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At Krish Global, we specialize in Telecom Implementation Services, Telecom Consulting Services & Telecom Engineering Services using our extensive telecoms industry experience to give genuine, independent advice on the most appropriate telecommunication solutions for every business scenario. Krish Global advise you on the best solution for your network build and roll-out. We provide a complete range of telecom implementation services, telecommunication consulting services & telecom engineering services. We have a great depth of experience and breadth of expertise in this field of work to ensure a seamless solution no matter how large or small. Our engineering teams is made up of certified engineers who will assess your design needs and help implement cost-effective solutions that meet your specific business requirements. As a telecom consulting services we advice our customer in different areas of telecom like revenue assurance system, fraud management system, interconnect billing system, inter party management system, handset configuration manager. We are committed to 100% Client satisfaction and to implement quality integrated solutions, while deliberately seeking new and innovative ways to develop the talent and quality of services provided. Our telecom engineering services are:-


RF Survey:-

Our RF Survey experts visit the site and monitor the location for installing the tower in order to ensure the maximum wireless coverage and the best performance. A RF Survey also plays an essential part in determining and understanding the behavior of radio waves before a tower is installed at a given

the height of Frenzel Zone. Soil Investigation:- In order to determine the conditions of the soil. the heights of man made obstructions in the way and the degree of reliability required with the proposed equipment. this process is carried out by our soil investigation experts. the height of the water table and other such desired properties of the soil so that a safe and economic design of the foundation can be created. This involves the understanding the strength of the soil. LOS Survey:- A line of sight survey is very essential to determine the height of the tower at both ends in order to get a good communication between two points. The process also involves the drilling of boreholes & a laboratory analysis of the soil samples. 4.location 2. The process of Adequate Factoring is . Foundation Design:- The foundation designing is done on the basis of soil parameters collected during the soil investigation process and the forces generated by the tower on the foundation. 3. The height of the tower required at each end depends upon the factors like the earth’s curvature.

and implementing facility improvements to their telecommunication tower. Implementation. Regular site inspections are carried out by our experts for monitoring the towers after their erection. The final design successfully meets the parameters like availability of the space. antenna loads.microwave towers. We follow the Indian Code IS 456 for concrete which is then properly cured to achieve desired strength. bidding. Integration. Support and Maintenance services in the telecom industry. Tower Design and Erection:- The towers are designed as per the IS or British standards and also keeping the custom requirements of our clients in the mind. Preparation. the twist and sway required and other such parameters. Tower Maintenance and Upgradation:- Krish Global takes extreme care in the maintenance and the upgradation of the towers as per the customer requirements. 6. We also provide the facilities of adding additional antennas or operators as per the customer needs. Project Management. We offer Consulting.also done for the loads during the design phase. our professional engineers are on staff to assist clients in planning. 5. wind speed. All the towers are designed using the State-of-the-art software. Our experienced team is capable of providing innovative solutions . designing. At Krish Global.

coax and copper networks throughout the For more information please visit:. Our highly experienced engineers and quality Telecom Implementation Services of reputed suppliers has pushed us to one of the leading telecom tower company in India. so as to achieve long-term mutual benefit. Pitam Pura. We commit ourselves to build reliable long term partnership with our customers and more than simple trading relationship. New Delhi .krishglobal. efficient and reliable quality services to the customer’s satisfaction and fulfill all their Sushil K Chauhan Phone: +91 9810339356 E-mail: skc@krishglobal.http://www. India Contact Persons:Rahul Uppal Phone: +91 9811020241 E-mail: rahul@krishglobal.110088. ' Our technical staff committed to serve with professional system integration needs and to maintain high . The company’s leadership team has managed construction projects encompassing tens of thousands of miles of fiber.tailored to the specific business needs of each Contact Details:Krish Global PD-118 A.php or call us at +91 9811020241 or you can mail us at rahul@krishglobal.

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