Chapter 13 extract

Underneath Guam The last quarter of twenty thirteen was when the Penitentiary Pacific establishment officially took its first breath, unofficially. Operations started when a total of one million prisoners from participating countries were transported and permanently confined to the walls of this penal institution. Thousands of staff and military officers were in constant rotation in order to sustain strict maintenance. The thought of an underground prison was amazing and intriguing to most, but the realities within were harsh. The interior was nice and futuristic yet the whole place was full of bad energy. Villains from different parts of the world and diverse backgrounds all had to adjust to the new environment. It served as a grim new world for all of them, even for some of the personnel. But at least the officials got to periodically leave the penitentiary to go up to the island and see the sky. Inmates hardly ever got to leave. Most inmates got no respect and were mistreated by the prison guards. They were under constant surveillance and the food was known for causing nausea and diarrhea. There was widespread distrust and traumatic fights occurred often. The quicker the prisoners adjusted the better off they were. At some point and time almost every prisoner suffered from mental depression. Some breakdowns were tragic while others were only minor. Conforming was so difficult that suicides were commonplace, but for the most part everyone found their own way of handling the shystie attitudes and constant drama.

One particular inmate named Tabríz, found it difficult to adjust to the long workdays, short mealtimes, and most of all, the unpleasant knowledge of knowing that he would never be able to touch a woman again. As a former playboy back in Grozny, he was always plagued with constant thoughts of the opposite sex; and the past eight weeks were starting to take a toll on his brain. Tonight his thoughts were even more vivid than normal as he gazed into the darkness. There were two separate bunk beds in the cell and Tabriz was on the bottom bunk of one of them. He heard snoring so he figured that all three of his cellmates were asleep. He was lying on his back with his hand in his pants. He had a stiff organ that he had to attend to. He arched his back and used his right hand to pull the elastic waistline of his pants down to his hips. Then he laid back and started to stroke his stiffness. After ten or more strokes he paused and reached down to take a sock off of his foot. He took the sock and put it on over his dick as if it were an oversized cotton condom. Now he was ready to resume. He got comfortable and started to jack at a much faster rate than before. Images of three of his past women rotated in his mind as the pleasure increased, but suddenly he stopped midthrust because he heard the faint sounds of movements that were not his. He opened his eyes and looked to the right. The cellmate on the bottom of the other bunk bed, named Bändar, was staring at him as if watching Cinemax. And to make matters worse, when he saw that Tabríz could see him watching, he did not even flinch. “What the fuck you lookin’ at?” Tabríz said in his native Chechen language, with no concerns of waking the other two cellmates. Bändar started to laugh. He was a real pain in the ass like hemorrhoids. He did not understand

the language but it was obvious to him that Tabríz was mad, so he started laughing even louder. The noise woke the other two cellmates. They watched and listened as the scenario unfolded. Tabríz felt ashamed and insulted to the hundredth degree. He pulled his pants up and jumped to the floor from his bunk. “Fucking asshole!” he said while thrusting a kick at his menacing cellmate. Bändar was much bigger than Tabríz so he was not expecting to be attacked. He caught a foot to the face and was pissed off. Without hesitation he angrily sprung up from his bunk and squared off with Tabríz. “Come on you greasy bastard!” he said in his sloppy Romani dialect. Bändar took a wild swing but Tabríz swayed to the right and countered with a left hook to the eye. Bändar’s vision blurred and he could not see as a hard uppercut struck his stomach. A sharp discomforting pain vibrated from his gut. He leaned over and Tabríz aimed a piercing knee kick to his face. Bändar’s nose bone cracked and blood squirted like a sprinkler. His rage skyrocketed and he charged at Tabríz like a steamroller. They clashed like matter and antimatter during the heated scuffle. The other two cellmates were enjoying the view and so were the inmates from the cell directly across the hall. The fight appeared to be surreal. It looked like the tangling of two glowing uniforms because the prisoners’ night garb was florescent. Tabríz hopped to his feet and got into a boxing stance while Bändar was struggling to get up. For a second Tabríz thought to attack him while he was down, but he decided not to because he did not want to wrestle. This ended up being a bad mistake because Bändar planted his right foot on the edge of the bunk and pushed off with extra force, lunging forward like an enraged bull. While in motion he grabbed Tabríz’s shoulders and drove

his back into the wall on the other side of the cell. Tabríz’s spine snapped and he collapsed to the floor. Bändar picked him up by the back of his uniform and heaved him toward the cell entrance. Then he made a loud, “Uuuraaagh!” sound while tossing Tabríz through the fully charged gamma ray entrance like Uncle Phil throwing out Jazz. Tabríz seemed to float through the invisible radioactive cell bars in slow motion. His florescent green uniform looked like it changed colors as he passed through. The observing inmates could not believe it when Tabríz landed on the outside of the cell. His body hit the ground like a broken ragdoll. The total time length of this deadly altercation was two minutes. Prison guards did not make it to the scene of the scuffle until four minutes later. Events like this were commonplace at Penitentiary Pacific.

2:20 a.m. In the heat of the moment, Gabriel Juarez was engulfed in the warmth of his girlfriend, Chantel Capezio. Her smooth butterscotch body was so salaciously petite and curvy that her flexibility allowed her to do almost anything while on top of him. He was experiencing pure ecstasy while she sexed him in his favorite position. They'd been going at it off and on for almost an hour, and this go-around was as intense as the ninth inning stretch of a tied World Series game. Gabriel loved it when Chantel took charge and made pleasurable whimpers that sounded like music to his ears. Their moaning and groaning softly engulfed the silence of the house. They were unable to hear as a set of cluttered footsteps were

making way up the steps toward the room they were in. Dead in the middle of their lovemaking, Constance Rheely burst through the door of the room like a wrecking ball. When Constance saw what was going on she froze in her tracks, and then erupted like a volcano. “NO!” she screamed. “Gabriel you bastard!” Gabriel and Chantel were simultaneously startled and immediately separated from one another. Chantel quickly covered her naked body in the jade satin sheets. “Gabe what the hell is going on?!” she scowled. “Who is she?!” “You shut up bitch!” Constance yelled at Chantel. Then she looked back at Gabriel with her watery eyes. “And you. You motherfucker! How dare you! How could you?!” Gabriel had a dazzled frown on his face. “Constance what the fuck?” he finally said. “What's your problem? Barging’ in here like you lost your mind?” Chantel looked confused. “Gabriel you know her?” she asked unbelievably. “What's my problem?!” Constance screamed. “What’s my problem?! I can't believe you! You got a baby on the way and you ask me what's my problem!?” “WHAT!?” Chantel screamed. “Gabriel! Is this true? - Who is this bitch?!” “Hell no it’s not true!” Gabriel proclaimed. “This girl is crazy. I don't know what she's talkin’ about!” Tears of fire began to fall from Constance's eyes onto her frustrated face as she listened while Gabriel lied through his teeth. She could not believe what she was hearing. He denied that he even knew her outside of school. Anger overtook her body and she grabbed the closest thing around, which happened to be a crystal lamp that was on the dresser by the doorway.

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