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MYP Unit Planner

Unit Title Teacher(s) Subject and Grade Level Time frame and Duration Telling your story - Minecraft Unit Jay Rojas Technology Grade 6 — Year 1 15 Weeks

Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit question, and ensure it can be assessed
AOI Focus Environments: Students will investigate and discover how the use of technology is used to impact storytelling and society building. How do societies evolve and how can technology help us to tell digital stories about our communities? Significant Concepts How can we learn about how to tell digital stories about our communities through technology?

MYP Unit Question How can we inform our human experiences through technology? Assessment
What task(s) will allow students the opportunity to respond to the unit question? What will constitute acceptable evidence or understanding? How will students show what they have understood?

Image formats (Prezi) (A, B, C, D) Students will go online and research different types of digital image format and then use Prezi for presentation.



Puzzle Photoshop (B, D, E, F) Students will create a Photoshop puzzle effect, turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle, or at least, create the illusion that the photo is made up of small puzzle pieces. Minimum of 3 floating puzzles...



Pop-up Photoshop (A, B, C, D, E, F) Students will choose an image of a famous landmark and manipulate the image into a pop-up photo using Photoshop. Using MS Word, students will write a short information (interesting facts) regarding...



Minecraft Pyramids (A, B, C, D, E, F) Egypt, oh mystical Egypt! Are your pyramids made by aliens? Why the perfect geometrical shape? Does it have special powers that preserves the bodies of kings and pharoes? Are servants really trappe...

Handbrake. blogging using their personal websites. CamStudio. Which specific MYP objectives will be addressed during this unit? N/A Which MYP assessment criteria will be used? Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning activities through inquiry Content What knowledge and/or skills (from my course overview) are going to be used to enable the student to respond to the guiding question? What (if any) Standard/skills are to be addressed? Knowledge & Skills: • Students will collaborate using a range of technologies including the Minecraft. . Students will reflect on how processes and decision making. respecting others’ points of view. demonstrating teamwork accepting others — including analysing others’ ideas. F) Now that you have completed your projects it is time for your reflective essay. online presentations using Prezi.including delegating and taking responsibility. Write a few paragraphs on your blog on how your project went and what you have learned about using Minecraft for educ. adapting to roles.Personal engagement S Minecraft unit reflection (E. • Knowledgeable: Students will become aware of how different technologies impact learning • Communicators: Students will learn to collaborate and work in and across groups to achieve goals through the shared used of technology • Risk takers: Students will become comfortable with technology and how to take risks in experimentation and use of technology to further personal and group goals and objectives • Reflective: Students will reflect on use of technology to achieve goals. reflecting on areas of perceived limitation • Thinking: Generating ideas — including the use of brainstorming Learner Profile Which characteristics of the learner profile will be emphasized? How will you make students aware of them? • Inquirers: Students are required to investigate technology and how it can be applied in a given context. Online searching. graphics and multimedia skills using Photoshop.. Approaches to Learning How will this unit contribute to the overall development of subject-specific and general ATL skills? • Collaboration: working in groups . using ideas critically • Communication: being informed — including the use of a variety of media • Reflection: self-awareness: including seeking out positive criticism.. resolving group conflicts.

collaborate and be creative. templates. What different teaching methodologies will be employed? Project-based learning. Gifted children can push ahead and accomplish more with the same tools. consider the following questions. How will students aquire the knowledge and practice the skills required? How will they practice applying these? Students will have hands-on experience at using a variety of technologies and tools to solve problems. Inquiry-based learning. etc. Online tools and services will be used to guide the student towards objectives. Less gifted children can move at their own pace while still meeting objectives and goals.? Students will be encourage to use the their personal websites and to adapt to tasks as instructed on a daily or weekly basis. How are we differentiating teaching and learning for all? Have we considered those learning in the language other than their mother tongue? Have we considered those with special educational needs? Technologies offered have different language interface. Connectivist approach to the use of technologies for group goals and objectives. Discovery learning. The students are already familiar with the technologies and services to be used . Do the students have enough prior knowledge? Teaching strategies How will we use formative assessments to give students feedback during the unit? Project goals and objectives. rubrics. extension activities arose? • How did we reflect—both on the unit and on our own learning? • Which attributes of the learner profile were encouraged through this unit? What opportunities were there for student-initiated action? Possible Connections . Students And Teachers • What did we find compelling? Were our disciplinary knowledge/skills challenged in any way? • What inquiries arose during the learning? What. Tasks and online project deliverables. local environment and/or the community be used to facilitate students' experience during the unit? Website: http:// Ongoing reflections and evaluations In keeping an ongoing record. Observation and direct instruction and practice. Resources What resources are available to us? How will our classroom environment. direct experience and knowledge building. There are further stimulus questions in the unit planning section of MYP: from principles into practice. if any.the teaching materials and practice are intended to allow the students to use the tools to further experimentation. They will use computers in the classroom. The students are 'Digital Natives'. online tools and have the ability to access and share resources at home and online.International Mindedness How will international-mindedness be addressed? Learning Experiences How will students know what is expected of them? Will they see examples.

• How successful was the collaboration with other teachers within my subject group and from other subject groups? • What interdisciplinary understandings were or could be forged through collaboration with other subjects? Assessment • Were students able to demonstrate their learning? • How did the assessment tasks allow students to demonstrate the learning objectives identified for this unit? • How did I make sure students were invited to achieve at all levels of the criteria descriptors? • Are we prepared for the next stage? Data Collection • How did we decide on the data to collect? Was it useful? .