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Arvind Kehriwal was born on 16th June, 1968, in district Hissar of Haryana.

He is mechanical engineering from IIT kharagpur. He worked in Tata Steel and thereafter selected for Indian Revenues Services and joined as a Joint Commissioner, Income Tax. Later he started a NGO named Privartran. Parivartan is one of his prominent moves to work towards a corruption free nation. For this, he was awarded with Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership. Another movement which has gained him fame and brought in lime light is the recent struggle for implementation of Lok Pal Bill in its true form. Being an active member of drafting committee and a strong follower of Anna Hazare, he has carved his own niche. His main motto is to create a corruption free society. He received overwhelming response on the national as well as global front. Kejriwal, however, had contradicted Hazare citing results of surveys on different platforms, which he said mandated formation of a political party named AAM ADMI PARTY on 2 October 2012 Anna Hazare made it clear that he was not in favour of a political party to continue with his fight against corruption. Some things might happen due to the new party. It might come into power and create a heaven on the earth, thereby making it possible to experience heavenly atmosphere without dying. It might also happen that they couldn't make a successful impact in the politics, yet continue to fight and die a valiant warrior. The disappointing and the worst would be to become corrupt, fighting against which their birth was the reason of. That would anyhow, not matter to Indian people because, we have got used to live in this corrupt country by now. Now let me reason out my above theory.

This party might not be able to present itself before the people as a viable alternative because of it's lack of organisational strength. This is not something which you can do in an year or so. It takes a lifetime. Building an organization from the scratch is doable but certainly is a daunted task. It lacks leaders in the lower rungs. It is short of activists in the grassroot levels. A messenger is important as the message. So, activists are as important as ideology. IAC's fast gained popularity in Delhi, but failed in

Can you name a single other leader from that party..?? It might be a matter of time before Arvind becomes 'Supremo' of the party rather than a 'General Secretary'. Beacause. Kejriwal is the only face of the party. Arvind is famous for taking decisions without giving due priority and preference for his colleagues which might have a negative implication within the power structures of the party. .• • Mumbai. people in Mumbai are so work oriented that they can't afford to leave their livelihood for a single day. The last and the most important thing. MONEY will definitely be a problem to deal with for Arvind's camp. You need crores of money to fight a single election. I am quite sure that this is the case with rest of India. It is also a sign of monotony to which his party is prone.