Arranged Marraige: Human Crusader & Vampire Dissenter


hapter wo: irst



lice slumped in her seat at the airport in England. She and her father

just arrived and he said that Christopher and his son were going to pick them up. Yayy…Why am I not happy? Her father abruptly got up and waved at the blonde man dragging his 18 year old son there. Hmph…at least he understands how pissed I feel right now… “Christopher! How are you my dear friend” Salvador hugged his friend. His son’s eyes landed on her. He had second thoughts about her, he was expecting some ugly monster…thing but what he saw was a gorgeous girl who could be mistaken for a super model. Alice caught him staring at her, she had to admit he had the most stunning blue eyes and blonde hair. She hissed at him and he visibly trembled. She smirked. Perfect… he’s intimidated by his wife…how appealing… she decided to use this weakness against him. She grinned at him showing her two pointy fangs and he cowered behind his father. She chuckled. What a wuss… Christopher glared at his son. “Son, don’t be rude introduce yourself” he said sternly. Christian swallowed his fear or most of it. “I-I’m Christian Cross welcome to England” he said. Salvador nodded in approval then turned to his daughter on the couch. “Dear, don’t be a stranger to your soon to be husband and father-in-law” he said. She rolled her eyes. For now dear father… She stood up in perfect posture and introduced herself. “I’m Alice Valoriette its nice to meet you” Alice gave her best smile that was absolutely flawless. Christopher patted his son on the back. “I’m very happy for you son, what a beautiful wife you have” Christian strained a smile. “Y-Yeah” he said lacking enthusiasm. Alice frowned at him. Yes but father have you forgotten that the so-called wife is a monster!!?

“Shall we?” Christopher said leading them to a limo waiting for them. Christopher and Salvador walked next to each other and Alice and Christian was forced to walk next to each other. Alice walked closer to Christian and whispered a low whisper so her father wouldn’t hear. “Don’t think I’ll just let you marry me first I’ll make you suffer…” she whispered in his ear making him stop in his steps. He stared at the floor in horror. She’s gonna kill me… Alice stopped and put on an innocent look. “Christian is there something wrong?” she asked innocently. Their fathers stopped. “Christian are you feeling uneasy?” Salvador asked. Christian gulped. Was this even safe? Marrying a vampire? What will he do if she’ll torture him for the rest of his pitiful mortal life? Look on the brighter side Christian! Your mortal so you won’t suffer for an eternity with her. Yeah! But I will suffer for the rest of my life!!! He ended his inner battle and his face regained color face regained its color. Alice noticed this and frowned. Why isn’t he cowering in fear!? “I’m perfectly fine” he said and hooked his arm in hers. He let out a small chuckle when she scowled at him. The fathers stepped in the limo and waited inside for the soon to be couple to do the same. “Is there something wrong Ali?” he asked her, she could sense the amusement in his voice. She pulled her arm back. “Don’t touch me you filthy human!” she hissed at him then she stepped into the limo. He stepped in and closed the door. He made sure to sit as close as possible just to piss her off even more. Has he ever heard of the concept of personal space!!? “Ali still thinking of that game? I want in” he whispered in her ear. She smirked. “Bring it on, Cross”

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