly should be avoided by most the applicability of his political program as pertains to the betterment of the condition of the African in the Diaspora should be championed by any truly enlightened Caribbean leader. The attempt by some white writers to portray “speaking” in tongues as a “black phenomena”. The very fact that these parties are now vying for the right to call Marcus Garvey.and absolutist in their governing styles bordering on oligarchies. The ideology called Garveyism. the father of their political ideology.lumped Christianity with Pocomania. led to these men formulating the methods. led to many African leaders. . points to his universal acceptance that has in fact forced the political hierarchy in his homeland. who may or may not be to the uneducated and the ignorant is an example of their use of their mastery of the written word to portray events in favor of the worldview that they espouse. project all of their pent up sexual substituting for the lack of men in said Today both the JLP and the PNP of Jamaica are both vying for the right to call themselves the ideological successors of Marcus Garvey. Caribbean people do not need white journalists or academicians to define their reality. and means that they would later utilize to bring about the independence of their respective countries. Both the JLP and PNP are socialistic in their rhetoric. as a psychological prop. Garvey believed firmly in the democratic ideal. unto which black Caribbean Christian women. The Pentecostal movement is a factworldwide. Athlyi killed himself plain and simple no amount of misplaced pandering to misdirected sensibilities can change this. The ideology that Garvey espoused.theycan define their own reality. in fact was his preferred economic model. The Jesus image. “Speaking in tongues” has been observed all over the globe even among Europeans and Caucasians in America and Canada. Lee in her attempt to describe the church services of some people. and other religious sects. and capitalism. many people around the world grew up in the Pentecostal movement. and Jomo Kenyatta just to mention two very famous leaders. Lee attempts to portray the role of women.Lee attempted to make Athlyi some sort of hero. accounts of such are to be found in newspaper articles and on video footage throughout the western hemisphere. That they failed to follow in the PanAfrican tradition after having achieved independence is no reflection on Garveyism at all. in practice they are decidedly autocratic. Pan-Africanists.

anyone can discover this for themselves by studying the original theology of Rastafari. of some of the better known Rastafari sects. the Rastafari saw his denial as a sign of humility. these were some of the earliest and chief leaders. there are many church institutions regionally who do not encourage the veneration of any imagery periodtaken from Roman Catholicism. and sophisticated than any one from outside said group.While these writers can champion whatever worldview they want to their attempts at lumping the very real experience of the indwelling of the Holy Ghost in “true Christians” with demon or spirit possession akin to the possession at a Voodoo ceremony will be challenged in this work as it is mere fantasy and conjecture on the part of two journalist‟s attempting to explain away something that is experienced by people globally regardless of color or creed on a daily basis. Leonard Howell one of the earliest Rastafari leaders/ “prophets” was an ardent admirer of Hinduism. presuming to be ableto precisely analyze an entire group of people will ever be able to fathom. The philosophical packaging and ideology of Rastafari is similar in many aspects. and uneducated young black men and women the eldership consisted of war veterans. as all such attempts must fail. and downtrodden of society. as a purely “black” phenomena limited to a few backward peasants and women with a limited education nothing could be farther from the truth. and the so-called white Jesus image. Howell began in the early thirties encouraging his followers to revere Haile Selassie as a messiah. . by dint of the fact that. some of whom were honored with imperial medals by the emperor. A Rastafari delegation went to Africa after the visit of Haile Selassie to Jamaica Haile Selassie himself denounced the idea that he was divine. Vernon Carrington founder of the twelve tribes of Israel is a well-known Rastafari leader. were largely poor. right down to their Vegan diet. and many young unwed mothers.All the other more contemporary leaders rose to prominence in the nineteen sixties. the African in the Diaspora is far more complicated. even in Jamaican society is not revered by all.RobertNesta Marley the half-caste boy from Kingston being its most ardent seed planter.The first Rastafari unlike today. both these men rose to prominence in the sixties. The original Howellites could be heard chanting to Krishna the Hindu-god. Some well-known leaders were Joseph Hinds. and why his doctrine appealed to the disenfranchised. The idea of Haile Selassie as a god later gained global prominence through the medium of Reggae music. There has been and still are in the region churches that emphatically teach an anti-Eurocentric doctrine. those of us who truly know what the “Full Body Ministry. Mention also must be made here of Prince Emmanuel the founder of the Emmanualites so called “Bobo Shanties”. For one the truly Christian woman would consider such thoughts sacrilegious. not in the early 20th century nor today. and worshipped Jesus. even the pagan Christmas is not venerated nor celebrated by Apostolic people in the Caribbean nor around the globe. Archibald Dunkley and Nathaniel Hibberts. stating that he was a Christian. during this time there were many Rastafari mendicants. Haile Selassie received certain Rastafari leaders during his Jamaican visit. The weak attempt of a white woman to define the experience of the African in the Diaspora failed. though there were many leaders. some former Garveyites. and Indian culture and philosophy in general. the person wishing to know truth must first understand who Howell was. Since true Christianity is diametrically opposed to occultism.” stands for can appreciate the paradox in the Hinduism.

Even after Howells camp (Pinnacle) was broken up. he was one of them who succeeded where many failed in establishing a commune where his people could live and work largely undisturbed by outsiders. turning to. young. as they had their Wallace Fard and Elijah Poole aka Elijah Muhammad. This situation has led to an increasingly alarming number of single. Howell renounced his British citizenship claiming Ethiopia as the Promised Land for blacks. While criminal enterprise has proven to be very lucrative. Howell was what the poor saw as a way of escape at that time he knew what they wanted him for and he wanted power and lordship thusly both parties were served they fed his illusions of grandeur and he literally fed them in this scenario each party corrupted the other yet they both . he even had a harem in the manner of the Hindu kings that he so admired. young women. The situation today has not changed much the Village Ram mentality. (These men also claimed to be messiahs or Mahdi=Arabic for messiah). was his ability to galvanize his followers few before him or after him have been able to do what he did. even amongst African Americans. he took them to a hot springs bath that relaxed their minds and bodies healing them of many ailments in their physical bodies. When Howell came on the scene preaching black pride and hailing Haile Selassie as a god. What was novel about Howell though. poor. Based on historical accounts then we can safely say that Leonard Howell was not a novelty in the early thirties when this type of teaching was widespread amongst black people globally. Howell was well read and had traveled extensively when he lived in the city of New York.”he more than likely sold Marijuana in his tea shop. and it is for that reason that I have chosen to focus on him. Howell lived in an Indian styled hilltop commune. the drug lords for their financial sustenance. years later in Jamaica. The youngmen and women that the dons employ. he influenced present day Rastafari thinking and living more so than any of the other leaders.The truly wealthy criminals hold a monopoly position. and are usually expendable when they no longer cooperate. many of his followers were able to galvanize large segments of the poorer classes behind their ideology. Howell himself functioned as a healer.Although Howell was not the only black Jamaican at that time teaching about a black messiah. Howell was not simply talking hope he was bringing about results many of the women he attracted were young uneducated single mothers looking for a way out poverty. Howell became an instant savior to those people at that time he became their leader a voice for the voiceless and a father to the fatherless. and Haile Selassie as their long awaited king who would deliver them from European colonial tyranny and oppression. Poverty lack of education and financial resources conditioned the masses of young people at that time to seek a way out of their situation. he would use his knowledge to heal people. are largely their pawns. called Pinnacle he called himself Gangunguru Marajh. of some in the Caribbean. he ran a “tea shop. has spawned a generation of young single parent households headed by mostly. The belief in a universal black messiah was widespread amongst African descendants in the Western hemisphere. or are either incarcerated or incapacitated. offering a refuge from the ghetto that they inhabited Howells practice of Marijuana use offered a temporary escape from the bleak landscape at that time. uneducated women.

for the purpose of cane cultivation. Howell used Cannabis as a means of gaining contact with the spirit world. Howell was meticulous in his choice of names and euphemism‟s Bob Marley‟s use of the name was mostly what they wanted . and tantricism. the smoking of Cannabis was an easier simpler method so this was employed. because of. as indentured servants. there are earthbound spirits. or ending of a session. Howell was adept at spirit channeling people felt a definite presence when he entered a room. (Holy)plant. Rastafari culture holds as a core tenet that. a Gong is a hallowed cymbal like instrument used by almost all oriental religious systems of worship. and smoked sacramentally by Sadhu‟s. Bob Marley would later emulate this man calling himself “Tough Gong. this instrument was also used to honor a particular deity‟spresence. Howell understood that the average youth. Cannabis cultivation. fire spirits. that was his hallmark his bearing and presence. Figure: A Cannabis plant.e. (elemental magicis rituals where various elemental spirits are conjured in order to aid the adepts. and also a respectful acquiescence of the preeminence of Howell. Howell was genuine in his beliefs he was willing to die for his beliefs and his followers this is what endears a man to anyone if a man is willing to die for his word that stance will inadvertently bring about a certain measure of respect from others even ones enemies. Howell was a bonafide channeler he was an adept in elemental magic. his son Blade in the book The First Rasta by Helen Lee corroborated this. water spirits. by Indian Sadhu‟s.introduced into the Caribbean. In the late sixties. and air spirits). .”meaning Iam tougher than Gong. to announce the proceeding. Cannabis Sativa is a sacred i. The original Gong was Leonard Howell. in the 17th century by the European. Howell and his followers were nominally wealthy people.of a western persuasion would never easily grasp the intricacies involved in spirit contact through meditation.

The above plant is a Hemp plant. .They brought with them their religious beliefs and gods. the plant is indigenous to West and Central Asia. or holy men brought Cannabis Sativa to Jamaica their worship of their gods sometimes entailed the smoking of Cannabis. as the 15th century. the Cannabis originated in both historical accounts in India). The Hemp plant was used chiefly as an industrial product. which was grown in the Caribbean region in as early as the 15th century this. at certain points an elixir would also be drunk this potion contained a mixture of honey and Cannabis. These people some of whom were called Sadhu‟s. was done chiefly by the British in an attempt to break the Russian monopoly on the production of Hemp as an industrial product.(Behang/Bhang). (Some accounts claim that the Spaniards introduced Cannabis into the Caribbean as early.

The complexed relationships evinced between these regions cannot be handled in this work as this will take the work into an unintended direction suffice it to say that this work is in fact a synopsis of a much broader work.D.The Euphrates and TigrisRiversrespectively areshown as two blue parallel lines flowing into the PersianGulf. 2007. The painting above the Sadhu is of Shiva and his consort. © Copyrights R.M.N. and a number of other regions Iraq is in South Western Asia. As recently as1979. The term Central Asia denotes portions of or the entire region of Turkistan. portions of Tajikistan and .The Sadhu smoking his sacrament “kali”. Turkey. Figure: This map indicates a portion of Western Asia Ur of the Chaldea is also indicated.Iran was known as Persia. Turkistan is the historical term for a region in Central Asia comprised of Kazakhstan. Syria. Western Asia denotes a number of geographic regions chiefly Iran. Shiva is the chief demon prince worshipped by Sadhu‟s. By Wade A Bailey.

Cannabis is used. Hemp is refined and developed into soap.and the Hemp products Marijuana. Hungary.Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. this occurred as a result of conquest by the Turks during the expansion of their Ottoman empire if one is an avid news buff you will recall that the Xinxiang province in China is a hotbed of Chinese Muslim “extremist activity. The Pinnacle settlement was associated with Indian plantation workers with locked hair. The aim here is not to promote the smoking of any substance recreationally or for selfmedication. I will now continue our look at the Hemp plant. Many persons clamor for its legalization as a means of furthering their own subversive agenda‟s. its usefulness as medicine has rarely been examined. Certain Rastafari elders called locks Zagavi. again using archeology and historical data I have shown and proven my statements and assertions shown herein. Hemp is also grown as an industrial product in Russia. and China. Authors note. In modern society in most countries of theworld. or taken seriously by the medical community. and Hajjis are used as drugs. they were all highly developed cultures in the past and had frequent contact amongst themselves.theetymology of the word. this was before any African descendants in Jamaica ever grew locks. evinced today among many people in all sectors of society. Based on the above information we have learnt that. it is in man‟s abuse and misuse of the plant that he has created the addictive behavior. it is used in paint. “The last piece of historical data shows why there is a Chinese Muslim population in China. it should come as no surprise to anyone that a common religion was shared by the people in the regions shown above. I will now resume my examination of the Pinnacle settlement and the lifestyle of its leader and his followers. Japan. Cannabis served a variety of uses. as a recreational drug. in the past as well as today. and the autonomous Chinese border territory ofXinxiang Uygur in the past it was called East Turkistan or Chinese Turkistan. the intent here is to honestly deal with the multi-functional role that Hemp products have played as a natural product that has been developed and exploited by man.” As can be seen taking into account the information given about the civilizations shown above. Zagavi is in the . Poland.

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