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B.E./B.Tech. DEGREE EXAMINATIONS, MAY/JUNE 2010 Regulations 2008 Second Semester

Common to all branches (except Marine Engg) CY2161 Engineering Chemistry II Time: Three Hours Answer ALL Questions

Part A - (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

2. Dene a reference electrode with a n example.

3. Using chemical equations, state the mechanism o f corrosion of iron i n weakly alkaline solution. 4. Give th e principle o f electro-deposition. 5. Distinguish between coal a nd coke.

6. What a re the advantages o f compressed natural gas? 7. How many phases and components ar e present i n t he following system? CaCO3(s) CaO(s) + CO2(g)


9. Calculate th e concentration in g/ml o f a solution of organic compound whose molecular mass i s 211.2, i n 0.11 M HCl giving a n absorbance at its max 281 nm of 0.612 in a 4 cm cell. The major absorptivity at 281 nm is 5372 mole1 cm1 .

10. Calculate t he number of modes o f vibrations for t he following molecules : (a) CH4 (b) CO2

8. Give t he percentage composition of bronze.


1. How will you predict t he spontaneity o f any redox system using emf?

Maximum: 100 Marks

Question Paper Code: E3069
Part B - (5 x 16 = 80 Marks) 11. (a) (i) Dierentiate reversible a nd irreversible cells. Illustrate with examples. (8) (ii) Describe the construction o f a saturated calomel electrode. Write its electrode reaction. (8) OR 11. (b) Give a detailed account of conductometric titrations. (16) 12. (a) (i) When does t he electrochemical corrosion occur? Describe th e mechanism o f electrochemical corrosion. (8) (ii) Write a brief note on cathodic protection methods. (8) OR 12. (b) (i) What a re t he constituents and their functions i n paints? (6) (ii) Explain the main objectives of electroplating. Give a n account o f t he method used in electroplating of gold. (10) 13. (a) (i) How is proximate analysis o f coal carried out? What ar e its signicances? (10) (ii) What i s cracked gasoline? How i s it obtained? (6) OR 13. (b) (i) How i s ue gas analysis carried out using Orsats apparatus? What are its signicances? (10) (ii) What i s synthetic petrol? How is it obtained? (6) 14. (a) (i) State phase rule a nd explain th e terms involved. (8) (ii) Draw a nd explain t he phase diagram o f two component system with an example. (8) OR 14. (b) (i) What ar e the objectives of heat treatment? Discuss t he dierent methods o f heat treatment o f steel. (8) (ii) What are alloys? Write t he chemical composition and uses of (1)heattreatable stainless steel a nd (2) non-heat-treatable stainless steel. (8) 15. (a) (i) State Beer-Lamberts law. Mention its applications a nd limitations. (6) (ii) Explain t he instrumentation of IR spectrometer with block diagram. (10) OR 15. (b) (i) Explain briey th e principle of a ame photometer. A sample solution i s found to contain KCl an d NaCl. How will you determine t he amount o f NaCl alone present i n the solution using a ame photometer? (10) (ii) Compare : Flame photometry a nd Atomic absorption spectroscopy. (6)