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AerOx® is a broad spectrum room disinfection product for use in fogging equipment.

It is suitable for non-life-critical applications, where bacteria, fungi or enveloped viruses are a problem. AerOx® is optimized for producing a small particle size, and a highly stable hydrogen peroxide vapor. AerOx® is best used in ultrasound fogging equipment, but can also be used in electrical fogging systems. It does not leave unwanted visible residues and all potential residues are food safe. AerOx® does not contain any peracetic acids, aldehydes, quats or chlorine.

Aseptix AEROX®
General Puropse Area Fogging Disinfectant

> Developed for non life-critical applications. > Excellently suited for large area decontamination and disinfection, for example in hotels, cruise lines (Noro), disaster remediation, food processing, air conditioning systems, veterinary / live-stock applications, mixing and storage vessels, and trucks for transportation. Producing ultra small particles, with good penetration abilities and quickly diffusible.

> Special formulation ensures that hydrogen
peroxide concentration in the air remains high and the hydrogen peroxide does not decompose in water and oxygen before having reached surfaces. With Aerofogger equipment the liquid produces a dry mist with 90% of the droplets smaller than 10 micron, these small droplets will float in the air for a prolonged period and have a fast kill effect on microbes.



> > > > > > > >
Wide spectrum disinfection Exceeds European efficacy standards Causes no antimicrobial resistance Extremely biodegradable Worker and consumer safe Highly compatible to most materials High-Speed H2O2TM based NO peracetic acids, aldehydes, quats or chlorine

For use in room fogging equipment. Effectively eliminates various pathogenic microorganisms from any hard surface. Wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity. Does not include mycobactericidal and sporicidal efficacy. Features a deodorizing capacity. Clean periodically between disinfection cycles for an optimal result. AerOx® is the preferred solution in all non-life-critical applications, and for periodic disinfection with an optimal balance between safety, cost and disinfection results. AerOx® provides for a wide spectrum kill of various pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses, and is compatible with virtually any hard surface. It is excellently suited for situations in which rooms and areas have to be quickly disinfected by either fogging, misting or spraying. It has a strong deodorizing capacity and does not contain any toxic or hazardous chemicals, nor does it produce dangerous gasses. Within a few hours after use, a room is fully disinfected and decontaminated and can be safely entered. AerOx® is based on food grade ingredients, and any residue of the product is food safe. Especially designed for environments in which high disinfection capacity, user safety and reasonable contact times are required. Because AerOx® can be directed with a tube, it can effectively be connected to an air conditioning or building heating system to quickly eradicate micro-organisms and odors from a system, supporting in prevention of the so-called “Sick Building Syndrome”.

> Does not burden users, employees,
customers or visitors

> No effect on respirational tract, no toxic
gases or waste, no residual odors

> No or low rinsing of surfaces required
after use.

> Effective deodorizer

Difference with AerOx® Medical
AerOx® Medical is intended for use in all medical, healthcare, semi-critical care, and long term care environments. It is the preferred solution in case of outbreaks, in case it is (yet) uncertain which organisms could be present, or in case a resistant micro-organism is present. AerOx® Medical provides for a broad spectrum kill of various pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses TBC, mycobacteria, viruses and spores – including C. difficile, MRSA, and VRE. It has a strong deodorizing capacity and does not contain any toxic or hazardous chemicals, nor does it produce dangerous gasses. Within a few hours after use, a room is fully disinfected and decontaminated and can be safely entered.

Calculate disinfection time using capacity of fogger and approximate area in cubic meters to be disinfected. When the disinfection cycle is completed: ventilate the room. 1. fog for 34 minutes (=2250 ml/4000 ml x 60 minutes). Example 150 m3 is 2250 ml: at 4 liter per hour. CALCULATING THE DISINFECTION TIME The disinfection time is dependent upon the specific fogger that is used. Switch on fogger by pressing the green button (it takes several minutes for the reservoir to be fi lled before the fogger starts fumigating). user safety and reasonable contact times are required. Ensure the humidity of the air in the room prior to the start of the operation does not exceed 60% relative humidity. for example in: > > > > > > Hotels. This can be achieved by a simple dehumidifier. SUGGESTED USE Excellently suited for large area decontamination and disinfection. Mixing and storage vessels. > . visitors. leave the room before fogging starts 4. Swimming pools. Especially designed for environments in which high disinfection capacity. close doors and windows (ensure that there is no air turbulence). Cruise lines (Noro virus). Sanitary environments. ensuring high disinfection compliance. 120 m3 Aseptix® AeroFogger 2 Capacity of the fogger is 4 liter per hour. Leave the room for at least 120 minutes to let the fog disappear and the product to act. virucidal and yeasticidal when used in fogging application. it is advised to keep the area closed without ventilation for at least 3 hours. Efficacy is not ensured at lower use dilutions. > Special. Do not enter the room while disinfection is in progress. adjust the clock to the calculated time. 3. HIGH DISINFECTION COMPLIANCE > Wide spectrum of activity: bactericidal. Air conditioning systems. When entering the room. Highly safe for users. AerOx® contains a safe and volatile “smell marker” ingredient that ensures a smell to the product once fumigated to indicate to personnel when the smell is gone. > Acceptable contact times: Dependent on the required spectrum of antimicrobial efficacy. Only enter the room after the disinfection process is completed. Clean periodically between disinfection cycles for an optimal result.USE PRECAUTIONS > Use the product only according the > > > > > > > > prescribed use instructions. Food processing. Maximum capacity in area of fogger is ca. fungicidal. it is preferred to dehumidify the air. The fogger automatically stops after the set time. 2. Example 80 m3 is 1200 ml: at 2 liter per hour. In case the humidity is higher. 250 m3 > Disinfection results as indicated by Aseptix can only be guaranteed with the use of AerOx® Liquids.HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. and open doors and windows. Veterinary / live-stock applications. the product does not provide for a build-up of residues and does NOT cause antimicrobial resistance. Clean visibly dirty surfaces prior to fogging procedure. patented product composition ensures a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the air and a slow degradation rate. CAUSES EYE AND SKIN BURNS Wear protective gloves and glasses. Read carefully the Material Safety Data Sheet before handling the product. Maximum capacity in area of fogger is ca. the hydrogen peroxide levels are acceptable to be in the room. Contrary to quaternary ammonium based products. Preferably the relative humidity is below 50% relative humidity. Use 15 ml per m3 of space. remove any sensitive electronic equipment and any objects sensitive to moist. Use 15 ml per m3 of space. OXIDIZER . > > > > > Sauna’s & Spa’s. cover mouth with a cap or a wet cloth. Do not mix the product with other chemicals. Trucks (transportation) SAFETY > AerOx® only contains food grade > ingredients. the area is fully disinfected between 1 and 3 hours after application. Please see below for exact calculation: AEROX ® > Aseptix® AeroFogger 1 Capacity of the fogger is 2 liter per hour. patients and the environment. For a wide spectrum of efficacy and disinfection compliance. Temperature tolerant – works effectively from -5 ºC to 40 ºC. Switch off air circulation and air conditioning systems. fog for 36 minutes(=1200 ml/2000 ml x 60 minutes) . Disaster remediation. USE INSTRUCTIONS Only use Aseptix® AerOx® in clean environments (clean before disinfecting the area). 5. Do not dilute the product.

> Virucidal: Tested according the Guidelines of the German DVV/RKI (HIV.aseptix. HCV. the product is suitable for use on virtually all materials commonly encountered in the kitchen and sanitary environments. MRSA. Influenza. Shelf Life: 5 L canister: 2 x 5000 ml EFFICACY > Bactericidal: EN 1040 & EN 1276.AVAILABLE PACKAGING TECHNICAL DATA Use Dilution: Active Ingredients: Surfactants: Color/Form: Fragrance: pH: Solubility in Water: Cleaning Performance: Rinsability: Foaming: Relative Density: Flash Point: Chemical Stability: Ready to Use Hydrogen Peroxide None Transparent colorless None 2-3 Complete N/A Not necessary None 1 None Chemically stable from 4°C to 30°C (germicidal properties not affected by storage in this temperature range) 2 years. Store in original container. EN 13624 Please make sure your employees read and understand the product label and Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product. E. Avoid extreme temperatures. Protect product from excessive sunlight. H1N1 (Mexican Flu). Do NOT use on acid sensitive surfaces such as marble. HBV. (model Vaccinia & BVDV). P. MSDS’s are available online at www. H5N1 (Avian Flu). SAFETY REMINDER > Yeasticidal & Fungicidal: EN 1275. aeruginosa. EN or by calling +31 (0)88 ASEPTIX (+31 88 2737849). and both the label and MSDS contain hazard warnings.coli PRODUCT COMPATIBILITY Under recommended conditions of use. Please also see the use precautions in the left hand upper corner of the previous page. SARS. . If uncertain. including: Staphylococci. The label contains directions for use. test beforehand by dripping liquid onto the surface. precautionary statements and first aid procedures. YOUR DEALER .Aseptix BV Bredestraat 11 3632 AX Loenen aan de Vecht THE NETHERLANDS Phone: Fax: Internet: +31 (0)294 230 113 +31 (0)294 233 104 www.