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Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)


The success of the BMW Group has always been built on long-term thinking and responsible action. The famous blue and white roundel symbol is clear proof that the owner is driving a prestige car (or motorbike). MINI and Rolls-Royce brands. BMW: Brand Essence  As per Helmut Panke. BMW expressed its core identity in the US and UK in the slogan ‘BMW – the ultimate driving machine’.500 employees. BMW: the most admired car brand in the world  BMW is one of the best-known brands in the world. the brand now positions itself with the pay-off: ‘The Joy of Driving‘. comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources as an integral part of its strategy.5 billion. former BMW chairman: ”The BMW brands stand for a promise of fascinating individual automobiles – a promise we do and will keep”. This is exactly how drivers of the brand sum up their automotive experience to researchers.46 million cars and more than 110.8 billion on revenues amounting to euro 60. the BMW Group had a workforce of approximately 95. As a result of its efforts. Globally. the BMW Group operates 25 production and assembly facilities in 14 countries and has a global sales network in more than 140 countries. Part of this pledge and key to the brand inside the company is: “Never build a boring BMW”. the BMW Group sold 1.INTRODUCTION The BMW Group The BMW Group is one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the world with its BMW.  Twenty years ago. the BMW Group has been ranked industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the last seven years. The profit before tax for 2010 was euro 4. The company has therefore established ecological and social sustainability throughout the value chain.000 motorcycles worldwide. engineering and quality available in motoring today. The symbol also identifies the brand as delivering the finest design. During the financial year 2010. technology. white and black BMW spinning propeller roundel logo appeared on the grille and a six-cylinder [GROUP NO 5] Page 2 . the blue. In 1933. BMW: Brand Identity  In 1928. which it renamed BMW 3/15. BMW licensed the Austin Seven from the British car manufacturer. At 31 December 2010. As a global company.

spending a far greater percentage of profits on R&D than any other automobile maker. From this technological focus. performance and exclusivity are the BMW brand’s core values. technology.  For BMW.  The brand styling is carefully incorporated in the entire spectrum of dealer and customer materials . Its R&D centre in Munich employs 5. BMW develops automobiles with a highly individual character. showroom interior and exterior. BMW: Brand Values  Quality. moving works of art that express the drivers’ love of quality”. design tradeshow environments and manufacturing facilities. Research and development are ascribed high priority within the company. We make ‘cars’.model with the twin-kidney front grill was introduced – a feature and point of recognition for every BMW car on the road today.collateral. oversees 220 artists at BMW: “We don’t make automobiles as utilitarian machines that you use to get from point A to point B. [GROUP NO 5] Page 3 .000 engineers and designers. Chris Bangle. BMW: Brand Experience  BMW believes strongly in the importance of product consistency.  A considerable part of BMW’s success is attributable to its focus on the design of both its products and its corporate and brand design. performance is more than just the ability to accelerate quickly and take corners at speed – it is a balanced harmony between beautifully designed and crafted working parts. Design Director.

Group headquartered at Gurgaon near New Delhi in the National Capital Region. BMW 5 Series. Tamil Nadu. The new BMW X3 is also produced. parts warehouse in Mumbai and development of a dealer organization across major metropolitan centers of the country.BMW INDIA BMW India is a 100% subsidiary of the BMW. BMW India also has its own manufacturing facility in Chennai. BMW India will aggressively expand its dealer network by increasing the number of outlets to 40 across major metropolitan centers and emerging markets in India (from the present 22 outlets). By end of 2012. OPERATION Till date BMW Group has invested more than Rs 180 Crores in India. BMW India has also set very high standards in service quality and customer care. BMW X1 in petrol and diesel variants and the BMW 7 series. BMW India has set a decisive course by setting up BMW dealerships of international standards across the country. EMPLOYEES The total number of employees at BMW India is 1400. The wide range of BMW activities in India include the establishment of a production plant in Chennai. The BMW Plant Chennai has the capacity to produce 11. The BMW Plant at Chennai produces among others. [GROUP NO 5] Page 4 . Up to 1200 jobs will be created in the dealer and service network. the BMW 3 Series. DEALERSHIPS BMW India is the pioneer in bringing luxurious dealerships to India.000 units per year on a double shift basis.

Raipur Munich Motors. Kozhikode Platino Classic. BMW 520d.Krishna Automobiles.Navnit Motors.Bavaria Motors.Bavaria Motors. BMW X5 xDrive30d) BMW X6 (BMW X6 xDrive50i. Pune . Kolkata . Navnit Motors. X3 xDrive20d) It imports the following CBU manufactured models in India: BMW 3 Series (BMW 330d Convertible) BMW 5 Series (BMW 535i) BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo BMW 6 Series (BMW 650i Convertible.Platino Classic. BMW India is present at 22 locations in the Indian market: Ahmedabad .Infinity Cars. BMW 640d Coupe) BMW 7 Series (BMW 740Li. BMW X6 xDrive30d) BMW X6#X6 M BMW M3 (Coupe and Convertible) BMW M5 (Sedan) BMW M6 (Coupe and Convertible) BMW Z4 (BMW Z4 sDrive35i) [GROUP NO 5] Page 5 . Deutsche Motoren. Chennai . BMW X1 sDrive20d Exclusive) BMW X3 (X3 xDrive30d. BMW 525d.Parsoli Motors. Nagpur . BMW X1 sDrive20d. BMW 750Li. MODELS BMW India produces the following models at its factory in Chennai: BMW 3 Series (BMW 320i. Jaipur .Munich Motors. BMW 320d. Indore . Kochi . Ludhiana . BMW 730Ld) BMW X5 (BMW X5 xDrive50i.KUN Exclusive.Currently. Bhubaneswar OSL Prestige.Chandigarh Krishna Automobiles.KUN Exclusive. Coimbatore .Sanghi Classic. BMW 320d Dynamic. BMW 650i Coupe.Infinity Cars.Bird Automotive. Mumbai .KUN Exclusive. BMW 320d Exclusive) BMW 5 Series (BMW 523i. Goa .Parsoli Motors. BMW 530d) BMW X1 (BMW X1 sDrive18i. BMW 760Li. Surat . Delhi . Bangalore .OSL Prestige. Hyderabad .

Leading to building an brand image in this segment of car buyers & capturing a larger market share BMW: COMMUNICATION MIX STRATEGY FOR NEW CAR IN INDIA NEW MODEL :. sporty. The average age of the BMW buyer in India is 40 years therefore now it is targeting younger group. and hence they have done well with a younger target group. which they consider an important part of their product strategy & a perfect car for the Indian market since it is SUV (sport utility vehicle) style .BMW is going to launch its least expensive name-plate -. BMW is perceived as a dynamic. innovative and aesthetic brand. [GROUP NO 5] Page 6 .BMW X9 TARGET AUDIENCE BMW has aimed at a target group that drives the future of the country.has the ground clearance.the BMW X9.

These include. and different intake filters as the air in the country is more polluted Relative weight age Innovative marketing • INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION S.OBJECTIVE • • • To devise a integrated marketing communication plan that would sustain product excitement which is generated through word of mouth BMW X9 Expansion of market share and pushing the sales of BMW in Indian market Making BMW as a Global brand (Made in Germany to Made by BMW) Eye Catching Approaches • • • Replacement of Made in Germany symbol with symbol of quality saying Made by BMW Feel of nationality – 100% made in INDIA Increased interest of dealers by investing in facilities.g. equipment and manpower Business Strategy • • Adjustment of model prices in light of new competition situation Improvement of dealer network to bring consumer buying experience in line with evolved expectations for service Significant Improvements to product line : For e.a higher suspension as ground clearance in India is low.: BMW will do minor adaptations for the Indian road and weather conditions.NO INTEGRATED Objective MARKETING COMMUNICATION Mix 1 MASS Innovative marketing COMMUNICATION activities that will help to [GROUP NO 5] Page 7 .

activity.10% Advertisement “A perfect personality fit” – A Salman Khan movie for product placement would be perfect opportunity to reinforce its brand image.get close to the customer are like:    Professional golf tournaments Wine tasting sessions Events with fashion designers etc. Press Launch Advertisement5% Press 5% Launch- TV show TV show & Radio DJ Program-5% [GROUP NO 5] Page 8 .

India is a strong financing market and 80 per cent of the cars that we sell are financed. fleet owners and dealers.Radio DJ Program 2 TARGETED COMMUNICATION We will launch its financing arm in India to service the credit needs of retail customers. The financing option plays a very crucial part in the buying process further helping in increased customer satisfaction & relationship leading to improved brand Page 9 20% [GROUP NO 5] .

you will see that the place is sophisticated and you will be treated in a certain way. BMW will develop more touch points where people can have a personal connect with the brand. BMW states that. but retail partners. if you walk into a BMW dealership today. dealership network as well as the spirit of the people. 20% [GROUP NO 5] Page 10 .it is wrong to assume that a company that is very strong in design and manufacturing of premium cars should also be the best in selling those cars. marketing. Instead of having a huge advertising spend. For example. There are a few things that have helped BMW be different the product. 30% ONE-TO-ONE COMMUNICATION BMW does not have company owned dealerships.3 IN-STORE COMMUNICATION experience. Selling a premium car requires a good network. BMW call them the local heroes. Hence. the fundamental belief at BMW is to leave the selling to the retail people who have a local connect.

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