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Date: 4/23/2010 To: Owners and Master of the M/T Ship LOAD PORT GRADES QUANTITY SHIPPER CONSIGNEE


Notwithstanding that the above cargo parcels should be loaded totally segregated, we hereby request that the vessel to give a /line displacement /flushing as below operations

a) To receive approx. 100.0 m3 LSDO in slop stbd from shore b) To perform line flush / circulate 100m3 LSDO in line 1, line 2, line 3 with COP1, COP2, and COP3 c) After line flush approx. 100m3 to be stowed in slop stbd for discharge in Disch port in Australia. D)FYI No. 4 wings are at present have JET A1 for discharge at Australia
In consideration of your complying with our above request, we hereby agree as follows:1. Charterers shall indemnify and hold Owners and Owners servants and Agents harmless (hereinafter jointly and severally called parties) in respect of any cargo liability, loss, contamination ,damage or expense of whatsoever nature which parties may sustain by reason of this line flushing in accordance with the Charterers request (hereinafter jointly and severally called the request) and accept the responsibility for any damage to cargo and/or cargo claim howsoever arising due to this

2. In the event of any proceedings being commenced against the parties in connection with the parties complying with this request, to provide the parties from time to time with sufficient funds to defend the same. 3. If the vessel and other ship or property belonging to the parties should be arrested or detained for any claim or should the arrest or detention thereof be threatened, or should there be any interference in the use or trading of the vessel in connection with the request, we shall provide parties, on demand such bail or other security as may be required to prevent such arrest or

detention or to secure the release of such ship or property or to remove such interference and to indemnify parties in respect of any liability, loss, damage or expense caused by such arrest or detention or threatened arrest or detention or such interference, whether or not such arrest or detention or threatened arrest or detention or such interference may be justified. 4. The liability of each and every person under this indemnity shall be joint and several and shall not be conditional upon Owners proceeding first against any person, whether or not such person is party to or liable under this indemnity. 5. This indemnity shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and each and every person liable under this indemnity shall at your request submit to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Justice of England Your faithfully,

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