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Collection CFC/Freon Recovery Special Waste Disposal Abandoned/Derelict Vehicles Don't Throw It Away Tire Disposal Program Christmas Tree Recycling Program Snow Plans & Mapping Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) & Related Studies SWMP Implementation Waste Disposal: Short-Term Contracts Proposed Garages and Salt Sheds MOUs / NYC Rules Illegal Dumping Programs Job Opportunities DSNY For Business FAQ Contact DSNY Set out garbage after 5pm (4pm from October 1 to March 31) on the holiday for collection beginning the next day, which may occur earlier or later than normal collection. Recyclables should not be put out until the next week. When there are back to back holidays (e.g. two Monday holidays in a row), recyclables will be collected after the second holiday. During snow operations, residents may experience disruption in service. Please check the Department’s recent holiday collection schedule press releases for up-to-date information. When there are back to back holidays (e.g. two Monday holidays in a row), recyclables will typically be collected after the second holiday. For information on when to place your refuse and recyclables out for collection, go to the Collection Schedule. Department of Sanitation provides regularly scheduled curbside refuse and recycling collection services for every residential household, public school, public building, and many large institutions in New York City. Access the DSNY Collection Schedule. There are NO garbage or recycling collections on the following Department holidays: Tuesday January 1, 2013 Monday January 21, 2013 Tuesday February 12, 2013 Monday February 18, 2013 Monday May 27, 2013 Thursday July 4, 2013 Monday September 2, 2013 Monday October 14, 2013 Tuesday November 5, 2013 Monday November 11, 2013 Thursday November 28, 2013 Wednesday December 25, 2013 New Year's Day Martin Luther King Day Lincoln's Birthday President's Day Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Columbus Day Election Day Veteran's Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day Like 71 Tweet 26 8 167

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Collection Schedule To find out what the refuse and recycling collection days are for your location. select your borough from the drop down list. enter your street address. Building Number: Street Name: Borough: Go to Sanitation Home Page | Home Page Contact Us | FAQs | Privacy Statement | Site Map . then click on the "Submit" button.