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ARISE Several new industries arose in the town. A new crisis has arisen.

BE She was on the hospital. She has been in her room for hours. BEAT My heart beat so low yesterday. My heart has beaten so fast all day. BECOME She became queen in 1952. His job has become his whole life. BEGIN She began her job early in the morning. A new era in Space exploration has begun! BEND Paul bent the curve rapidly yesterday. The knives had bent out of shape. BET She bet £20 yesterday. He has bet $2 000 on the final score of the game. BIND They bound his hands together. She has bound to a chair. BITE She bit into a ripe juicy pear. She has bitten by the family dog. BLEED She slowly bled to death. He has bled from a gash on his head. BLOW A cold wind blew from the east. The ship has blown onto the rocks. BREAK All the windows broke with the force of the blast. I think I've broken the washing machine. BRING She brought her boyfriend to the party. Mismanagement had brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy. BUILD David built us a shed in the back yard.

She's built a new career for herself. BURST The dam burst under the weight of water. The sun has burst through the clouds. BUY I bought it from a friend for £10. He has bought a new coat for me. CATCH The dog caught the stick in its mouth. He had caught with bomb-making equipment in his home. CHOOSE Sarah chose her words carefully. She had chosen between staying in the UK and going home. CLING Her hair clung to her hot damp skin. She had clung on to her baby. COME Spring came late this year. The time has come to act. COST Tickets cost ten dollars yesterday. The flight ticket has cost 600 dollars. CREEP I crept up the stairs, trying not to wake my parents. Her arms had crept around his neck. CUT The canoe cut through the water. She has cut her finger on a piece of glass. DEAL He dealt me two aces. Countries have dealt a peace pact. DIG I dug around in my bag for a pen. They have dug deeper and deeper but still found nothing. DIVE He dove off the bridge. The whale has dived as the harpoon struck it.

DO She did well out of the deal.

His paintings have had a strong influence on me as a student. The glass has fit on top of the jug to form a lid. FIGHT He fought in Vietnam. FEED He fed coins into the meter. The plan has drawn a lot of criticism. The enemy has driven back. He had drunk himself unconscious on vodka. GROW The company profits grew by 5% last year. DRAW She drew a house. I heard a car drive off. FORBID Her father forbade the marriage. GET I got a shock when I saw the bill. FEEL She felt betrayed. My doctor has forbidden me sugar. FORGIVE He forgave his brother´s mistake. . I have hidden my private papers. HIDE He hid the letter in a drawer. They have gotten married during twenty years. EAT We ate at a pizzeria in town. She has eaten a lot all the week. I have felt like a complete idiot. She has given a huge bunch of flowers during this week. I'd completely forgotten about the money he owed me. FIT They fitted a smoke alarm to the ceiling. FORGET I forgot to ask him for his address. HEAR I heard a car drive off. Peter has fallen from the swing twice. The family has grown in size recently. They have gone to Europe during this year. FLY A stork flew slowly past. GIVE She gave her ticket to the woman at the checkin desk. The facts certainly fit your theory last class. HAVE He had a new car and a boat. FLEE He fled to London after an argument with his family. We have found a great new restaurant near the office. The driver had already fled the scene of the accident. GRIND He ground his cigarette into the ashtray. Julie has forgiven her husband's insults all week. She has fought for a place in the national team. The information has fed into the data store. GO I went to Brazil last summer. Summer has just flown by. The cold weather had frozen the ground. She has ground beef in the barbecue. FALL He felt form the mountain last summer.I like the way you've done your hair. A cigarette has hung from her lips. HANG Her hair hung down to her waist. DRIVE I drove to work this morning. FREEZE Two men froze to death on the mountain. DRINK I drank far too much last night. FIND The report found that 30% of the firms studied had failed within a year.

LIE The book lay open on his desk. The government has proven his strong union. The girl has held her father's hand tightly. Have you paid him the rent yet? PROVE The opposition proved too strong for him. LIGHT She lit a candle. She had never ridden a horse before. MEAN His father meant him to be an engineer. QUIT He quit the show last year because of bad health. HURT She hurt my feeling last meeting. KNOW She knew she was dying. Have you read any Steinbeck? RIDE They rode along narrow country lanes. RISE They rose from the table. She has said nothing to me about it. PAY Her parents paid for her to go to Canada. He has hurt the feeling of his girlfriend. The horse has laid back its ears. I've quit smoking. LOSE She lost her husband in the crowd. PUT He put his fist through a glass door yesterday. . MAKE She made coffee for us all. LET I let the spare room yesterday. This has led scientists to speculate on the existence of other galaxies. She has made several movies. Others have met similar problems. I've lent the car to a friend. We have known about the trust. LEAVE She left me with the impression that she was unhappy with her job. This discourse hasn´t meant anything. READ I read a book yesterday. LEAD She led the horse back into the stable. The candles have lit.HIT She hit him on the head with her umbrella last winter. She left her assistant in charge. I'm afraid I've let the garden go this year. LEND Her presence lent the occasion a certain dignity. Her family has put her into a nursing home. RUN Holmes ran a fine race to take the gold medal. HOLD I held the mouse by its tail. MEET The Prime Minister met other European leaders for talks. SAY He said his name was Sam. These machines have lain idle since the factory closed. KEEP Her father kept a grocer's shop. RING He rang up the police station. The bus has the bridge. LAY He laid a hand on my arm. I've lost ten pounds since I started this diet. The river has risen several meters. She has run all day. Sue has rung in sick. She has kept her past secret from us all.

SPEAK She spoke in favour of the new tax. Students have shaken hands. She has sat him down in front of the fire with a hot drink.SEE I saw you put the key in your pocket. I have stood the little girl on a chair so that she could see. SINK The ship sank to the bottom of the sea. . SPRING The branch sprang back and hit him in the face. They have sought in vain for somewhere to shelter. SPEED He sped away on his bike. The tumour had shrunk to the size of a pea. Her dress had split along the seam. The man has slid the money quickly into his pocket. SIT She sat and stared at the letter in front of her. Samuel has sung all day. SELL I sold my car to James for £800. SHUT She shut her eyes and fell asleep immediately. They have speeded up production of the new car. The government has set strict limits on public spending this year. She has sprung a surprise by winning the tournament. SHINE He shone the flashlight around the cellar. SEND She sent to say that she was coming home. The car has sped along the road towards the village. SEW She sewed all her own clothes. She has seen movie all night. SHOOT They shot the lock off. The sun has shone brightly in a cloudless sky. The movie has shot in black and white. They have spread their net far and wide in the search for a new team coach. STAND We all stood around in the corridor waiting. SHOW She showed the technique to her students. Have you shown your work to anyone? SHRINK My sweater shrank in the wash. SING She sang the baby to sleep. SPIN She spun on her heel and walked out. SLIDE We slid down the grassy slope. The old man had sunk to his knees. Have you sent a postcard to your mother yet? SET She set the camera on automatic. SPREAD She spread her arms and the child ran towards her. They have sewn all the clothes. SPEND She spent £100 on a new dress. I have sold James my car for £800. SPLIT The committee split over government subsidies. She has slept at her sister´s home. They have spoken a lot. SHAKE He shook her violently by the shoulders. SLEEP He slept solidly for ten hours. SEEK They quickly sought to distance themselves from the protesters. He has shut his book and looked up. I've spent years trying to learn Japanese. The dancers have spun round and round.

SWEAR He swore revenge on the man who had killed his father. SWIM The boys swam across the lake. STING Tears stung her eyes. WEEP He wept for joy. I have wept to see him looking so sick. STRIKE The ship struck a rock. WIND He wound the wool into a ball. UPSET He arrived an hour late and upset all our arrangements. The sheets have worn thin. They have written a list of supermarket. She had strung the shells on a silver chain. Rain has swept in through the broken windows. SWEEP She swept the crumbs into the wastebasket. His head has swum and he swayed dizzily. STRING We strung paper lanterns up in the trees. TELL He told everybody he saw the news. . STICK I stuck the photos into an album. TAKE She took the child in her arms and kissed him. TEACH He taught for several years before becoming a writer. The state has taken control of the company. I had my wallet stolen. I have woken by the sound of someone moving around. She has swung the door open. THROW She threw the ball up and caught it again. The path has wound down to the beach. UNDERSTAND She understood anything in the meeting last day. SWING His arms swung as he walked. My father has taught me how to ride a bike. He has sworn in as president. Those men have stunk horrible. UNDERTAKE He undertook to finish the job by Friday. TEAR I tore a hole in my jeans. He has torn off down the street. You've won yourself a trip to New York. STINK The soup stunk. WIN He won £3000 in the lottery. She had thought very deeply about this problem.She has told the entire true. He has undertaken his responsibility in the judge. WAKE He woke up to find himself alone in the house. The Prime Minister has understood to have been extremely angry about the report. WEAVE She deftly wove the flowers into a garland. The area has struck by an outbreak of cholera. He has stung by their criticism. The baskets have woven from strips of willow. Two riders have thrown in the second race. WEAR He wore glasses. STEAL Thieves stole jewellery worth over £10000. The key has stuck in the lock. WRITE The teacher wrote the answers on the board. THINK I thought I heard a scream.