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RB211 Gas Turbines

for oil and gas applications

Rolls-Royce Industrial RB211 G a s Tu r b i n e Systems Rolls-Royce industrial gas turbine systems have been supplied to the worldwide oil and gas industry for four decades. . Rolls-Royce is a worldwide leader serving the oil and gas industry. compressors and the packaging know-how to create RB211 gas turbine systems. With more than 3500 gas turbine systems sold and over 135 million hours of operation. combined with proven power turbines. Rolls-Royce provides the advanced aeroderivative gas generators.

RT62 or RT61 power turbine. starting and wash systems are all part of the Rolls-Royce scope of supply. Auxiliaries such as intake air filtration.The RB211 gas turbine package The RB211 gas turbine package matches a Rolls-Royce gas generator to either a Rolls-Royce RT56. or to provide heat for refinery or petrochemical processes. Simple-cycle as complete aftermarket support. to Long-Term Service Agreements and the ongoing development of performanceenhancing upgrades. units can be designed for ready conversion to combined-cycle at a later date. including remote and offshore applications where availability and reliability are of crucial importance. lubrication. A primary factor in the success of the industrial RB211 is the Rolls-Royce dedication to excelling in project management as well . Rolls-Royce gas turbine systems have been refined through experience. Application versatility provides yet another reason why RB211 gas turbines excel in the field. the Rolls-Royce commitment to integrated solutions continues throughout the equipment life cycle. Simplecycle thermal efficiencies can be enhanced by adding heat recovery equipment to produce steam or hot water for local area heating. This approach minimizes initial capital expenditures without sacrificing long-term unit capabilities. Performance in the field More than 411 RB211 gas turbine systems have been sold with over 15 million operating hours. RB211 systems provide an ideal solution for today’s applications. With superior performance retention and relative ease of overhaul. acoustics. From worldwide parts inventory and skilled service technicians.

the RB211 has become the most advanced.75 U. with a performance lineage founded in Boeing 747 and Lockheed 1011 (Tristar) applications. The combustion chamber is lined inside and out allowing for the introduction of air for cooling and dilutions. liquid or dual fuel capability.S. The DLE version maintains the overall length of the standard engine so it fits into existing installations.5 metric tons (2. Through continual engineering and development. Fuel flexibility and DLE option The standard RB211 gas generator employs a single annular combustor fitted with multiple fuel injectors. combined with bleed valves and the twin shaft design.Rolls-Royce RB211 Gas Generator Trusted performance The industrial RB211 is a twin shaft design derived from the aero RB211. tons). reliable. . The combustion system can be configured for gas. and easiest to maintain industrial gas generator available. The Dry Low Emissions (DLE) version of the RB211 offers the same reliability and maintainability as the Single Annular Combustor (SAC) RB211. Maximum efficiency A single row of variable position inlet guide vanes in the low speed compressor module. allow for lower power starting and optimum performance over the engine speed range. Today the RB211 DLE is the most experienced aeroderivative low emission gas generator available. Guide vane position is automatically adjusted to provide maximum efficiency. The industrial RB211 is less than 3 meters (10’) long and weighs just over 2.

The DLE combustion system is comprised of nine combustors spaced radially around the engine casing. The DLE canister combustors also offer simplified maintenance of the combustion system. the replacement of the 04 module is the only engine modification required to retrofit SAC engines to the DLE system. Modular construction simplifies maintenance The RB211 gas generator is constructed of five pre-balanced modules that can be removed or replaced individually. lean-burn series staged combustion system. ■ Low emissions over a wide operating range – less than 25 vppm NOx and CO simultaneously ■ Most experienced aeroderivative low emissions gas generator available. Thanks to the RB211 modular design. assuring high reliability. the RB211 DLE lowers emissions while offering the proven dependability of the standard RB211. Each combustor can be removed individually in less than an hour for inspection or repair without removing the engine from its berth. The Rolls-Royce En-Tronic fuel control system provides the precise fuel management necessary to ensure consistent lower emissions levels. Rolls-Royce has remained steadfast to the original design concept: lower emissions without sacrificing the respected RB211 reliability and ease of maintenance.000. This system includes only four fuel valves for fuel scheduling. Low Emissions Technology As the innovator of Dry Low Emissions (DLE) technology. Through a pre-mix. with over 2.000+ operating hours ■ Designed for simple retrofit of existing non-DLE engines • Replacement of only one module required for DLE system • Same overall length to fit existing installations . The design reduces downtime and maintenance costs by allowing an individual module to be replaced on-site with a new or leased module while the original module is repaired or overhauled.

RT62 or RT61 power turbines. designed to accommodate future growth of the RB211. . The two-stage RT56 was developed in the early 1970’s as a match for the first generation RB211 gas generator. offering the highest power and efficiency in its class. The turbines are mature products that provide high efficiency over a broad range of operating conditions. In the mid 1980’s the two-stage RT62 was introduced to take advantage of the higher power of the RB211 as it became available.The Power urbine Tu The RB211 package includes RT56. The RT61 is the latest-generation high efficiency three-stage power turbine.

. flow impeding exhaust struts have been eliminated from the gas path. ■ Interlocking. ■ Optional integrated auxiliary drive for powering lubrication. They include: ■ Short bearing spans for maximum rotor stability. ■ High nickel. ■ Overhung rotor of forged aerospace quality materials. shrouded blades with honeycomb tip seals.e Several trends in aerodynamic design have been central to the development to improve power turbine efficiency. Mechanical design features in Rolls-Royce power turbines include: ■ By using a front support. ■ Rotor disk cooling. ■ Optimum rotor diameter allowing favorable blade velocity and stage loadings. ■ The gas generator is close-coupled at the optimum distance from the power turbine. seal and hydraulic oil systems. chromium and molybdenum content alloys in hot components. ■ The exhaust diffuser is designed to optimize work extraction efficiency.

It is comprised of a filter assembly. Filtration requirements vary significantly with systems ranging from single to multiple stages. Gas turbine filtration systems are configured to suit the demands of specific operation environments. The gas turbine enclosure Acoustic enclosures are available to meet a wide range of requirements. Careful site design assures that the filter house is located to minimize disruptions of inlet air flow. from weatherproof outdoor structures to enclosures customized to fit within existing buildings. After testing. the unit is shipped with all connections intact. including the cost savings of all piping and wiring being installed at the factory. for equipment changeout. low maintenance alternative for high dust load environments. Lighting. . High-efficiency. In cold climates icing and frost conditions are controlled using a pulse type filter. silencer and flow direction geometry to properly maintain the incoming air. allowing for simplified site installation and commissioning. or removable roof panels. Construction features sound absorbent materials to meet occupational noise level requirements. Self-clean pulse filter systems can offer an effective. multi-stage systems are engineered to combat corrosion in offshore and coastal installations. uniform airflow to the gas generator. In hot climates. ventilation.Added Efficiency of Auxiliary Systems Air intake systems The air intake system provides a clean. whether offshore. onshore or inland. This design also includes a maintenance hoist and large side doors. evaporative intake cooler or intake chiller can be added to lower intake air temperatures for improved performance. The Rolls-Royce “Radial Intake” configuration enclosure is a standard feature which offers exceptional efficiency. fire safety system and access doors are pre-installed.

Overcooling is avoided by using thermostatic controls that maintain proper oil temperatures by means of bypassing oil around the cooler. which is provided by an on-skid oil console. . When self-sustaining speed is achieved. The wash cycle can be run during either a starter driven crank soak cycle or during gas generator operation. the starter is automatically shut-off. plate coolers or shell and tube heat exchangers. The power turbine. gear (where applicable) and driven equipment share a separate mineral oil lubricating system. gas. These couplings require no lubrication and do not impose excessive axial or radial loads on the power turbine or driven equipment. and electro-hydraulic systems which are incorporated into the base. Gas generator wash system Wash systems prevent the build-up of contaminants in the gas generator compressor that could cause deterioration in performance. one for active and the other for standby duty. It provides low pressure oil to the power turbine and driven equipment bearings as well as high pressure oil to compressor seals when oil film seals are required. Torque metering couplings can be supplied as well. Gas turbine starting Starting the RB211 requires only approximately 200 HP. to lubricate the bearings and dissipate heat. The wash system consists of storage tanks. piping and either a pump or compressed air supplied by others. valves. This system can be placed within the skid or on a separate console. The console incorporates two identical pumps.Lubricating oil systems The gas generator uses synthetic oil. When applications require an increase or decrease of shaft speed that exceed the standard speed range. Equipment coupling Dry flexible couplings are the preferred method for transmitting power between the power turbine and the driven equipment. Starting options include air. a gear is introduced into the power train to assure the output speed matches the requirements of the driven equipment. Oil cooling is accomplished with either a forced air radiator. pressure gauges.

dry low emission.e.Automation and Control Systems The basis of the Flexitrend control system is a state-ofthe-art programmable logic controller technology and hardware along with a variety of communication options that provide reliable performance with ease of maintainability and flexibility. The system provides real time monitoring and Rolls Royce provides complete automation solutions for gas turbines utilizing our Flexitrend controls algorithms. speeds. Easy-to-use software allows programming for initial operation and provisions for future changes. The gas turbine controls offer either local or remote modes of operation. guide vane positioning. . from turbine compressor sets. water injection and data event logging. Flexitrend agorithms are coded using programmable logic controllers with independent safety shutdown systems. EGT limiting. Viewing of the operating parameters is available locally or remotely via an FT210 PC. turbine generator sets to complete station control systems. control of turbine critical functions including: sequencing. Rolls-Royce engineers are uniquely qualified to offer solutions for any size project i. With decades of experience in designing control systems.

Factory Te s t i n g Rolls-Royce has extensive test facilities in both North America and Europe to ensure that each unit conforms to exacting performance objectives. Rolls-Royce dedicated training facilities feature fully-equipped classrooms. Each gas turbine undergoes an API mechanical running test prior to shipment. our professional instructors offer the insight of real-world experience. engineers and supervisory support personnel to achieve the safe and economical operation/maintenance of RB211 packages. the expertise of operating and support personnel is central to the productivity of every major equipment installation. A professional training consultant is also available to evaluate individual training needs and develop customized curriculum for application-specific training. is also available. technicians. hands-on training. In addition to OEM expertise. mechanics. Optional API tests are available on request. equipment models and control systems simulating working conditions for indepth. Te c h n i c a l Tr a i n i n g From the first day of start-up. including complete package full load string testing and ASME PTC22 testing using either liquid or gaseous fuel over the complete range of speeds and loads of the RB211 gas turbine family. based on the proven learning strategies used in our training facilities. reduced liability risk and extended equipment life cycle. On-site training. . Through the years. increased fuel savings. Rolls-Royce has trained thousands of operators. Measurable benefits include reduced downtime.

A complete activity manual. highly trained. updated through periodic project reports. you enter into an ongoing partnership that is totally focused on maximizing your profitability and unit availability. Benefits include early problem diagnosis for lower maintenance costs. as well as skilled service personnel. Installation and commissioning are carefully monitored so the proper people. are located among the world’s energy capitals to assure prompt service. keeps the customer informed of project status. Long-term service agreements designed to control your maintenance budget while increasing the availability of your equipment. Quality replacement parts and expert maintenance service. repair and . Project management begins with a detailed activity network and schedule to determine the “critical path” for project completion. Computer-based projections can accommodate unforeseen contigencies to keep activity on-track. application. Experienced. ensure that tight delivery schedules are met. Solutions are delivered through Rolls-Royce global resources to satisfy individual needs: Rolls-Royce global resources. Sophisticated tracking systems also provide access to complete part inventories worldwide. And our experienced instructors offer technical training for efficient and safe operations. including multi-national manufacturing facilities. tools and equipment are on-site when needed. increased availability and reliability. Rolls-Royce has earned the reputation as a leading supplier capable of sustaining optimum performance as a result of our commitment to integrated solutions. technical field personnel backed by the world’s most respected engineering staff to provide expertise on unit design. and extended unit life.Worldwide Support From the moment you become a valued Rolls-Royce customer. decreased fuel and lubrication oil consumption. Inventories of critical parts. field modification as required.

based on the latest information available to Rolls-Royce plc. A prime example of this commitment to the future is our on-line service community at www. to assure operating and support personnel positively contribute to productivity.Engineered solutions. is “Does the supplier have the commitment and ® The information in this document is the property of Rolls-Royce plc and may not be copied or communicated to a third party. Most importantly. or used for any purpose other than that for which it is supplied. based on proven hands-on methods. This information is given in good which provides customers with access to our technical documentation every second of every day! Technical training from experienced instructors. no warranty or representation is given concerning such information. when making a choice among capital equipment suppliers. including upgrades based on comprehensive system history and key performance indicators established in our technical support networks. .energymanageronline. comprehensive service?” At Rolls-Royce. we are working today to increase the range and scope of customer service solutions in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Perhaps the most important question. we have demonstrated that the answer is yes. without the express written consent of Rolls-Royce plc. which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce plc or any of its subsidiary or associated companies. The result is a retrofit investment that improves the customer’s operation as promised! financial resources to provide sustained.

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