Arranged Marriage: Human Crusader & Vampire Dissenter










Christian slowly opened his eyes to look up at a white ceiling. He tried
to sit up but his body felt numb as if there wasn’t enough blood circulation happening. It seems he was in bed but, he didn’t remember ever getting into it. He frowned. What happened again? I was in the garden with Alice then…um, what happened? Suddenly he heard the door open and saw his father carrying a tray of soup and hot chocolate. He always thought Christian was still six no matter how many years go by. “Good morning” he smiled weakly. Christian smiled weakly in return and yawned stretching a bit. “So, what happened? Did I pass out?” he asked as Christopher placed the tray on the nightstand beside of his bed and pulled Christian to sit up. “Kinda” he answered placing the tray carefully on Christian’s lap. Christian frowned again. What do you mean by kinda?” he asked nervously then he gasped. “Ha! I knew I couldn’t trust her! Alice drugged me then placed a prank somewhere!!!” he stated about to get out of bed with the tray still on his lap. Christopher quickly stopped him before the soup spilled. “Christian, Alice didn’t place any pranks” he said quickly. Christian slowly sat down and sipped the soup in awkward silence. Hmm…am I missing something? Father never acts like this… Christopher watched his no longer human son as he sipped the soup. *sigh* Amy, what would you do in a situation like this?

“Father” Christopher snapped his attention back to Christian. “What?” Christian stared blankly at the empty bowl on the tray. “Where’s Alice?” he asked. Christopher frowned. Why would he be looking for Alice? “Why?” he asked. Christian smiled, making Christopher’s eyebrows raise. Christian never smiled like that before even when he took him out hunting with him. “I don’t know really” he chuckled. “It’s just that I always expect Alice to be next to me every time wake up…” his face fell. “But even if we get married…that will never happen…” He strained a smile and laughed. “I liked the soup! It tasted great, did you make it?” he asked changing the subject. Christian looked at him nervously. “Christian…you don’t…love Alice do you?” he asked nervously. No…OF COURSE NOT CHRISTOPHER!!! WHAT IN HEAVEN’S SAKE ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT!!?! THEY’RE ALWAYS FIGHTING! I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF ONE OF THEM GOT STABBED!!! (more specifically Christian) Christian’s smile faded. “I…I think I’m falling in love with her father…” he said. I love her…I think it’s been a long time since I’ve said that… Christopher’s face fell as he shook his head, he stood up and took the tray. “Son, I think you should just forget about those feelings…” he said walking out the door. Christian frowned. “What the hell was that supposed to mean?” he asked himself. ------------------------------------------Alice drowned her self in 4 thick velvet blankets and 14 black feathered pillows, thinking that she might be able to suffocate and die in comfort. She changed her room so there was no way Christian could find her.

Alice sniffed and curled into a ball under the covers. There’s no way I could face him now… She slapped her hands over her eyes trying to push the tears back in. I’m so stupid! I knew it from the start! There was no way we could be happy together forever… Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Alice froze and stayed quiet, hoping it wasn’t Christian. “Alice? Alice! Where are you? Are you in there!?” Christian asked banging on the door. Alice chewed on her lip making it bleed a little. Why is he here!!? He’s probably gonna yell at me!! Alice just shrank in the covers. Please just go away and let me drown in my snot for pete’s sake! She heard a click and heard him walk around the room. “Hmm…I guess she’s not here…” YES! Then he turned to look at the huge pile of pillows and blankets. “How could anyone sleep with that many pillows?” He grabbed one pillow and embraced it with a huge grin on his face. “Ooh~ Soft~~” he threw the pillow back on the bed and took a few steps back. Is he gone? Alice pulled 4 layer of cover s and 7 pillows off her face and saw Christian charging towards the pile. “NOO!!!” Christian didn’t notice her scream and flopped on his stomach on the cushions. “Ahhh~” he said embracing the pillow. This must be how heaven feels like… Alice struggled to breath with all the cushions pressed on her. THIS MUST BE HOW HELL FEELS LIKE!!!

Christian suddenly felt something squirming beneath him. Did I flop on a cat...? Why would there be a cat here? He pulled the covers and Alice’s head popped out as she took breaths of air. “DAMN! HAVE YOU GAINED WEIGHT OR SOMETHING!!!?” She hissed at him. Christian laughed and wrapped his arms around her. “Where have you been…?” he said tightening his grip around her. Alice blushed madly and pushed him away. She jumped off the bed and ran out the door ignoring Christian’s calls. WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS PROBLEM!!? “Alice!?” Christian called running after her but he lost her when she took a sharp turn. He looked around anxiously for any trace of her but there was none. He looked down at the ground. I don’t understand what is up with her lately? “Christian~~” Alicia called skipping down the hall. “Do you know where Alice is?” he asked her. She attached herself to his arm. “Why does it matter where she is? She’ll just end up running away in the end” she snickered. “Alice isn’t like that” he said defensively. “You know that isn’t true every time there’s a problem that involves her she runs away doesn’t she?” she grinned. “Don’t you remember the New Year party and the Christmas Party? Didn’t she run away whenever you said you loved her? She doesn’t love you…You’re love is a burden to her” Christian’s face fell. Is that how you really feel? Alicia stroked his face. “Aww Christian don’t worry you don’t need her right…?” Christian noticed Alicia’s eyes glow red mesmerizing him. “Yeah…” he said under her spell.

“Perfect” she said happily laying a kiss on his cheek. “For now on, you’re mine…” ---------------------------------------------Alice sat on the window sill of a room in the manor and sighed. Finally I lost him… “Alice?” Alice turned to see Craven at her doorway. “Craven, what do you want?” she asked. He pouted and dragged a chair beside her to sit down. “Do I need a reason to see an old friend?” he smiled. Alice raised a brow. “Last time I heard that I kicked someone in the balls for saying I had to marry his son” she said crossing her arms. Craven chuckled. “That does sound like it would happen to you” “Oh shut up” she growled at him smiling a bit. She looked out the window at the eerie landscape surrounding her house. There were dried up dead trees everywhere and there was a mist covering the grounds of her house. Even I get the creeps in this place… “Alice…” Alice gave him a curious look. “What?” “I know this is a stupid question but…Do you love Christian…?” Craven asked anxiously. Alice froze. Do I love Christian? I don’t know anymore… “No…There’s no way a vampire could love a human…” “You should remember that, Craven” she continued sadly as she looked out the window.

That’s right… My vision was clouded by his foolish rubbish of what mortals call love… How foolish…to make up something just so mortals can reproduce…it’s disgusting… I’m not like Christian…or any of his kind there’s no way we could understand each other… There’s no way he could understand me… “Alice don’t look so dull in front of me, it worries me you know” Craven said smiling. Alice tried to glare at him but she couldn’t help but smile. “What does it matter if you worry about me or not? It’s not like I mean anything to you” She stated. “I never said you weren’t anything to me…” He said staring out the window. Alice rolled her eyes. “Yes, I know I’m your friend anything else?” she asked. “You’re more than that to me…” he mumbled. “Speak louder, man I can’t hear you” she laughed. “What am I to you?” -------------------------------------------------“Oh Christian I can’t believe you’re going to get married with my sister” Alicia sighed stroking Christian’s face. They were in her room lying on her bed next to each other. “I don’t mind though, I’ll just have to make you mine…” she said pulling his face closer and pressing her lips against his. Christian snapped out of the trance and pushed her away breathing heavily. “Stay away from me!” he growled at her. She glared at him. “What’s wrong with you!?” “I’m in love, that’s what’s wrong with me!” he said getting off her bed and opening the door.

“Christian! Are you really going back to her! ? She doesn’t love you!” Alicia cried. “How are you suppose to know? She talks to her 20 year old brother more than you and he barely knows how to speak for pete’s sake!!” “Okay one, he’s 24 years old” she corrected. “two, there’s no way I can get along with that bitch. Three, follow me and I’ll prove to you that she doesn’t love you” she said dragging Christian behind her. -------------------------------------------------“My best friend of course, what else would you be?” she smiled. He looked at her sadly. “Just a friend?” “Craven I said BEST friend so you’re not JUST a friend” she corrected. Craven bit his lip and pulled her face closer. “I want to be more than that…” he slammed his lips against hers but Alice did her best to push him away but he was much stronger than her. Christian suddenly walked into the room with Alicia. Oh how happy she was to see their relationship breaking apart. Christian grabbed Craven by the collar and drove him up the wall his eyes glowing bright red. Alice was on her knees, breathless. “Christian, stop!” she cried. Christian glared at her. “Was it all a lie!!?” he roared at her. Alice froze, she was scared Christian was different now he isn’t like the whimp she was betrothed to anymore…She had to admit that she missed him… “Answer me, Alice!” he growled. “When you said that you love me was it a lie!!?” Craven was losing oxygen. Alice felt tears fall down her face. I don’t know… He’s not Christian anymore… And I’m not even sure if the Christian I love is still in there…

Craven managed to get out of Christian’s grip and punched him. Christian roared baring his fangs and Craven did the same. Christian charged clawing Craven’s chest making a deep wound. Alice grabbed Christian’s wrists from behind, trying to stop him. “Christian, calm down please!” she cried. Christian growled and scratched her and threw her against the other wall. Alice struggled to sit up, she wimpered clutching the deep wound on her upper arm. Christian’s eyes darkened back into the normal blue. “Alice…Alice I’m-” he held out his hand to help her but she backed away in the corner her eyes wide filled with fear. Suddenly Alianna appeared from nowhere and slapped him. “Don’t touch her you filthy cross-breed!” she hissed. She helped Alice up to her feet. “Alice is the wound deep?” Alice squinted in pain. “Y-Yeah” there was so much blood gushing out of her wound. “Alicia, help Alice to the infirmary and ask the nurse to get her fixed” Allianna ordered. Alicia sighed. No more fun… She helped Alice out the door to the infirmary. “I didn’t mean to…” Christian said sadly. Allianna grabbed is neck and held him up in the wall. “What the fuck is your problem!? Didn’t I tell you to stay away from her!!? From now on stay the fuck away from my sister!” she growled then she let go of him and stomped out of the room. Craven was already regenerating his wounds. He glared down at Christian. “You don’t belong here, especially with her” he growled before leaving. Christian hid his face between his knees as the tears poured down his face. “Alice…I’m so sorry…please don’t go…” he cried clutching his head.

What’s happening!? --------------------------------------------“OW!! YOU BITCH THAT’S TOO MUCH ALCOHOL!!!” “Really? In my view it looks like it isn’t enough” “SHUT THE FUCK UP! WHERE’S THE NURSE!!?” “Oh I gave her an early vacation” “YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE DIDN’T YOU!!? YOU CRAZY WHORE, WHERE’S ALLIANNA!!!??” “I’m here” Allianna said emotionless as usual as she walked into the infirmary. “Allianna! FINALLY! Could you clean my wound!!? This fucking whore doesn’t know the difference of 1 cup from 2 ml” Alice growled. “I do!” “IF YOU DID THEN I WOULDN’T BE ASKING ALLIANNA TO DO IT YOU BLOODY WHORE!!” “Allianna, Ali is being mean to me!” Alicia cried hugging her older sister. “GROW UP ALICIA! YOU’RE OLDER THAN ME YET YOU’RE STILL DEPENDING ON ALLIANNA!” “Shut up!” “JUST BE QUIET!!!!” Allianna yelled. Everyone stayed quiet. “Alicia, get out I need to talk to Alice alone” Alicia pouted and got out. Allianna got the bandages and started on her arm. “Alice stay away from that cross-breed” Alice shivered. She thought about how afraid she was when she saw Christian. “I-I can still be with him Allianna there’s nothing to be afraid of”

“Alice I’m not asking you, I’m ordering you as the eldest sister I take responsibility over you and Alicia and I feel that this is the safest way for you” “Allianna, really it’s-” “Alice! Please just stay away from him!” she hissed at her. “Look at what he did to you!” she said grabbing Alice’s arm to show the deep wound on it. “Is this really nothing to be afraid of!!?” Alice remembered how scared she was befire when she looked into Christian’s glowing red eyes. Alice started sobbing. I am afraid… Christian I’m so sorry I thought I was stronger but I’m not! I’m not strong enough to love you anymore… -----------------------------------------------Alicia skipped through the halls looking for Christian to start the next step of her plan. She found him still in the same room as before crying in between his knees. She grinned and sat next to him stroking his back. “Christian don’t worry I’m here” she grinned. He turned his head to glare at her. “Stay the hell away from me…” he growled his blue eyes turning dark red again. “Do you wanna know why you were able to do what you did earlier?” she asked her grin growing larger by the second. “What is it?” he asked anxiously. “I’ll tell you if you do something for me right afterwards” Christian thought for a moment. She might make me do something to hurt Alice! “No” he answered. She rolled her eyes. “Fine as you wish I’ll tell you what I want you to do. After I tell you I want you to go back to England and stay there” she said.

Christian nodded. I’m doing this for your sake Alice… Alicia and Christian didn’t notice Allianna behind the door listening. Even if he’s a cross-breed…I won’t let Alicia win… ------------------------------------------------Alice was curled in a ball on her black bed crying silently. Then there was a knock on the door. “Alice open the door!” Allianna said from the other side. Alice sighed. “I don’t feel like talking right now…” “Alice it’s about Christian! If you don’t hurry he’ll leave forever!” she yelled. Alice sat up. Christian’s leaving…? Alice felt tears slide down her cheeks. “Why are you telling me this!!? You know I can’t stop him!” she sobbed. “Alice you can forget about what I said! Listen if you don’t hurry his plain will leave and you’ll never see him!” Alice covered her face. “I can’t!” she sobbed. “I can’t go after him! I’m not strong enough!” she cried. “Alice you’re stronger than you think, the only reason why you’re weak right now is because the one giving that strength is leaving you” Allianna said. “I know I haven’t observed your relationship with him very well but I know now that you need him” Alice smiled. “Thanks Allianna…” she said walking to the window, she opened it and spread her wings which seemed larger than before. She jumped out the window and soared through the sky to the airport. That’s right! He is my strength! I need him… --------------------------------------------

Christian was at Gate 14 and was sitting on a chair waiting for his flight. I’m such an idiot…how could I be loved by her… “Gate 14 is now open” a flight attendant announced and Christian stood and lined up to pass the tickets. I guess this is goodbye… -------------------Alice ran to the middle of the lobby and stopped; panting. “Why the fuck do airports have to be so big!!? How am I supposed to find him here!!? God I know I’m such an Atheist but please I’m praying to you now, help me find Christian” She prayed. “Gate 14 is now boarding” the speaker announced. Alice looked across the lobby to see a small booth. It was the paging booth for messages. Alice smiled. "Thank you God" She ran to the paging boothe and knocked on the window making it crack. The old woman inside looked at her strangely. What a strong girl... "Excuse me! Can I make the next announcement please!!!?" Alice asked eagerly. The old woman nodded and turned on the mike for her. ---------------------Christian lined up to get on the flight back to England. He sighed thinking about Alice. He squinted at the memory about when he hurt her. There was a deep wound on her arm. "Sir your ticket please" The guard said. Christian was about to hand his ticket but he stopped when he heard his name. "Christian!" Christian recognized the voice as Alice's.

-------------------------"Christian don't leave! Please I need you!" She said in the mike starting to have tears in her eyes. I know I wasn't strong enough before but Allianna helped me realize that I was feeling weak because the one gving me strength is leaving me" --------------------------Everyone in the Airport froze looking up and started looking around and asking who was this Christian. "Please I still love you and I don't want you to leave me...Come here please" Christian smiled softly. Dummy...I can't believe you just realized this now... "Sir your ticket please" The guard asked again. Christian smiled brightly. "I changed my mind I'm not leaving her" he said grabbing his backpack and making a run for it. Everyone noticed him running and realized he was the Christian the girl was talking about. Everyone smiled and started clapping their hands as he ran to the lobby where the paging booth is. ------------------Alice stepped out of the booth and saw Christian pass by. "CHRISTIAN YOU IDIOT I'M OVER HERE!" she growled at him and he stopped and smiled. He ran to her and wrapped his hands around her waist. Alice wrapped her arms around his neck crying. "I missed you..." she sobbed softly holding him tighter. Christian laughed softly. "I knew you would" he smiled and pressed his lips on hers. The broke the kiss when the heard an applause...and a loud one... They looked up and around then there was people on the rainling of the floors above them clapping their hands at the reunion of the couple. Alice blushed and shoved her face in his chest. Christian held her up and twirled her in the air smiling. He kissed Alice again on the lips. " I love you..." -----------------------------

Christian and ALice were back at the Valoriette Mansion in Christian's room practically making out on his bed. Christian's lips traveled down her neck. ALice rested the back of her head on a pillow allowing him to travel lower. She felt him lick her neck befor egrazing his fangs on her neck. Befire he sank his fangs in he pulled away; breathing heavily. "Sorry..." he said. Alice smiled softly and stroked his face gently luring him to come closer. She kissed him gently on the lips. "It's okay...You just turned you need to feed..." she said resting her head again on the pillow. Christian slowly leaned forward and kissed her neck until he couldn't hold back anymore. He unbuttoned her black polo open revealing he rblack lacy bra and pinned her down by her wrists so she couldn't move. He sank his fangs slowly in her neck. Alice's jaw tightened. She tried to keep herself from screaming. She felt his left hand travel down her side and start to un-button her jeans. He used the other arm to pull her body closer to his. "Christian...too much..." she whimpered and he stopped drinking her blood "Sorry..." he said kissing her on the lips. Alice moaned in the kiss. His taste mixed with blood was so intoxicating.She felt him start to slide of her jeans. I want to make you really mine...

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