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It’s a Trap! 10 Interview Questions Designed To Trick You
by PHILLIP T AYLO R- PARKER on O CT O BER 16, 2012 · 4 CO MMENT S · in J O B SEARCH The “…er” Blog Smarterer Jobs


Hiring managers are tasked with the impossible job of learning a candidate inside and out after just a few interactions. That’s why they’re always coming up with new tactics to extract every last drop of information from a candidate. It’s important to keep your guard up! You can almost be sure some of the questions asked will be “interview traps” – interview questions designed to get you to reveal some critical bit of information about yourself that you might have preferred to remain covered. They come in many forms, but all have the common goal of getting you to expose some character flaw that will bump you down a few rungs in the rankings. Hold it together! Here are 10 of the most popular “interview traps” and tips on how to use them to your advantage. The setup: Why is there a gap in your work history? The trap: Does all this time off work mean you’re lazy? It’s not necessarily a problem to have a gap on your resume. If you pursued personal projects, took care of a sick relative, volunteered for charity or otherwise used your time off in a productive manner, let them know. They don’t care that you haven’t spent any recent time in an office – only that you haven’t spent it all on the couch. The setup: What would the person who likes you least in the world say about you? The trap: Are you aware of your own weaknesses – and how to work around them? A cousin to “what’s your biggest weakness?,” this question also requires framing your dominant personality traits in a positive light. Perhaps your enemy would say you’re neurotic and controlling, when in fact you just have a completionist’s eye for detail, which will ensure no project is finished until all loose ends are tied and re-tied for peace of mind. The setup: Describe when you were part of a team that could not get along.


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Succinctly list education history. frame your skills in a context which aligns with the job description and the company’s direction. platforms you want to work with.and long-term goals of the organization itself. so you can carry the conversation if they mention a project from their background. what would it be? The trap: Are you holding on to any lingering issues you couldn’t resolve at your last job? Can you vocalize your problems in a professional manner and come to a diplomatic understanding with your coworkers / bosses? This question tests whether you let problems stew and boil over. so long as the things you want to do overlap with the things you’ll be doing here. How-To Infographics Job Search Learn A Skill License to Skill Odds and Ends Personal Branding Recruiting and Employment Smarterer News Technology Testing and Scoring Weekly Content Call-Out OUR FOUNDE RS Smarterer was founded in October 2010 by David Balter. skills gained from previous jobs. Instead. The setup: Why should we hire you? The trap: Are you a good fit for this specific role and company? If you can’t answer this question. The trap: Sure.The trap: Do you work well with people you don’t like? No matter whose fault it actually was. This also tests your communication skills – whether you know how to pitch. the interviewer will assume you can’t work well with others if you complain about a dysfunctional team buried in your work history. you know your line of work – but can you communicate your responsibilities to others? Are you a good communicator? As a developer. so they can in turn pitch it to customers? If you can’t explain your job duties in plain English. It also doesn’t hurt to research the hiring board to find out what makes them tick. you probably aren’t well-versed enough in the field to effectively communicate your needs to the coworkers you will interact with on a daily basis. can you explain how the newest product feature operates in a way that the marketing team can process. or whether you can address them rationally with the benefit of a positive work environment in mind. and the short. discuss the problems you’d like to solve. and whether you know when to stop talking. Then. The setup: What annoys you about coworkers / bosses? S MA RTE RE RI TE S Manage Blog . The setup: Explain ________ (your industry) to your nephew / grandmother / totally oblivious client. The setup: What’s your ideal job? The trap: …Is it something other than this one? It’s okay to have career aspirations. The trap: Are you lying on your resume? Are you confident you’re qualified for this job? Don’t meander. you probably didn’t research the company you’re trying to work for. and other active engagements that encompass both your dream work and the work in front of you. Avoid mentioning a title – it may not carry the clout in this company’s role structure that you think it does. suggesting you’re not sure whether what you’ve listed is “enough” to qualify you for the job. Then. and perhaps a personal project or two which enhances your skill set and demonstrates motivation outside of the workplace. What matters to them is how you handled the situation – did you allow room for discussions and ideas you may not have agreed with? Did you learn any lessons about give-and-take from clashing with a coworker? The setup: If you could change one thing about your last job. Jennifer Fremont-Smith and Michael Kowalchick. stop talking. Rambling indicates a lack of confidence. HOOTS A B OUT US : The setup: Tell me about yourself. Make sure you know the specific functions your future role will entail.

. 21 • Reply • Share › Bb ko l 4 R. The setup: If you won the lottery.The trap: Are you easy to work with.. It’s best to say you’ve been fortunate to navigate amicable work relationships. or are you a Negative Nancy? It’s never a good idea to badmouth a coworker.."I'm not sure sir. Best Com m unity Share Jo s h Mi l l e r • 2 months ago I had an interview once where the employer asked me.. This question really gets at whether you’re naturally inclined to work. but I like to repeat your line here that "did wiped the sh** eating grin off his face" 28 • Reply • Share › alam 5 A Candidate • a month ago Reply Share › Because of my experience my skills and my abilities • • R . It’s perfectly acceptable to say you’d start your own company. rather than a passion to which they will be dedicated.. Arya Josh Miller • a month ago Hi. 92 • Reply • Share › A C a n d i d a te Josh Miller • a month ago I also had a similar kind of experience when after 7 rounds of interviews the employer asked me that "Why should I hire you?". skills. and aptitude will get ." what can you offer us that the other candidates we've interviewed cannot?" To which I promptly replied.. whether peer or superior. and say that you will expect and encourage that same dedication from your peers. Arya • a month ago The only and best thing to do is to know the largest number of right people!Nothing can get you employed faster than having the right contacts!This garbage about having the right qualifications." to which he said "I can see an attitude here. "I do the best". But it’s also facetious to say you’d stay in your current position if you were to be blessed with such fortunes. mention an attribute that highlights dedication to the company cause. would you still work? The trap: Are you motivated to succeed? Most people know this question aims to trap candidates for whom work is merely a means to an end. If pressed. Tagged with: Interview Questions • interview techniques Loving this post? Share it! 67 comments • 5 reactions 261 Leave a message. What have the other candidates offered you?" I didn't get the job. To which I said because "I cleared all the rounds which you have designed/created to select a candidate.. so make sure those imaginary piles of cash would enable some form of future productivity. Your answer could be "I don't know what other can do. charity or project to further your personal development. education. but I know that.." luckily I got the job. but I did wiped the sh** eating grin off his face.

Reply • Pra s h a n t Ka ti ya r3 3 1 • Josh Miller • a month ago Excellent. Arya • 12 days ago Share › Good ! You sound confident of your abilities. Arya • 25 days ago Share › U KNOW UR THE BEST BUT HE DOESN'T KNOW U R BEST OR NOT Reply • Jp s g a h l a w a t 0 • R. The questions above are common.garbage about having the right qualifications. have a nice day 0 • Reply • Share › Atu l ka rg u tka r Bbkol4 • 23 days ago Share › Well said. Remember. You may be practical... mentally and physically! Your respect fades away the moment you lose touch with the person. 0 • Reply • R e cru i ts 4 u Bbkol4 • 25 days ago I agree with you. . 2 • Reply • Share › s a n j a y s h a rm a Bbkol4 • 23 days ago Dear i don't know what is ur profile but u start with less because it would be something then nothing.. don't sacrifice your integrity and self-respect during an interview... so learn how to use them towards your advantage... and aptitude will get you employed is complete nonsense!The only people who actually work in a job are the people who can get their work done by others 24 • Reply • Share › vi j a y Bbkol4 • 25 days ago Well Bbkol4. interviews go both ways. thank you.. increases stress and makes you prone to all sorts of problems... u just think ur westing ur time if u do in less sellery there will be something to know to increase ur 9lege and personalty.You are a guy with "Bat and Ball". I like it. don't be oversmart. skills. Reply • Ace s i l ve ru s 6 • Josh Miller • a month ago Share › Who ever you are.i would like to do the same some time! Reply • Share › Ga u ri d i l i p a m b e ka r 0 • Josh Miller • a month ago what kind of answer is expected to such que? can u plz tell me? Reply • Share › Su d e s h ku m a r3 0 Josh Miller • a month ago Hats Off to you Miller. and no one wants to hire a lamb in a wolves world... 0 • Reply • Share › Jo s h Mi l l e r • 2 months ago Seriously people. Please don't misdirect new aspirants with this kind of real 'nonsense'. I like you already.I am in recruiting and it doesnt matter what industry i am recruiting into but after 15 years i still need to keep proving is a pain in the arse 0 • Reply • Share › SAN JAY N ATH 9 0 1 • R.. but things that way don't work long..Keep yout esteem high always.. education.

you dont chuck things in the pot do you? Give me the recipe". if u have little bit of mind in your head u knbow what will u do & thats the MNCs would do 5 • Reply • Share › Gu r 0 dtg • a month ago Reply Share › Racist u r • • l u cky • a month ago Once they called me and said.) I said: I don't need it now. he said.80% of the requirment. why should i hire you?" (Well. I did get that job though.interviews go both ways.. and aptitude will get you employed is complete nonsense!The only people who actually work in a job are the people who can get their work done by others.Nothing can get you employed faster than having the right contacts!This garbage about having the right qualifications. 1 • Reply • Share › Ge e th a kri s h n a n P4 9 • a month ago . one more point i would like to add. No matter its India. If u want to buy apple and you have two stalls with same quality one with higher price tag of 30%.... education.China or any other country. just making a useless comment on a whole country dnt make u great. and no one wants to hire a lamb in a wolves world... i agree with you its true • • This comment was deleted. cos I'm a woman I assume. I've cleared all the technical round. :) your processing took too much time :P 6 • Reply • Share › A C o m m o n Ma n • a month ago The only and best thing to do is to know the largest number of right people. and slowly you can drag the discussion towards your strong areas... i agree with you. most of the time people didn't read the resume and this question fits the bill to start the conversation. Ja s Ja n u dtg • a month ago person like u dnt know how to compete. Are you serious about the job? The technical team said yes and telephonic person said NO. 1 • Reply • Share › Aj a y Ka l a • a month ago "tell me something about yourself" has become almost a non brainer first question in an interview mostly enmates from the interviewer NOT having read the resume before hand and is quickly running through it while you ramble on a very good opportunity to lead the interview to one's strong points 1 • Reply • Share › Sa g a r Ajay Kala • a month ago Yes Ajay. 0 • Reply • Share › R i ta H • a month ago This one interviewer compared my work skills to cooking. 23 • Reply • Share › Akh y 0 Josh Miller • a month ago Reply Share › Hai josh.. just read the JD carefully and try to weave your compeyency as per the JD that matched around 70 . I've another one :) Thanx for your time.. "You were so casual while you were talking(last round). I told him I dont cook. "When you cook. skills.

... If the Interviewer is asking such questions in the preliminary round. 0 • Reply • Share › angel • 19 days ago m no working right now because of my baby. Thank you very much for your sharing.. as self-confidence and self-esteem is pretty low in such . People will always find excuses when they don't get selected. but who you know. 0 • Reply • Share › Ruplinaju • 17 days ago lovely. Definitely the TIPS will help me when I face any interview.. and would try to retain them). 1 • Reply • Share › a m o d s h a n ka r 0 • Geethakrishnan P49 • a month ago Share › Seems you got all of it Reply • JPS Ga h l a w a t • 12 days ago Even in such questions. If they ask you questions related to your work (Questions are work specific) then you are in the right place and the right interview. that what gets you a job is not what you know.Ge e th a kri s h n a n P4 9 • a month ago Thank you very much for the TIPS given. especially abt the gap part.. so i definetley eligible for this job. also thought that it somewhere erncouraged me to face an interview aftera very long break 0 • Reply • Share › Sri d h a r R a m a n • 22 days ago Quite informative and contains the right tips to empower the candidates to handle interviews effectively. If one had such impressive credentials.. Regards. Have personally experienced. Of course. the best way to land an interview/job is through networking in both professional as well as personal circles.. 0 • Reply • Share › Vka ch a rya 1 9 8 1 • 18 days ago Beacause i think so that i am the best team leader at each progressive subject.see how you can react. Once again THANKS. surely will help people appearing for interviews. but looking forward to a job soon. You will clear the interview.this was really informative. skills. it's a lot harder to 'network' when one is jobless. is pure BS. all this talk of right attitude. So. and even earlier.that is what the tests are all test your temperament and aptitude. Make sure that either they have selected someone secretly and interview is just a showoff or they are conducting the interviews just to collect the resume (It happens in India this way). JP 0 • Reply • Share › Sh ri ka n t • 12 days ago If the interviewer is asking such questions in the final round then you have already got the job and you just need not to say anything negative about yourself and others as well. etc. and seen scores of very well qualified & experienced people settling for S***ty jobs while mediocre ones get plum jobs simply because they knew the right people. fantastic tips to overcome the butterflies inside the stomach before an interview. one wouldn't be jobless in the first place (their organization wouldn't let them go. So. 0 • Reply • Share › Si m p l e In d i a n • 24 days ago Have noticed in these recessionary times...

. Reply • Share › Sh a s h i ki n g d h a r 0 • • 24 days ago send me more questions like this and along with answers Reply • Share › R a b i n d ra N a th Be h e ra • 25 days ago RABINDRA NATH BEHERA What others think of you is None of your bussiness 0 • Reply • Share › Ti rth ra j b h a d o ri ya 0 • • 25 days ago other do what they wan...... 0 • Reply • Share › Vi n o d Sh ri va s ta va ci ti 0 • • 24 days ago Amazing . Can anyone advise best answers for the same ? You were doing great in your academics ? Don't you have plans for further studies ? or You were doing great in your academics ? Why did not you go for full time MBA ? Why did you left your first organization ? Why you want to leave your current organization ? How long have you waited for this job ? Questions about family background ? I still fear i will screw myself again.. if the recruiter were selecting the right candidate the condition of this country would be something different... the selection procedure needs a analytical study with a objective mind and without presumption or prejudice because as is also considered as one act o your routine work 0 • Reply • Share › Ma n u 0 • 25 days ago Reply Share › It really help me out..t. • • H IR EN JOSH I • a month ago Few More Tricks which i did fall for...these tips are very useful..'network' when one is jobless. be private or be government.t all Reply • Share › Bh a n u p ra ta p h a d a • 25 days ago i think one should have a will to work and the most imp thing required to accomplish a target is the will somebody is not hiring you it is his loss talent cannot be judged in interview or series of interview interview are merely an outline to know a person a real worker/ talent will always be seen in the field...... Reply • Ma n g e s h w a n n a re • a month ago i don't no 0 • Reply • Share › . • • ajit 0 • a month ago Reply Share › very nice suggestions...but myself trying my best tha.. Can anyone please suggest something before i prepare for next season of interviews ??? 0 • Reply • Share › Su n i l _ s a vl a 8 0 0 • HIREN JOSHI • a month ago Share › i also facing same type of questions..... as self-confidence and self-esteem is pretty low in such circumstances..

Mind And Soul With A Thai Massage Lifescript C o m m e n t fe e d Su b s cri b e vi a e m a i l "Three steps to stronger #sourcing: http://t.. via @kwheeler #hr #recruitment #recruiting— smarterer © 2011 Smarterer.( 0 • Reply • Share › Ma n i s h • a month ago amazing article. Straight From the Spring Runways AOL Heal Your Body.. . i have seen good functional experts getting lower salaries in their negotiations with HR due to inappropriate answers to the questions mentioned above. 9911159897 Reply • Share › Pa ra g N o l i m i t • a month ago 1) Whats the guarantee that you will work with our company for long time as you have hopped so may companies ? its been 15 interviews still not selected even you have lots of potential its really very embarrassing .R a j n i s h e cc • a month ago My current profile is not matching with previous one and I dont like it as well... Can anyone advise what should I do in this case. thanks to the compiler of this information. Most of the interviewer are not buying my true reason they are scared that what if I started disliking this job also if they hire me.. 0 • Reply • Share › SAN D EEP OJH A 0 • • a month ago I LIKE THIS ALL QUESTION PLEASE YOU PROVIDED A ALL ANSWER THIS QUESTION Reply • Share › Th a ri th a 3 8 2 • a month ago Share › yes i like this 0 • Reply • a m re n d ra ku m a r ch o u d h a ry 0 • • a month ago hi i am amrendra kumar choudhary my cot.very useful.. 0 • Reply • Share › Load more comments AROUND THE WEB What's this? Driving Across America? Don't Miss These 10 Quirky Attractions Chevrolet Blue Monday: Most Depressing Day of 2013 First To Know Hair-spiration: 20 Ways to Decorate Your Hair.