Arranged Marriage: Human Crusader & Vampire Dissenter


Alice’s family.





Christian and Alice with their fathers took a flight to Transylvania to meet
Alice took a seat next to Christian. “Just a safety tip, try not to bleed in my house, okay? It would cause an uproar in my house” She said putting on her earphones that were connected to her i-pod. Christian took a deep breath and exhaled. “That makes me feel LOADS better” he stated sarcastically. “Your welcome” she smiled turning up the volume in her i-pod. --------------------------------------------After 10 hrs. they got off the plane and was in the airport. Alice dragged her suit case behind her as she followed her father. Suddenly a girl jumped on Alice wrapping her arms around her neck tightly. “Alice!!!!~~” she screamed crushing Alice in her arms. “ALICIA GET THE FUCK OFF!!!” she growled at her older sister as she pulled her off her body. Alicia whimpered in pain. “Why…? Why…? Why are you so cruel to me Ali!!?” she sobbed crying like a child. “SHUT THE HELL UP!!! AND DON’T CALL ME ALI!!!” “Ali! Ali! Ali!” she called playfully. Christian stood next to Alice in concentration. Hmm…Alicia sounds familiar… Christian remembered that, that was the name of Alice’s older twin. He looked at Alicia she was the complete opposite of Alice.

She wore a long velvet silk dress with matching red ballerina flats and her long black hair was tied in to a silk red ribbon. Christian looked back at Alice. She was wearing a black tank top with torn jeans, black sneakers, black spiked choker and she let her long hair run freely down her back. Two complete opposites…? Alicia’s bright red eyes landed on Christian and she grinned showing her fangs. She appeared in his face in less than a second. She leaned over sniffing his neck. “Wow…you do smell good…” she grinned. “Alicia!” Alicia stepped back and turned to see a woman who looked exactly like Alice except an older version that was around 20 and she had an air of authority. She wore a black dress that was below her knees and had spectacles that slid down her nose. Her long black hair was tied up with a black ribbon into a pony-tail. She held a small boy in her arms he looked only about 5 years old. He had long wavy black hair and was wearing a black blazer with white shorts and black boots. He looked completely innocent for a vampire. Alicia looked at the woman in disgust. “Uh, Allianna you’re here too?” she grunted then she put out her bottom lip in a pout. “I was having fun too…” she pouted. Alicia skipped behind Allianna and glared at Alice. There was an unusual amount of tension between those two. Allianna stepped in front of Christian. “It’s nice to meet you…I’m Allianna Valoriette the eldest sister…” she introduced; her face was so emotionless a rock had more emotions than her. Christian smiled. “Nice to meet you I’m-” “Spare the useless introduction I know who you are…” she interrupted rudely. Bitch much?... “And just between you and me, if you don’t get my approval I’ll make sure your life with her will be miserable…” she hissed at him. “I can’t allow another traitor, Alice’s heart won’t be able to make it this time…” she said softly as she walked away to talk to Alice. Christian froze. “I can’t allow another traitor, Alice’s heart won’t be able to make it this time…”

What does that mean? Alice poked her little brother’s face playfully and he softly bit her finger. “Hello Adrian” she said in a sing-along-tone. She examined his small fangs that were growing sharper. Ah~ He has cutest fangs known to the undead~~^^ “You’re almost a full vampire, look at how sharp your fangs are!” she said happily and he started laughing. “Ahrice” he laughed in a cute baby voice. Allianna let Alice carry him in her arms and Alice rocked him gently in her arms. Alice walked to Christian to introduce her little brother. “Christian! Meet the youngest heir to the Valoriette throne, Adrian Valoriette” she said happily. Christian smiled. “He’s so cute~ How old is he?” Alice thought for a moment. “Hmmm…in human years he would be…24!” she exclaimed. Christian’s mouth dropped. WHAT THE HELL!?! THE LITTLE THING IS OLDER THAN ME FOR PETE’S SAKE!!! “Is this natural…?” he asked. “Of course” she laughed. “O-Okay…” he was about to stroke Adrian’s face then his eyes glowed bright red and he sank his fangs in Christian’s hand. “HOLY MOTHER OF-!!!” --------------------------------------------“Christian stop sobbing your wetting my shirt!” Alice said in disgust trying to pull him off her. Damn this is my favorite one too… “I’M GOING TO DIE AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOUR SHIRT!!!?” he yelled at her then he returned to sobbing on her chest.

They were in a limo driving to Valoriette Manor. She sighed and rubbed his back to comfort him. “Christian you’re not going to die…” she said warily. Damn he’s so dramatic… Obviously Alice wasn’t very good at the comforting thing like other girls were. “Christian you can sob on me anytime!” Alicia said in a seductive tone. Alice glared at her so intensely it could bore holes through metal. “Fuck off Alicia” she growled at her. Alicia grinned mischievously “Why? He’s not even yours” she spat at her. “Unlike you Alicia I’m not a bitch so I don’t claim people as if they were just dolls” Alice said defensively. “FYI, I don’t just claim people as if they were dolls, I’m not a whore” she hissed at her. Alice raised a brow in question. “Are you sure you even know the characteristics of a whore? Coz if you do then you’d agree” Alicia had nothing to go against that blow, in truth she didn’t even know what a whore was. She just growled at Alice and looked away with her nose in the air. Alice smiled to herself of her accomplishment. What now bitch? Alice looked out the window. “Christian, were here” she said shaking his shoulders. Christian looked up and saw what looked like an abandoned mansion except with the lights on! All the plants surrounding the manor were dying or starting to whither. Once Christian stepped out of the limo he instantly felt chills go down his spine. OMG if I stay here any longer I swear I’ll piss in pants… Alice patted him on the back. “Beautiful isn’t it?” she mimicked remembering when he said that at his house.

He gulped. “Yup” She rolled her eyes. “Come on big guy let’s get you a band-aid for that small cut of yours” she chuckled leading him inside. ---------------------------------------Christian watched her as she walked around the infirmary getting the band-aid and alcohol. She noticed him watching her. “What?” she asked. He blushed and looked down at the small bite marks on his hand. “Nothing…” She smirked and brought the materials next to him and sat on a stool in front of him. She got a cotton ball and soaked it with alcohol then gently rubbed the wound. “So will I survive?” he asked her with a smile. “No the venom is in your bloodstream…” she said sadly. “WHAT!!?” “I was just joking!” she chuckled and got out a band-aid. He pouted at her. “That wasn’t nice…” She put on the bad-aid and sighed. “He isn’t a full grown vampire yet so he has no venom in his fangs” He suddenly held her face causing her face to burn bright red when their eyes met. “Christian I…” Alice said forcing herself to look down trying to stop herself from blushing. Christian held her face up again forcing her to look at him. He started to lean closer to her face. Alice felt her faint heart beat pick up as his lips traveled down her cold neck. “Christian…” she whimpered. He didn’t stop and she felt him starting to slide off her tank top. Alice felt a strong lust for his blood as her fangs grew longer in length. Alice held Christian’s head up and smashed her lips against his; there was so much tension Christian felt his bottom lip get cut from her fangs. Alice traveled down his neck and grazed her fangs on his neck. Blood…Kill… Christian!

Alice came to her senses and pulled away from him; breathing heavily. Christian showed her a worried look. “Alice? Are you okay?” he asked. You could hear how worried he was from just the tone of his voice. “I’m fine…just stay away…” she said pulling up her tank top. “Alice?” She got up and walked out the door without a word. Christian stared at the door she just left through. What’s wrong with her? ----------------------------------------Alice flopped on her stomach on to her feathery velvet bed and sighed. What do I do? I can’t be near him anymore… Alicia walked in through the door and grinned thrilled that her sister is being miserable. “Is there something wrong?” she asked acting as if she cared. “Get the fuck out of my room…” she growled, her growl was muffled the by the covers but you could still hear her tone she sounded tired. Alicia sat on a cushioned chair next to her bed, her sadistic grin growing wider and wider. “Oh, sister you sound exhausted…” she said in that fake high-pitch tone of hers. “Is it because…you’re hungry?” she asked trying to hold back her snickers. Alice’s eyes widened as she felt a sudden bloodlust. She gritted her teeth trying not to lose control. Alice slowly got off her bed and casually walked out of the room pretending that it didn’t affect her. Alicia smirked. I’m on to you… --------------------------------------------Christian popped his head out from the corner of the hallway making sure not to run into any vampires. He definitely wasn’t interested in normally walking in the halls as if he wasn’t in a mansion full of cannibals.

After he decided it was safe enough to walk through he cautiously walked down the hall. “You’re human…” That statement sent shivers down his spine. Oh shit… Christian slowly turned around to see a guy exactly his height and his hair was wavy and jet black. His eyes were the same as Alice’s blood red. “Who are you?” he growled impatiently. “C-Christian” he stuttered stepping back. Suddenly the guy’s red eyes flared brightly. He grabbed Christian’s collar and pulled him up in the wall. “You’re Christian!!?” he said in a mocking tone. “I can’t believe out of all the worms she got you!!!!” he yelled angrily at him. “She deserves someone better than you!!! You’ll just hurt her!” he balled his fists and Christian shut his eyes tightly. Goodbye cruel world! “Craven!!!” a familiar voice yelled. The boy turned his head just to see a fist coming towards him before he could react she punched him so hard he was sent flying until he hit the wall at the end of the hall. Alice glared at Christian and grabbed his collar pulling him up in the air. “ARE YOU MAD!!? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU PICKING FIGHTS WITH VAMPIRES!!?” Alice smirked and dropped Christian then turned to block Craven’s punch. Craven smirked. “You…haven’t changed” he managed to say pushing harder against her arms. She grinned. “You sure?” she kicked him in the nooblets and Craven fell on his knees groaning in pain. “That’s new” she grinned down at him in amusement. “It seems I win once again Craven” she gloated. “Not for long!” he threw another punch but she easily caught it and punched him in the stomach. He fell down on his back. She kneeled beside him and poked him in the forehead playfully. “No, you haven’t changed…” she smiled playfully.

Christian watched them from aside. He frowned at the situation. He noticed Alice never poked him like that or was ever that nice to begin with! He felt the same emotion that you get when your brother gets a PSP and all you get is a pair of socks that don’t even match! He had to admit he was really jealous of him. Alice helped Craven back on his feet with one last poke on the forehead. Christian’s mouth dropped when he noticed a tint of red on Craven’s cheek. HE LIKES HER!!!? Christian stood up with a frown on his face. Alice looked up at him and frowned. “What’s with that face?” she asked. Craven glared at Christian and Christian did the same. Alice stood silently in the middle of the two feeling the intense tension. This is even more intense then when I fight with Christian… She decided it was best to end the awkward silence. “Um, Craven” she said waving her hand in his face. He snapped his attention back to her. “Oh, what?” “This is Christian Cross my future husband” she introduced. You could see the anger burst in his eyes but he did his best to not tear Christian apart. “I see…” he muttered darkly. She stared at him for a moment being totally clueless about his behavior. “Okay…” she said unsure of herself. She turned to Christian. “This is Craven my childhood friend” she introduced. “I have a feeling he’s more than that…” he muttered darkly looking down at the floor. She glared at him then glared at Craven. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM!!!? She sighed and started walking down the hall leaving them. “You don’t want to talk to me, fine!” she yelled. They both snapped their heads up.

“Alice wait!” they said in unison. They both glared at each other and practically raced to her. -------------------------------------“This is our garden” she said leading Christian out to what looked like a past battle-field but if you imagined enough you could see how it used to be. Christian saw all the black roses down on the flower beds. “I didn’t know the existed…” he said suddenly. She stared a t him strangely “Didn’t know what existed?” she asked him. “The black roses of course” Her eyes widened “You can see them!?” He strained a smile. “Well, yeah” She suddenly left Christian to see her father. --------------------------------------------She burst through the doors of his office. “He can see the roses! Tell me why!?” she yelled slamming her palms on his desk. Salvador frowned. “So you found out…” “Tell me! Only the undead can see those flowers!” “Christian isn’t just a human Alice…” Christopher said sadly. “He’s halfvampire…” ---------------------------------------------Christian looked down at the black rose and suddenly it glowed brighter and the petals unraveled showing the core of the flower. In the middle of the flower was what looked like a small ruby. “What’s this?” he asked examining it. ---------------------------------------------Alice froze she was so surprised she couldn’t feel her heart beat anymore. “But…But that’s impossible!!” she yelled at them. “How did that happen!!?”

Suddenly Salvador got up with his ear twitching. “It’s Christian…” he said. “Something has interfered with his heart beat” he said. “What happened?” Christopher asked with a worried tone. “I don’t know but where did you last leave him?” he asked. Alice’s eye widened. “The garden…” she suddenly dashed out of the room with Christopher and Salvador. Christian! Please just hold on! -------------------------------------------Christian grabbed the jewel then felt a sudden jolt in his heart and fell on his knees; breathing heavily. Craven watched from afar in amusement. What’s happening!? He felt the jewel sucking the life from his body as he fell on his back, he didn’t have the energy to let go of it. “Christian!!” someone called then everything went black. Alice kneeled beside him and checked his pulse; it was very faint and his skin was dead pale and almost as cold as a vampire. “What do we do!?” she asked her father. “The jewel is deadly to humans but he’s half so he can last longer the only way to save him is too…” he stopped and looked Alice in the eyes. “The only way is to turn him…” Her eyes widened. “I-I can’t…” she said looking down at Christian. No…anything but that… “Alice it’s the only way, what would you rather do watch him die or just turn him?” he asked her sternly. “Alice please…Christian will understand” Christopher begged with a pleading look. He really didn’t want to lose his only son. Alice looked down at Christian’s dying body and stroked his face. I don’t want to hurt you…

But I don’t want to lose you either… “I’m sorry…” she mumbled unbuttoning his polo. She leaned closer pulling his neck closer. He smelled so good and delicious to her something like your favorite meal. She sank her fangs into his neck and enjoyed the blood pouring into her mouth. She pulled him closer sinking her fangs deeper in his neck. Christian felt the pain and tried to push her away but he was weak. Soon, she pulled away; breathing heavily. Her lips stained blood red with a strip of blood sliding down her mouth to her neck. She stroked his face. Christopher and Salvador thought it was best to leave her alone for a while so they retired to the lobby. Craven grimaced. What is he to you? Alice sobbed softly, even though Christian was going to live she felt as if she just killed him. The last thing I wanted was to be the one to stop your heart… Alicia appeared from the shadows behind Craven with a mischievous grin on her face. “Craven~” she chanted in a seductive tone. Craven turned to look at her in disgust. “Uh, what do you want?” She cackled driving her cold slim fingers up his arm. “That’s my line~~” she stroked his face making him back away. “What do you want, Craven? My sister?” she asked knowing the answer to her own question. He glared at her. “How did you know?” “It’s so obvious that you’re practically in love with my sister” she said twirling around a broken pillar. “You’re point is?” She stopped in front of him grabbing the collar of his black polo and pulling him closer. “What if I told you I know how you can capture her heart?” she grinned.

Craven thought for a moment then nodded. “What do I have to do?” Her eyes glowed brightly. “Just leave it to me…”

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