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SESSION 2013-14

“Lead me from darkness to light”


It also imparts science education in the higher secondary level under AHSEC. . The college is located at Bokakhat town in the Golaghat district of Assam. CNB College stands firm to reach the goal by generating human resources through promotion of quality education and thus to mould the society cope with the changing need of time. reflecting the objective of the college. The college has been uninterruptedly working for fruitful dissemination of knowledge to its pupils with the solemn aim of making them worthy citizens of the country. in which required infrastructure is developed to provide an excellent atmosphere for quality education. It has a campus of three acres of land. N. The college has counted tremendous efforts in developing it into a well equipped science institution incorporating all elements from the contemporary scientific milieu.PROSPECTUS CHANDRANATH BEZBARUAH COLLEGE A Profile 2013 C. The college offers Bachelors degree of science under Dibrugarh university. B. College was established in 1995 as a result of the conscious effort of the citizens of Bokakhat. The academic programmes have a distinct focus on science. During the last 18 years of its existence the college has engaged itself in the process of capacity building both in terms of infrastructure and human resource development.


he/she will be penalized. Canteen facilities: The College has a canteen within the campus for refreshment of students and teachers. Books lost. They are spacious and provided with newspapers and magazines. A student is not allowed to keep books for more than 15 days from the date of issue. reference and rare books along with journals.PROSPECTUS COLLEGE PREMISES AND FACILITIES 2013 Chandranath Bezbaruah College has an adequate academic and physical infrastructure. .m. magazines and news papers in both English and Assamese. Hostel facilities: Rented Girl’s Hostel facilities but with limited seat is also available. Common Rooms: The College has provided separate common rooms for teachers and students boys and girls. Boarders are to maintain strict discipline as per hostel rules. to 5. on all working days.m. In case a student fails to return the books within the stipulated period. Parking sheds: A shed for parking the cars. The College Library: The College Library has a good collection of texts. bicycle and bike for the college employees and students of the college has been newly constructed. The canteens usually function from 9 a. to 4 p. Sports Facilities: CNB College has a playground within the college campus which is large enough for outdoor games and for various track and field events. Departments have spacious and well equipped Laboratories for practical classes.15 p.m.m. The integrated campus incorporates Class Rooms and the followings: Departmental Establishments: Every Department has its own sitting room for the teachers with computers and a departmental library for both teachers and the Major students. defaced or mutilated in any way shall have to be replaced by the concerned borrower. The Library remains open from 9 a.

Three Year Degree Course in Science Dibrugarh University. is open to those who have passed Higher secondary Examinations.H. A. The college is presently offering Major courses in BOTANY. THREE YEAR DEGREE COURSE The College is conducting Three Year Degree Course in Science streams in Semester mode under Dibrugarh University. CHEMISTRY.PROSPECTUS ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES 2013 A.S.S.H./ Alternative English are compulsory for all the H. course is open to those who have passed H. Two Year Higher Secondary Course in Science under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.C.E. Subject combinations for H. Assam.S. classes: English and M. in response to the public demand of the region. ZOOLOGY Combination of Subjects allowed for Major Course: Student can choose any one of the following combination Major Subject Botany Zoology Mathematics Physics Chemistry Elective Subjects Zoology + Chemistry Botany + Chemistry Physics + Chemistry Mathematics + Chemistry Mathematics + Physics .I.C or equivalent examinations under other Boards/Councils recognized by A.D. Science Stream students along with the following combination (including the optional Fourth subject) BIOLOGY + PHYSICS + CHEMISTRY + MATHEMATICS B. MATHEMATICS.S.S.C under A. PHYSICS.C.S.E.C.L.S.H. Admission to T. B. classes in Science under A.S.E.L. TWO YEAR HIGHER SECONDARY COURSE The College has been conducting H. Admission to H.

Documents to be submitted: a) An attested copy of the mark sheet of the qualifying examination (Matriculation OR 10+2 Mark sheet) b) Photo copy of the Character & Pass Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended (Not applicable for students passed from CNB College) c) Photo copy of Caste Certificate. While preparing the merit list ‘Reservation system’ is followed as per Government Rules. Selection Procedure: Candidates are selected in order of merit of the last qualifying examination passed for admission. 1st Semester Admission fees : Rs.S. Announcement regarding the commencement of regular classes will be made on the date of admission itself.00 only (including the Prospectus for 2013).PROSPECTUS ADMISSION PROCEDURE 2013 How to Apply: Application for admission must be made in prescribed form to be had from the College on payment of Rs.00 B.00 Tuitions fees ( For six months) : Rs. First Year Admission fees Tuitions fees ( Per month) : Rs.50.Sc. STUDENTS ADMITTED TO 1ST SEMESTER ARE TO TAKE ADMISSIONS IN THE SUCCEEDING SEMESTERS ON THE DATES NOTIFIED BY THE COLLEGE OFFICE WITHOUT FAIL. Admission into the College is made strictly in order of merit and is governed by the college admission rules. Admission may be cancelled if a student does not report to the classes within 15 days of the start of the academic session. 3500. The Principal’s decision regarding admission is final. Selected candidates will have to appear counseling cum admission panel with their original documents on the date of admission. 300. 510. 3100. Before starting of filling in the form the candidate is expected to read the Prospectus carefully.00 : Rs. CLASS WISE FEE STRUCTURES FOR ADMISSION H.00 .

total marks for each of the subjects in the second house. in the sixth house. Write your name as it appears in your school leaving certificate or Admit Card. 5. . tick TDC and indicate your choice of Course. If you are an applicant for H.L. 4.S. and if you are applying for T.S. if any..C. Paste your self-signed passport-sized photograph at the specified place in the right corner of the form. 3.C. Tick your course. In the seventh house mention the combination of subjects of your choice. marks obtained by you in each subject in the third house.L.D. 2.S.S. Write your sex and tick your category. then tick H.C. in the first house.S. mentioning the subjects offered in H. Course fill up the table for H. total marks obtained in the fourth house.PROSPECTUS 2013 Some Tips for the Applicants: 1. percentage of marks in the fifth house and rank.S. If your course is H.