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by The Hardcorps, Kuwiet Girl and The Keindy Man

20.Listen to super loud music. Wait for your eardrums to explode. 21.Read a whole book about Algebra. 22.Stare at your favorite celebrity. 23.Stand near the TV. Until the radiation kills you. 24.Listen to a Justin Bieber song. 25.Enter a lion cage. 26.Sprinkle powder on the floor. Slide and hit your head on the floor. 27.Surf the web. Try to drown. 28.Eat live ants. 29.Play Slenderman. 30.Never sleep. 31.Slam the car door. With your hand inside. 32.Sleep while driving. 33.Lick a diaper. 34.Bury yourself. 35.Harakiri with a stick.

1. Slit your neck with a papercut. 2. Drown yourself in the toilet bowl. 3. Jump off a bungalow. 4. Stand on the roof and wait for a plane to hit you. 5. Drink water til you’re full. VERY full! 6. Eat til you explode. 7. Drink paint. 8. Poke your veins 9. Run across the road while its rush hour 10.Hang yourself with yarn. 11.Hold your breath. 12.Bandage your nose (til you cant breathe) 13.Eat a whole apple. Swallow it whole. 14.Scare yourself in front of the mirror. 15.Dont eat. 16.Purposely trip on a rock. 17.Volunteer to be murdered. 18.Go skydiving. Without a parachute 19.Eat yourself.

36.Squeeze yourself in the freezer. 37.Lock yourself in the closet. 38.Eat solid gold. 39.Plug your tongue in a power outlet.

Loosen the screws of the propeller of the fan (then turn it on) 73.Tip off the edge of the world 60.Snort cinammon powder 53.Sniff a pites of Coke.Have someone stare at you (til you melt) 49.Lick the tip of a ballpoint pen (til the ink leaks out) 58.Play Diablo III (Don’t press start) 48. 44.40.Have an english conversation with Marielle 79.Stay underwater for 2 hours.Sniff a sock 76.Burn your house and pretend it’s sauna 46.Unfriend someone on FB 63.Cut your heart out with a spoon 57.Do not repost chain letters . 45.Inentionally slip yourself on a banana peel 75. Don’t turn off the main power supply 59.Only eat fastfood and drink oil 47.Throw a thermometer on the floor 71.step on a thumbtack 77.Pretend your window is a swing 62.Slash your veins using a round object 56.Wrap yourself with barbed wire 78. 42.use the pencil’s eraser to clean your ears 54.Inhale water 55.Purposely choke on hotdog 69.Open your mouth and wait for a swarm of hornets to come in 61.Strap yourself on a rocket.Do not run when a dog chases you 65.Drop a toy grenade (then realize its real) 74.Dive inside a septic tank (choco fudge of death) 50.Wait for a flood to enter your house.Show a failed test to your mom 64.Eat a bag of jalapenos 52.Wrap your head with a plastic bag.Step in a spiked trap 68.Buy a pet tarantula and lose it in your house 67.Balance on one foot (on a skyscraper) 72.Talk in a failed grammar on the internet 70.Tan yourself on the beach (using a grill) 51. 43. 41.Hit your head with the heels of a stiletto.Drive at 400mph 66.

but if you’re not.Get tickled 95. 90. Insult Kim Jong Il while in North Korea 101.Get a lot of guys chasing after you 96.Flood notifs with game request 81. well.Talk to the hand.80.Pluck out your nose hair 85. Wait for a coconut to fall on your head. Literally.Sit under a coconut tree.) 97.Have a staring contest with Sir Junell (while he is wearing circle lenses) 83. Eat an apple that was given to you by an old hag. 91.Play hide and seek with your shadow 92.Eat your failed test paper (This cant be a problem if you’re good in school.Sit between Jhoane and Sam (try it and you will find out) 88. (only on your face) 100.Think of nothing all day 94.Step on an ant hill 82.Spray hairspray.Drive a car (with no idea how to) 98.Go to a deserted island alone with nothing 89..Eat a moldy bread 86.Headbutt a wall 99.Watch a horror movie at midnight alone 84..Run/charge the police with a knife 93. .Smell the lace of your ID after PE 87.

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